Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fan Game Download

Super Smash Bros. Fangames Collection. Welcome to the world of Smash Bros Fangames. Play for free and fight to the density. This is only the beginning. (CREDIT TO EVERYONE WHO MADE AND SUPPORT FOR THIS BEST SMASH BROS FANGAMES.) #smashbros #fangame #collection #supersmashbros. Dec 08, 2021 Good Super Smash Bros Fan Games Free Download Super Smash Bros. Crusade Demo - A fan-made project that brings together the best elements from the Smash Bros. The stages are designed in order to resemble some of the most famous locations and levels seen in classic video games, which provide you with the opportunity to relive some old memories. Super Mugen Bros Ultimate. Version: 0.11.0 over 2 years ago. This Is A Smash Bros Fan Game Made With The Mugen Engine. All Credit Goes To The Creators Of The Characters, Stages, etc. Download (2 GB). Super Smash Bros. Fangames Collection. Welcome to the world of Smash Bros Fangames. Play for free and fight to the density. This is only the beginning. (CREDIT TO EVERYONE WHO MADE AND SUPPORT FOR THIS BEST SMASH BROS FANGAMES.) #smashbros #fangame #collection #supersmashbros.

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For other games known as 'Super Smash Bros. Universe', see here.

This is an actual fan-made game, not an idea. No one should edit this unless advised by the creator, Cherrim98.

Super Smash Bros. Universe





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Super Smash Bros. Universe by TheOfficialCherrim (or Cherrim98) is a fan-made game of the Super Smash Bros. Series. It has many characters from all four Smash games, with additions to newcomers. It's current version is v2.6.1. This game, similar to Smash for Wii U,supports 8-player Smash, but can go to an extent of 12-player Smash.


There are many characters in Super Smash Bros. Universe, some returning and some newcomers. Some must be unlocked by completing their respective challenges. Unlockables are in bold.

MarioSuper Mario Bros.
LuigiSuper Mario Bros.
Dr. MarioSuper Mario Bros.
PeachSuper Mario Bros.
BowserSuper Mario Bros.
Rosalina & LumaSuper Mario Bros.
Bowser Jr.Super Mario Bros.
ToadSuper Mario Bros.
GenoSuper Mario Bros.
Metal MarioSuper Mario Bros.
Metal LuigiSuper Mario Bros.
BooSuper Mario Bros.
Shadow MarioSuper Mario Bros.
NES MarioSuper Mario Bros.
Donkey KongDonkey Kong
Diddy KongDonkey Kong
YoshiYoshi's Island
WaluigiSuper Mario Bros.
LinkThe Legend of Zelda
ZeldaThe Legend of Zelda
SheikThe Legend of Zelda
GanondorfThe Legend of Zelda
Young LinkThe Legend of Zelda
Toon LinkThe Legend of Zelda
Dark LinkThe Legend of Zelda
VaatiThe Legend of Zelda
Zero Suit SamusMetroid
Dark SamusMetroid
PitKid Icarus
Dark PitKid Icarus
Ice ClimbersIce Climber
Meta KnightKirby
King DededeKirby
Knuckle JoeKirby
Captain FalconF-Zero
MarthFire Emblem
RoyFire Emblem
IkeFire Emblem
LucinaFire Emblem
Porky MinchEarthbound
Mr. Game & WatchGame & Watch
VillagerAnimal Crossing
Duck HuntDuck Hunt
Mach RiderMach Rider
Saki AmamiyaSin & Punishment
Solid SnakeMetal Gear Solid
Richter BelmontCastlevania
Lance BeanContra
SonicSonic the Hedgehog
Dr. EggmanSonic the Hedgehog
TailsSonic the Hedgehog
AmySonic the Hedgehog
Metal SonicSonic the Hedgehog
KnucklesSonic the Hedgehog
ShadowSonic the Hedgehog
RougeSonic the Hedgehog
SilverSonic the Hedgehog
AiaiSuper Monkey Ball
Ryu HayabusaNinja Gaiden
Earthworm JimEarthworm Jim
Billy LeeDouble Dragon
Mega ManMega Man
XMega Man
ZeroMega Man
BassMega Man
RyuStreet Fighter
Chun-LiStreet Fighter
Evil RyuStreet Fighter
Phoenix WrightAce Attorney
Crash Bandicoot & Aku AkuCrash Bandicoot
SoraKingdom Hearts
Anti-SoraKingdom Hearts
Cloud StrifeFinal Fantasy
Black MageFinal Fantasy
ScorpionMortal Kombat
Sub-ZeroMortal Kombat
Lloyd IrvingTales of Symphonia
Freddy FazbearFive Nights at Freddy's
Golden FreddyFive Nights at Freddy's
Phantom FreddyFive Nights at Freddy's
Ichigo KurosakiBleach
Naruto UzumakiNaruto
Sasuke UchihaNaruto
Son GokuDragon Ball
VegetaDragon Ball
Natsu DragneelFairy Tail
Erza ScarletFairy Tail
Jellal FernandesFairy Tail
KiritoSword Art Online
Monkey D. LuffyOne Piece
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michaelangelo)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Makoto NaegiDanganronpa
Master HandSuper Smash Bros.
Crazy Hand Super Smash Bros.
Master CoreSuper Smash Bros.
(More characters will come as game developes)


