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Tux Typing - Typing For Children Tux Typing provides an action-filled experience for kids who want to learn how to type. In the various exercises, letters or words come falling down from space. The task is to type them as quick as possible, earning the highest score with the most typed. Download latest version of Tux Typing for Windows. Safe and Virus Free. Tarzan Game free. download full Version for Windows 8 Written By Wynn Sphe1965 Tuesday, November 9. Free typing tutor for kids. Google Chrome Beta. Free typing tutor for kids. Google Chrome Beta. Exciting new features. Chess Game free. download full Version for Windows Xp.

Tux Typing is a free open-source typing tutor. Originally created for children, it can also be used by adults to provide entertaining touch-typing tuition. The software is suitable for Windows and its engaging interface aims to improve typing accuracy and speed.

In the main game, the user helps Tux, the Linux penguin, to eat falling fish. Firstly, however, the letters or words written on these falling fish must be removed - by typing them correctly. Tux then positions himself to eat the fish. This cascade of falling fish is set in bright, open spaces as screen backgrounds, which change during play to maintain interest while also reducing eyestrain. Successful typing results in cheers, while a discouraging beep noise denotes mistakes. One of three levels may be selected; the most difficult has been reviewed as challenging - even by intermediate level typists.

As well as a competitive game mode, there is a practice facility - Tux gives out a phrase and then shows the correct fingers to use to become a touch typist. These interactive lessons teach the ins and outs of proper keyboard use, instead of just facilitating sessions where the user repeats and reinforces mistakes or bad habits. With more than forty lessons, this versatile program builds a firm foundation before improving speed and accuracy. Typing properly with good posture is not only more efficient and productive, but it also prevents discomfort, unnecessary stress and even helps to reduce possible repetitive strain injury.

There is a second mini-game, descriptively titled Comet Zap and which probably requires little further explanation. In this game, budding space cadets initially choose their level from Pilot, Ace or Commander and then wait for the shooting to begin!

In addition to the previous built in word lists, an update in release 1.8.1 included user-generated word lists. This allows the addition of spelling words, specific vocabulary or even foreign language words for further practice. In effect, this means that Tux Typing can double up as a study aid or revision tool.

Tux Typing Game Free Download

Apart from English, the software is available in a wide range of languages including Spanish, French and German.

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Tux Typing Game Free Download

Tux Typing Game Free Download Windows 10

  • Cute and interesting
  • Teaching mode improves typing technique
  • Lots of different levels
  • Multi-lingual support

Tux Typing Game Free Download Laptop


  • Full screen mode required
  • Some of the upper levels are quite challenging