Uninstall Drive Genius 5 Mac

AppCleaner & Uninstaller. If you only need to uninstall apps on Mac, AppCleaner is a good pick. AppCleaner only removes applications, plugins, and widgets, which are again, small apps. AppCleaner works in a familiar drag & drop mode. Its interface is also clean and easy to understand for a newbie. The biggest new feature added by Drive Genius 5 is the ability to perform near real-time and manual malware scans on storage devices connected to your computer. Our existing DrivePulse utility that automatically monitors the health of your hard drives now also monitors downloaded files for potential malware threats.

Uninstall Drive Genius 5 Mac

After a lot more work, the 'repeated-every-10-seconds' messages seem to be gone now.

If you are experiencing issues with a device you may find helpful articles on our website resources section at drivers.com/update. You can also post questions.Read. Driver Genius Professional 2021-08-23 3. Driver Genius 20 is a professional driver management tool. It features both driver management and hardware diagnostics. The software provides such practical functions as driver backup, restoration, update and removal for computer users. To remove from a Mac, see TS101226 - How to install or uninstall McAfee software on macOS. To remove from a PC running Linux, see TS101168 - How to uninstall AntiVirus for Linux. To remove from iOS or Android, see TS101407 - How to uninstall Mobile Security.

To review, I already deleted these folders and files:

/Library/Application Support/DriveGenius

/Applications/Drive Genius 3.app

/Users/Library/Application Support/DriveGenius



I found this file and tried to remove it:

Driver Genius Professional


Dragging the file to the trash did not work. Trying to remove the file via the Terminal 'rm' command did not work. Even doing

'sudo rm com.prosofteng.DGMonitor.plist' would not work, resulting in the message:

'rm: com.prosofteng.DGMonitor.plist: Operation not permitted' and the file was still there.

I used COMMAND-I to change the file permission to READ AND WRITE and then used the VI editor in Terminal to 'comment out' every line of the file by adding a '#' at the start of each line. Then I wrote out the file.

I still could not remove the file---I don't know why--- but I suppose it is now inert and can't do anything.


Upon restarting, the Console log no longer shows those 'every-10-seconds' errors.

I assume my problem is solved?

I have yet to determine whether the Mac Pro will go to sleep as it used to do.

Now I need to remember to NEVER TRY INSTALLING DRIVE GENIUS or other dangerous applications again.

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I hope these notes are of some value to other Mac 10.6.8 users out there.

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Jan 2, 2015 3:31 PM