There are many stages in Super Smash Bros. Universe. Some return and some are new. Each stage typically has 2 soundtracks in it. Some stages must be unlocked by completing certain challenges. Unlockables are in bold.

StageFirst Appeared In:Image
BattlefieldSuper Smash Bros.
Big BattlefieldSuper Smash Bros. 4
Final DestinationSuper Smash Bros.
Practice StageSuper Smash Bros. Brawl
Peach's Castle 64Super Mario Bros.
Peach's CastleSuper Mario 64
Rainbow CruiseSuper Mario 64
Mushroom KingdomSuper Mario Bros.
Mushroom Kingdom IISuper Mario Bros. 2
Delfino PlazaSuper Mario Sunshine
Mushroomy KingdomSuper Mario Bros.
Mushroomy Kingdom IISuper Mario Bros.
Mushroomy Kingdom IIISuper Mario Bros.
Mario Circuit (Brawl)Super Mario Kart
Luigi's MansionLuigi's Mansion
Mario Bros.Mario Bros.
3D Land

Super Mario 3D Land

Rainbow RoadMario Kart 7
Paper MarioPaper Mario
Golden PlainsNew Super Mario Bros. 2
Golden Plains OmegaNew Super Mario Bros. 2
Mushroom Kingdom UNew Super Mario Bros. U
Mario GalaxySuper Mario Galaxy 2
Mario Galaxy OmegaSuper Mario Galaxy 2
Mario CircuitMario Kart 8
Mushroom Tops

Super Mario Bros.


Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario WorldSuper Mario World
Mushroom Kingdom IIISuper Mario Bros. 3
Mushroom HeightsSuper Mario Bros.
Comet ObservatorySuper Mario Galaxy
Good Egg GalaxySuper Mario Galaxy
Freezeflame GalaxySuper Mario Galaxy
Bowser's CastleSuper Mario Bros.
Bowser's Castle 2Super Mario 64
Forest MazeSuper Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Sand BirdSuper Mario Sunshine
Dr. MarioDr. Mario
Kongo Jungle 64Donkey Kong 64
Jungle JapesDonkey Kong Country
75mDonkey Kong
Jungle HijinxsDonkey Kong Country Returns
25mDonkey Kong
100mDonkey Kong
Bramble BlastDonkey Kong Country
Yoshi's IslandYoshi's Island
Yoshi's Island (Melee)Super Mario World
Yoshi's StoryYoshi's Story
Yoshi's Island (Brawl)Yoshi's Island
Woolly WorldYoshi's Woolly World
Tower ClimbYoshi's Story
WarioWare, Inc.WarioWare, Inc.
Wario LandWario Land
Hyrule CastleThe Legend of Zelda
Hyrule TempleZelda II: The Adventure of Link
Great BayThe Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Bridge of EldinThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Pirate Ship

