Sprinkle Island Full Game Download

  1. Sprinkle Island Full Game Download

Extinguish fires and save lives

Sprinkle Islands is a continuation of the great game Sprinkle, a game where you have to use a hose, water, and a lot of ingenuity in order to put out all of the fires that you will find in the many levels the game includes. When you start each level, you will see a 2D scene with different fires that need to be put out.

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Sprinkle is quite the different type of puzzle game. Players are required to put out fires using a huge water cannon. While that describes Sprinkle in one line, there is much more to the game.

One of the most amazing gameplay elements of Sprinkle are the in-game physics. Since using water is the primary tool in Sprinkle, that is the first thing that might be noticed. The water physics in Sprinkle are unreal for an Android app. It moves realistically over the level, being influenced by the environment and pools and drips in a completely believable way.

Sprinkle Island Full Game Download

Actually, everything in Sprinkle that is part of the gameplay can be affected by the physics. Sprinkle eases players into the different types of puzzles while introducing the uses of the water cannon. The water cannon in Sprinkle can be moved vertically and the orientation of the spout can be tilted for different angles. Some puzzles require the user to manipulate the environment to gain access to fires before they destroy the homes that players have to protect.

Sprinkle does not let players just spray water over the entire level; it contains a water meter that drains as players attempt to douse the fires. It is a smart system, and later puzzles might take some retries before successfully accomplishing the level. That is one of the biggest strengths of Sprinkle; players have to think about the flow of water because it does not only move in one way, but reacts to the environment.

While some apps are moving in the extremes of a more cartoon style or are hyper realistic, Sprinkle carries a visual theme all its own. The water might take center stage, but there is a lot of care in the presentation of each level. Sprinkle is a perfect example of how apps are evolving to utilize the hardware with impressive results.

Sprinkle is a hugely addictive puzzle game that introduces water physics like no other.

Fixing crash at startup on some devicesFixing bug with how fire spread in Tegra 3 version


  • Fixing crash at startup on some devicesFixing bug with how fire spread in Tegra 3 version


In the sequel to 2011’s hit water physics-based puzzler, Sprinkle, Titan is burning again and it’s up to Ouie and his little fire truck to once more save the innocent villagers!

This time around Ouie’s iconic fire truck is on the move, driving across the beautifully rendered islands of Titan to save the day. Regulate the flow of water with refined controls to navigate obstacles, buttons, elevators and more to keep the truck moving towards the next fire. Just like in the original, water supply is limited and the less used to finish a level, the higher the final score.


In Sprinkle Islands, players can expect:

  • Four distinct island environments with a total of 48 levels for hours of challenging entertainment.

  • A fire truck on the move for longer, more dynamic puzzles and complex obstructions.

  • Dramatic aquatic boss battles at the end of each island are a Sprinkle first!

  • The return of amazing water physics! The original Sprinkle set a new standard for water in mobile games. Sprinkle Islands improves on that with endless oceans, pools and floating objects.

  • Refined, simplified touch mechanics to give players better control of the water cannon’s stream.