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Although iTunes was launched in 2001, Apple has continued to develop and update it, to create a better user experience. iTunes is a good way for Apple users to organize and enjoy the music, movies, and TV shows they already have — and shop for the ones they want to get. They can even tune in to free, on-demand music stations that have been totally revamped by our Apple Music experts. Enjoy all the entertainment iTunes has to offer on your Mac and PC.

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However, ITunes remains a complex, frequently unwieldy beast, complained by many iOS users, primarily because it now has to deal with managing all kinds of media on your Mac or Windows PC, which causes frozen or slow user interface. Therefore, you may find that many people are looking for alternatives to iTunes on forums or searching on websites.


Free download SynciOS Data Transfer SynciOS Data Transfer for Mac OS X. SynciOS Data Transfer is a program that helps you transfer almost all files, including contacts, video, SMS, photos, call logs, music, Ebook and apps between phone to phone.

The purpose of this article, then, is to explore alternative apps that focus on the better iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch transfer or manager for Mac. Ideally, we wanted to find apps that would enable you to work with your existing music, books, TV shows, movies, notes, messages, contacts and apps, but that would have more straightforward interfaces and won’t break the bank.

Top 1: SynciOS For Mac

Simpler & Faster Alternative to iTunes

SynciOS Manager is a powerful iTunes alternative and iOS manager, trusted by millions Apple users. It can help you backup and restore your iOS device with a few clicks as well as transfer up to 12 types of data between your Mac and iPad/iPhone/iPod without using iTunes. With the clear working panel, you can backup and recover contacts, notes, bookmarks, SMS and Call history without trouble. Besides, you are able to use your iOS device as an external USB Key for extra convenient storage and tranfer data between two iPods, iPad to iPhone and etc.

  • Support OS: Mac or Windows
  • Price: Free
  • Supported iOS: iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9 , iOS8, iOS 7 and the prior versions.
  • All iDevices Supported : iPhone ; iPad ; iPod Touch.
  • Supported Operating System : Window 10/8/7/Vista(32&64bits); Mac OS X 10.9 – 10.13.

Top 2 : Wondershare TunesGo

Great All-in-one Music Management

Wondershare TunesGo is an all-in-one music management program that allows users to transfer, download and organize their music and playlists in one simple interface. TunesGo supports music and videos in more than 30 formats, helping users to transfer almost any killer song or video from any computer to any iPhone, iPad, and iPod for enjoyment.

  • Layout: An iTunes Plug-in, with a simple and clean user interface.
  • Support OS: Mac or Windows
  • Price: $59.95

Top 3: iSkysoft TunesOver

Fast Convert Files for iDevice

It allows you to manage your iPhone/iPod/iPad music files and provide you a quick way to build playlists for your device. To use TunesOver, you do not need to worry about the music format, since this smart application can detect the file format and automatically convert music to your iPhone/iPad/iPod compatible formats. Just connect your device to Mac and launch TunesOver. Then you can click “Add” button to select the music files from your local hard drive and add music to iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Syncios For Mac Download Latest

  • Support OS: Mac or Windows
  • Price: $39.95

Top 4: iAmazing

Support Transferring via Wi-fi

iAmazing is an app manager which assists you to get rid of iTunes. It is best for synchronization of your media file and to transfer the music from windows to Mac and vice versa. One of the exciting feature that make it prominent is that it can transfer file through USB as well as through Wi-fi. It can detect and can connect with multiple devices through Wi-Fi and Cable. Other features are same as iTunes. Easier interface helps to understand the software and helps to edit, view, buy and manage the apps inside.

  • Support OS: Mac or Windows
  • Price: $34.99

Top 5: Spotify

A new way to enjoy music

Builds playlists of any songs you want, for free. Innovative use of music apps make discovery fun. Good sound quality, especially with Premium version. Robust Facebook integration. Spotify allows you to share songs and playlists with friends, and even work together on collaborative playlists. Taking cues from iTunes, Spotify integrates your existing music libraries with its own giant catalog of songs from artists all over the world.

  • Support OS: Mac or Windows
  • Price: Free

Source: SynciOS Official

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Version: 6.7.04 Filesize: 127.7MB

  • Open Source
  • In English
  • Scanned
  • 3.22
  • (9.52 K Downloads)

Are you also fed up of using iTunes for everything related to your iOS and MacOS devices? Are you looking for a software that allows the user to manage and backup your iOS and MacOS devices quickly and efficiently? Well then, look no further, as Syncios is the perfect software for you to use.

What is Syncios?
Syncios is a paid software, however, it is available for the user to use for free in a trial period. Syncios is also known as Syncios Mobile Manager and was designed and published by the company AnvSoft Inc. Syncios allows the user to manage and transfer data from their iOS device to their computer system. Syncios allows the user to play and download videos off of the internet. Syncios also lets the user organize their media library quickly and efficiently. Syncios also comes with a wide variety of tools and features that are designed to help the user. Syncios has an intuitive and well-made user interface that is extremely simple and easy to use, even for beginners.

Syncios System Requirements

  • Syncios only works on devices running Windows XP or higher.
  • At least 256 MB of RAM is required for running Syncios.
  • A 750 MHz Intel or AMD processor is the bare minimum for running Syncios.
  • An Android or iOS device needs to be connected for Syncios to work.
  • Around 200 MB of free storage space is necessary for installing and running Syncios.

Main Features of Syncios

  1. User Interface (U.I.) - Syncios has an intuitive and well-made user interface that is extremely simple and easy to use, even for beginners.
  2. YouTube and Internet – Syncios allows the user to download videos from the internet and YouTube, which is incredibly convenient. Syncios lets you download videos from over 100+ sites.
  3. Resource Center – Syncios has a built-in resource center that helps the user in accessing a large number of resources like ringtones and wallpapers.
  4. Audio and Video Convertor – Syncios has an audio and video converter which is incredibly helpful for the user to use.
  5. Transfer Media Files – Syncios allows the user to transfer media files from their phone to their computer system quickly and efficiently. Syncios transfers a wide variety of files like music, videos, notes and more.

How to use Syncios?
After downloading Syncios, click on the Syncios app icon to open the app. On the left side of the Syncios interface are the different media files for you to choose. On the top of the Syncios interface are the My Devices, Video Downloader, Online Resources and Toolkit options. The central part of the screen has the Syncios work area.

How to get Syncios?
You can get Syncios by following the steps given below -

  • 1. Click on the download button to start installing Syncios.
  • 2. Download and open the Syncios installer.
  • 3. Read the Syncios ToS (Terms of Service) and agree to it.
  • 4. Read the Syncios License agreement and click on agree.
  • 5. Select the destination folder for Syncios and wait for it to install.
  • 6. You can now use Syncios anytime you want.

App Name: Syncios

License: Open Source

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Latest Version: V6.7.04

Syncios For Mac Download

Syncios For Mac Download Torrent

Latest Update: 2021-01-08

Developer: AnvSoft Inc.

User Rating: 3.22

Category: Drivers and Mobile Phones

Syncios For Mac Downloads

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