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Gerudo ValleyThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Spirit TrainThe Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
SkyloftThe Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Water TempleThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Temple of TimeThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Clock TownThe Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
The Dark WorldThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Ganon's CastleThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Planet ZebesMetroid
SkyworldKid Icarus
Reset Bomb ForestKid Icarus: Uprising
Icicle MountainIce Climber
SummitIce Climber
Dream LandKirby's Dream Land
Green Greens (Melee)Kirby's Dream Land
Fountain of DreamsKirby Super Star
HalberdKirby Super Star
Dream Land 2Kirby's Dream Land
Green GreensKirby's Dream Land
Float IslandsKirby's Dream Land
Castle LololoKirby's Dream Land
Bubbly CloudsKirby's Dream Land
Mt. DededeKirby's Dream Land
Vegetable ValleyKirby's Adventure
Mirror ChamberKirby and the Amazing Mirror
Distant PlanetPikmin
Sector ZStarfox
Lylat CruiseStarfox
MeteoStarfox 64
Orbital Gate AssaultStarfox: Assault
Big BlueF-Zero
Mute CityF-Zero
Mute City (SSB4)F-Zero
Sand OceanF-Zero X
Port Town Aero DiveF-Zero GX
Saffron CityPokemon Red and Blue
Pokemon StadiumPokemon
Pokemon Stadium 2Pokemon
Prism TowerPokemon X and Y
Unova Pokemon LeaguePokemon Black and White
Kalos Pokemon LeaguePokemon X and Y
Lavender TownPokemon Red and Blue
Bell TowerPokemon Gold and Silver
Poke FloatsPokemon
Distortion WorldPokemon Platinum
Castle SiegeFire Emblem
Castle Siege 2Fire Emblem
Castle Siege 3Fire Emblem
Arena FeroxFire Emblem: Awakening
ColiseumFire Emblem
Sacae PlainsFire Emblem: Rekka no Ken
Onett RetroEarthbound
Flat ZoneGame & Watch
Flat Zone 2Game & Watch
Flat Zone X OmegaGame & Watch
SmashvilleAnimal Crossing
Tortimer IslandAnimal Crossing: New Leaf
Wii Fit StudioWii Fit
Duck HuntDuck Hunt
Boxing RingPunch Out!!
Gaur PlainXenoblade Chronicles
Tomodachi LifeTomodachi Life
Find MiiFind Mii II
Living RoomNintendogs
Balloon FightBalloon Fight
Balloon Fight OmegaBalloon Fight
Wrecking CrewWrecking Crew
Wuhu IslandWii Sports
PictochatNintendo DS
Pictochat 2Nintendo DS
MiiverseNintendo 3DS/Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo LandNintendo Land
Shadow Moses IslandMetal Gear Solid
Dracula's CastleCastlevania
Contra JungleContra
Green Hill ZoneSonic the Hedgehog
Windy Hill ZoneSonic Lost World
Emerald Hill ZoneSonic the Hedgehog 2
Chemical Plant ZoneSonic the Hedgehog 2
Sky Sanctuary ZoneSonic & Knuckles
Ice Cap ZoneSonic the Hedgehog 3
Crisis CitySonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Seaside HillSonic Heroes
Aquarium ParkSonic Colors
Death Egg ZoneSonic the Hedgehog 2
Planet WispSonic Colors
Temple TroubleSuper Monkey Ball/Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
Planet FloraRistar
New Junk CityEarthworm Jim
Pac-Maze OmegaPac-Man
Pac-Land OmegaPac-Land
Ms. Pac-MazeMs. Pac-Man
The Tower of DruagaThe Tower of Druaga
Dr. Wily's CastleMega Man II
HighwayMega Man X
Cut Man StageMega Man
Dr. Wily's Castle 2Mega Man
Suzaku CastleStreet Fighter
CourtroomAce Attorney
Lights OutCrash Bandicoot
Bomb FactoryBomberman
Twilight TownKingdom Hearts
Dive to the HeartKingdom Hearts
Kahn's CaveMortal Kombat 3
Tower of SalvationTales of Symphonia
Hueco MundoBleach
Ninja AcademyNaruto
Hidden Leaf VillageNaruto
NamekDragon Ball
Angry BirdsAngry Birds
Front YardPlants vs. Zombies
The OfficeFive Nights at Freddy's
RooftopsTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Space InvadersSpace Invaders
Area 1Blaster Master
Chaos ShrineFinal Fantasy
Lunar CoreFinal Fantasy IV
Meta CrystalSuper Smash Bros.
Midair StadiumSuper Smash Bros. Brawl
Multi-Man SmashSuper Smash Bros.
Cruel SmashSuper Smash Bros.
Master Hand's LairSuper Smash Bros.
Crazy Hand's LairSuper Smash Bros.
Master Core's LairSuper Smash Bros.
Battle ArenaSuper Smash Bros.
PinballSuper Smash Bros.
Target Room 1Super Smash Bros.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fan Game Download

There are 14 items. The Items in the game are spawned randomly in the game. Each item has it's own unique effect.

