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For Mac and Windows, that process is very simple and fast, all you need to do is download.dmg (for Mac OS).exe (for Windows) install files (it might be other file types, for example,.rar Archive type), now you just should open it, and go through the installation process, then you could easily use twitch follower only chat for your purposes.

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A virtual home for your community to chat, watch, and play with fully customizable text and voice rooms. Attach your Twitch channel to your server so your community can watch live and use Twitch Chat right within the app.

Friends and Messaging

Friend Sync quickly imports all your friends and games you follow. So you can spend less time herding cats, and more time, chatting, video messaging, and playing together.

Voice and Video Calls

Crystal-clear voice calls whether between one or two friends or an entire raid group. Start a call with anyone by sending an instant invite link to chat. Or hang out face-to-face with your nearest and dearest friends, subs, and teammates with video calls. Up to five people can chat together in beautiful HD. Screen-sharing is also a breeze.

Addons and Overlays

Find, install, and manage addons for your favorite games directly within the app. And coming soon, cloud storage makes it super easy to carry your settings over across multiple machines. You can also enable in-game overlays to manage your voice and video calls without alt-tabbing.

What's New:

  • Android version updated to 12.1.1

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If you want to try the beta version of Twitch Studio, download from, run the installer and sign into the Twitch account you want to use to stream. System Requirements The Twitch Studio Mac app requires a Mac capable of running MacOS 10.14: Mojave. Download Streamlabs (formerly TwitchAlerts) for Mac - Unofficial desktop client for the TwitchAlerts web platform that enables you to connect to your Twitch account, view details about your subscribers, configure donation settings, and more. Download Twitch for Mac - Official desktop application for the Twitch video sharing platform that enables you to chat with your friends and create a server for your community.

Twitch is one of the world's leading streaming services. This app, which is owned by Amazon, offers live streaming of hundreds of themed channels mainly focused on the world of video games. Although it was born as a way to broadcast live gameplays, it has now become a multipurpose tool that viewers can use to interact with their favorite streamers' videos in real-time.
Twitch is divided into different thematic categories. These categories are organized depending on the game being played. Each channel includes live streaming and stored clips, live chats, and most importantly, a way to subscribe and start making donations to the channel through the platform's own currency, the so-called 'bits'.
But the fun doesn't end there. One of the main features that's unique to the desktop client is that it lets you manage your video game library. Twitch Prime (the platform's subscription service) offers, among other things, free videogames every month. Just keep in mind that you need to install the desktop version in order to play them.
Without a doubt, Twitch has changed the way we understand and interact with video game streaming and content creators. The dynamic nature of the platform offers a real alternative to the way users watch television and videos, as well as an open window to the world so that both gamers and users with alternative interests can share their passions and concerns.
By Beatriz Escalante

Download Twitch for PC (Windows) or Mac, for free on our website! We have provided complete information on how to download & install Twitch for pc and mac. Just follow according to the step by step process mentioned in the article. We have explained the process to download & install clearly.

Some interesting information about Twitch :

  • The latest update of the app is September 7, 2019
  • The number of reviews is of 2,847,807
  • The average rating of reviews is 4.6
  • The number of downloads (On Play Store) is 50,000,000+
  • Watch Livestream gaming videos, Esports and any IRL broadcast on your Android device! Stream your favourite MMO RPG, strategy and FPS games for PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

How To Install Twitch for PC and MAC (step by step)

Step 1: Download Bluestack in (Mac and PC version) from your computer or Mac (from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on your internet connection)

Twitch sings download for mac

Step 2: Install Bluestack on your computer or MAC by following the instructions on your screen.

Step 3: Once installed, launch Bluestack by clicking on the icon that appears on your screen.

Step 4: Once Bluestack is open, open the Play Store (sign in with your Google Account where you create a new Google Account).

Step 5: Look for Twitch in the Play Store through the search page.

Step 6: Install Twitch, wait a few seconds for the installation time and finally launch the application on your PC.

Twitch Download

Use Twitch on PC and MAC (step by step) – Method 2

Step 1: Go to the Nox App Player website and download Nox App Player in (PC link) wherein (Mac link)

Step 2: Install Nox App Player on your computer or MAC by following the installation instructions

Step 3: Once the software is installed, launch it by clicking on the icon on your computer

Step 4: Once Nox App Player is launched and open (count a few seconds for launch) open the Google Play Store (by logging in with your Google Account or by creating a new account)

Step 5: Look for Twitch (app name) in the Play Store

Step 6: Install Twitch and launch the application from Nox App Player. You can now play on your computer.

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Images Of Twitch

Here are some images and illustration of the Twitch application (be it in-game or presentation images):

PC & Mac OS Versions compatible

Here is the list of OS compatible with Twitch

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 10
  • macOS Sierra
  • macOS High Sierra
  • OS X 10.11
  • OS X 10.10
  • Other Mac Version

Warning: Bluestack and Nox App Player are compatible with the major part of the OS, if your OS is not mentioned above, no worries.

Install Twitch For Android

  • Launch the Play Store from your Android device (Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, etc.).
  • Enter Twitch in the search field and press “see” or “go”.
  • Click Install to launch the installation of the app or application (green button).
  • Finished! You can Open Twitch on your phone and on your Android device.

The installation can take a few seconds to minutes. To find out when Twitch is installed, go to your home screen and check if the game icon is present.

Install Twitch For iPhone

  • Launch the App Store from your IOS Phone (iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X or your iPad)
  • Enter Twitch in the search field and press the app to enter the app or application form.
  • Click Install to launch the application installation (green or blue button)
  • Finished! You can open Twitch on your iPhone or Ipad.

Twitch For Mac Download Mac

The installation of Twitch can take a moment given the size of the file to download, so be patient. Once installed, you will see the Twitch icon on the screen of your iOS mobile device (iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8 or iOS 7). Stay tuned to Apps for pc for more informative guides on pc.

Twitch Download For Microsoft

Twitch Desktop App Mac

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