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Wrike - Project Management is an Android app and cannot be installed on Windows PC or MAC directly. Android Emulator is a software application that enables you to run Android apps and games on a PC by emulating Android OS. Win a Wrike Discover Silver Certification valued at $299! Wrike's desktop app is available on Windows and Mac for all users (including collaborators). The desktop app allows you to: Use Wrike without a browser. See the number of unread. Select Apps & Integrations. Scroll to Wrike for Windows and Mac. The file is downloaded to your computer, and you can follow the prompts to finish installing the app. Wrike Mac Desktop App Download Windows 10. Freemium Microsoft Project alternatives; Open source MS Project alternatives; And, Mac-based alternatives to MS Project.

Project Management the Wrike Way

Wrike is a business-focussed project management software tool that offers lots of opportunities for collaborative, inter-team working. Use it for managing marketing campaigns, product development or just about any business project you want.

Collaborative Work Management Made Easy

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Repeated business processes and one-off commercial projects have one thing in common: everyone involved needs a means of organising their work together. That is where project management software tools, like Wrike, come in. This one is used by over 13,000 businesses around the world and is designed to empower teams to work together – even if they might be on opposite sides of the globes. Wrike offers a central location from which collective work can be conducted. It allows users to share digital content, for example, as well as providing an audit trail for any alterations made to shared work documents, presentations and web content. It will even allow for videos to be worked on together by different teams, such as animators and marketing executives. It is great at allowing workers to operate remotely without them 'missing out' from not being in the office. For product developers, it helps to bring new ideas to launch on time and even ahead of schedule.

The Centralised Work Tool

Wrike is designed to work in a multitude of business environments but is especially strong at bringing creative people together in collaborative situations. Time tracking applications mean that managers can keep on top of a project's progression remotely.

Wrike is powerful online project management software that enables every type of team to accomplish more, at scale. With Wrike for Outlook, you can create Wrike tasks from emails, view and edit tasks, and collaborate in real time on tasks, all without leaving Outlook.

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Managing work by email can be a challenge: email threads can be hard to follow, it can be tough to get visibility into progress, and work can fall through the cracks. The factors are compounded when multiple people are collaborating through multiple email threads that tie back to a project.

Wrike for Outlook enables you to transform email conversations into structured work and capture your team’s communications in a single place:

- Create new tasks from emails

- Add tasks to existing Wrike projects

- Assign tasks, and update status and due date

- Edit task details, including images and rich text formatting

- See your team’s changes to tasks in real time with Live Editor

- Familiarity: Wrike for Outlook looks like the Wrike interface

- Send and receive Wrike comments on tasks

- Add emails as comments to tasks

Bring structure and action to your work with Wrike for Outlook today.

Note that you’ll need a free or paid Wrike account to use Wrike for Outlook.

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To learn more about Wrike, visit https://www.wrike.com.