Smash BallSuper Smash Bros.Grants the user their Final Smash
TimerSuper Smash Bros.The opponents become 8-bit, When someone is 8-bit, they are limited to their jumps and one attack. This item may backfire and instead the user may become 8-bit.
FoodSuper Smash Bros.Heals the user by a little damage, depending on what food.
Super MushroomSuper Mario Bros.Makes the user larger in size, doubling their power. However, the target is more likely to get hit.
Mega MushroomSuper Mario Bros.Makes the user colossal in size, tripling their power. However, the target is even more likely to get hit.
Poison MushroomSuper Mario Bros.Makes the user smaller in size, halving their power. However, the target is less likely to get hit.
StarSuper Mario Bros.Grants the user invinciblity for a period of time.
POW BlockSuper Mario Bros.Any grounded opponent will take massive damage.
Red POW BlockSuper Mario Bros.Any grounded opponent will be One Hit KO'd, unless they're under a ceiling.
LightningSuper Mario Bros.All the other opponents will become mini. This item may backfire and the user might become mini, or the other opponents might become mega.
1-UP MushroomSuper Mario Bros.The user is granted an extra lives. On Time Matches, this item will not appear.
Heart ContainerThe Legend of ZeldaThe user is healed 100% of damage.
Maxim TomatoKirbyThe user is healed 50% of damage.
PickupContraPowers up a character. Only spawns when Lance Bean or Lucia are in the match.
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fan Game Download

Challenges and Game Modes

There are 36 challenges so far and 9 other game modes, each one representing their universe. Completing one without using a continue will unlock the unlockable specified below.

Super Smash Bros Universe Download

Mushroom Kingdom ManiaSuper Mario Bros.Luigi
Broken EggsYoshi's IslandYoshi
Monkey BusinessDonkey KongDiddy Kong
Do a Barrel Roll!StarfoxKrystal
Meta Knight MadnessKirbyMeta Knight
Mother or Earthbound?EarthboundNess
Pokemon Trainer PokemonPichu
Shadow Clone ChallengeNarutoNaruto
SNAAAAAKE!!Metal Gear SolidSolid Snake
Lady Palutena's ChallengeKid IcarusDark Pit
King Koopa's RevengeSuper Mario Bros.Bowser
Sonic HeroesSonic the HedgehogKnuckles
The IslandYoshi's IslandYoshi's Island 2 stage
Pink ToadstoolSuper Mario Bros.Peach
Hssty HyruleThe Legend of ZeldaToon Link
Fire Emblem - BeginningsFire EmblemMarth
Metroid MonstrosityMetroidZero Suit Samus
Mushroom MayhemSuper Mario Bros.Mushroom Kingdom stage
Kirby KatastropheKirbyVegetable Valley stage
Pokemon MasterPokemonMewtwo
Invasion in Planet FloraRistarRistar
Battletoads ChallengeBattletoadsRash, Zitz, and Pimple
Crazy ContraContraLucia
Notorious NamcoNamcoGalaga
Ninja Nightmare ChallengeNinja GaidenRyu Hayabusa
Fire Emblem - Sealing the SwordFire EmblemRoy
Terminal TerminaThe Legend of ZeldaGanondorf
Flat FrenzyGame & WatchFlat Zone X Omega
Pokemon ChampionPokemonBell Tower
Fire Emblem - The Greil MercenariesFire EmblemIke
Metallic MadnessMega ManWily's Castle
Objection! Hold It! Take That!Ace AttorneyPhoenix Wright
Fake LinksThe Legend of ZeldaVaati
IT'S NO USE!!Sonic the HedgehogSilver
NES ChallengeNintendoNES Stage Pack (Balloon Fight, Excitebikes, Wrecking Crew)
SNES ChallengeNintendoSNES Stage Pack (Pilotwings, Mario Circuit, Forest Maze)
N64 ChallengeNintendoWater Temple
Metal Bros. ChallengeSuper Smash Bros.Metal Luigi
The Mascot's ChallengeGamingFinal Destination
The Villan's ChallengeGamingFinal Destination
Battle of the Decade ChallengeSuper Smash Bros.Enables the use of up to 10-Player Smash
Battle of the Century ChallengeSuper Smash Bros.Enables the use of up to 12-Player Smash
Master Hand ChallengeThe Subspace Emisarry (Super Smash Bros.)Master Hand
Game Mode:Description:Unlocks:
Classic ModeDefeat foes to advance!Ice Climbers
Classic Mode - Super Smash Bros.A replica of the Classic mode from the original Smash Bros.Jigglypuff
10-Man SmashKO Ten opponents to win!Multi-Man Smash Stage
100-Man SmashKO 100 opponents to win!Falco
Endless SmashYou can't win, but you can see how far you can get!Nothing
Cruel SmashYou can't win, but you can see how far you can get! Enemies AI are maxed, and start at full health.Nothing
All-Star ModeFight every single character!Evil Ryu and Anti-Sora
All-Star Mode - BrawlFight every single Brawl character!Crazy Hand
Boss BattlesFight all the bosses!Ridley and Porky
Special Smash

