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Download TreeSize Professional 6.2.3 for Windows. Fast downloads of the latest free software! In appearance and still very much affordable even for a Mac user.

  • Analyze Data On Any Storage System
  • Visualize The Usage of Storage Capacities
  • Organize And Clean Up Storage Systems Efficiently

As multifunctional as a Swiss Army knife is the market-leading file and disk space manager TreeSize. The software analyses all stored data across your systems and visualizes the results in meaningful charts and statistics. Find out where your disk space has gone at a glance and take immediate action if necessary. For this purpose, TreeSize provides you with a wide range of file management options. With our all-round performer you have a multi-tool in your hand to organize your storage systems and to get your valuable storage space back.

The world-renowned solution is optimized for handling large file volumes and complements Windows Explorer. A high degree of automation is enabled by command line parameters and management of scans scheduling directly in a comfortable, graphical user interface.

Use the original and benefit from our experience – TreeSize manages disk space since 1997!

Scan Windows, WebDAV, and SharePoint servers, any mobile devices, Amazon S3, and Unix/Linux systems via SSH! See the size of all folders including subfolders and break it down to the file level.
Treesize For Mac Download

Treesize For Mac Download Windows 10

Search for files and folders using a number of different criteria. Archive, copy or move the found results! Check for duplicate files using a powerful duplicate file search, optionally with MD5 or SHA256 checksums and easily deduplicate files using hardlinks.
Export scan and search results to many formats such as Excel, XML, HTML, PDF, text/CSV file, clipboard, or email. You can also easily automate the exports using command line options.

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The main window offers a clear and easy to use interface which is split into the file system tree on the left and the details view on the right. An optional chart facilitates easy overview.

The pie chart of TreeSize allows you to overview the most important data on disk space usage at one glance.

The treemap chart is a hierarchical chart visualizing the size of all subfolders (not only the direct child folder) of a selected directory branch. The tiles can be viewed in 2D (pictured) and 3D mode.

The Details view presents you a lot of valuable information about the disk usage like the folder size, the disk space wasted by the file system structure, the last access date, the NTFS compression rate and the owner.

TreeSize enables you to sort files by file age. Intervals can be configured for 'creation date' , 'last change' and 'last access'.

The top 100 panel provides an overview about the 100 largest files found during the last scan.

The TreeSize file search helps you to find obsolete and very large files. The particular search types can be configured in detail and certain files or folders can be easily excluded from the search results - for instance recently changed files.

Configure TreeSize: Many aspects of TreeSize can be configured in the options dialog, e.g. the view, the export of data or startup options.