To play a Special Smash, you need to type any of the following code at the title screen.

Metal = Metal Smash

Kids = Mini Smash

Supersize = Giant Smash

Giants = Mega Smash

Toothpicks = Thin Smash

Wideloads = Wide Smash


Download Link:

  • Note: this game is over 1GB in size, so please allow it some time to download. The download link is within the Youtube video.

The title screen of the game.
The character select screen with all characters unlocked.
The stage select screen with all stages unlocked.
The challenges screen.
A 4-Player Smash
Another 4-player Smash
An 8-player Smash
A 12-player Smash


  • TheOfficialCherrim for game. Subscribe to my YouTube channel!
  • supermariokartracers for engine.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List

Super Smash Bros. for Xbox One
Bandai Namco
PublisherMicrosoft Studios
Release DateTBA
PlatformXbox One, Microsoft Windows
MediaXbox One Disc, Digital Download (Xbox/Windows Store)

Super Smash Bros. for Xbox One is the Xbox One version of Super Smash Bros developed by Sega, Bandai Namco and published by Microsoft Studios. Besides familiar Super Smash Bros characters, this version features characters from various Microsoft games like Halo, Gear of Wars, Minecraft, etc. Therefore, this game is also known as Xbox All-star Battle Royale. This game is also available on Windows Store for Windows 10 as an Xbox Play Anywhere game.

Super Smash Bros Computer Game

  • 1Gameplay


The gameplay is similar to Super Smash bros. for Wii U, but a little different. Beside damage meter, there are also HP for each character. Players will be knocked-out if their HP run out or being thrown out of the stage.

Game Mode

  • Single Player
    • Story Mode' 'Along with characters fighting through various enemies and encounter the biggest enemies ever to stop him from ruling the whole world!
    • Smash Mode' 'Characters are practicing for the main battle. Battle with CPU like in the original Super Smash Bros.
    • Survival Mode' 'Players will fight endlessly until their HP deplete.
  • Multiplayer Mode
    • Story Mode: Similar to single player story mode, but up to 4 players can join.
    • VS Mode: Players fighting each other.
    • Team Mode: Players fighting in a team either with CPU or other players' team.


Super Smash Flash Ultimate


Sonic Boom



Gears of War


Pac-man and the Ghostly Adventures

My Little Pony

Mortal Kombat

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fan Game Download Game

Plot for Story Mode

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fan Game Download Free

In Death Egg planet, Dr. Eggman and Betrayus are working together to create a machine named 'Doom-Smash', a machine can cause massive natural disaster to the Mobius and destroy it. After that, Dr. Eggman and Betrayus can together build a new planet of their own. But soon, Sonic and Pac-man discover their bad ambition and decide to take action. But they soon realize that this is a dangerous mission, and if they don't be careful, either Sonic and Pac-man will be killed, or the whole Mobius planet will be destroyed. Therefore, they decide to, along with their friends, form a powerful group that can be able to foil Dr. Eggman and Betrayus's plan. During their adventure, they encounter many dangerous enemies and obstacles, but still be able to overcome it thanks to the friendship between members of the group (and the skill of players). At the end, they defeat Dr. Eggman, Betrayus and destroy the machine, saving Mobius from the risk of being flooded.