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  • Friday Night Funkin vs Slenderman
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Slender - New Hope (Demo) Slender - New Hope is based on Slender: The Eight Pages, but with modern graphic, better AI, bigger environment & discoverable deep woods! I am working alone on this project and it would help me a lot if you provide me with your feedback. If you enjoy the game and want some new content then support me with a little. Sep 11, 2012 Added a subtitle to the game ('The Eight Pages') to differentiate it from future versions. Improved main menu and added music to it. Also now includes links to Slender Man info and YouTube series.

Slendrina Games Play Online for Free. The genre of horror games will never go out of fashion. We all like to tickle our nerves and if there is some mystery involved, that’s a sure recipe of success! Slendrina is one of the games that keep thrilling the vast audience challenging players to escape various haunted locations and get the key to. Slenderman Hide & Seek Online. If you lack adrenaline and adventure, if you want to try a new online game with horror elements, then our Slenderman Hide & Seek is waiting for you! By downloading our new scary application, you will get a online hide and seek game in multiplayer mode with friends, other users of the application in mode 3 vs 1.

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A mod of Friday Night Funkin where Boyfriend rap-battle against Slenderman, a fictional supernatural character that originated as a creepypasta Internet meme created by Something Awful forum.

Update to 3 with a lot of changes including a multiple language support and one new song.


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Slenderman Mod Credit:

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  • Slenderman Main author
    • MrFlamin: Owner
    • Slimemoreno17: Musician
    • indigoUan: Programmer
    • SmokeCannon: Musician
    • vibrative: Artist
    • Pgwcapt: Ideas
    • Fimbulveter: Charter
    • HeavyGuy: Musician
    • LeftBluMusic: Musician
    • Meshy: Musician
    • Ezekiel: Artist
    • Select: Artist
    • Skid and Pump: Ideas
    • CannonDev: Ideas
    • tiagofuzionpoco: Ideas
    • Future_Panda: Game Tester


  • Download the mod for your high-end Desktop PC on GB.

Original FNF Credit:

  • ninja_muffin99 – Programming
  • KadeDev – Programming
  • PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – ARTISTS
  • kawaisprite – MUSIC

Slender Game Online No Download

The goal of this web optimized port is to make FNF and this mod more accessible to players that can’t otherwise play it on their potatoes PC, on a Chromebook, on their Mac, on their Linux, or simply can’t run the EXE files on their computer.

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Slenderman Hide & Seek multiplayer game benefits
Ready or not, Slender is already following you! Our 4-player online horror multiplayer simultaneously has the following advantages:
cool and scary atmospheric locations that will keep you energized throughout the hide and seek game;
terrifying sounds and an appropriate musical range that will maintain a mood of horror;
exciting scary plot: you will have to find Slender's chests in the most interesting and unexpected places, which will not let you get bored;
the ability to choose a player: be a Slender and hunt for your friends or desperately run away from him as a defenseless student;
keep hiding, watch your every step, look where you are going and be careful - your neighbor Slender hears your every step.
Are you ready to run away? After all, you are already next! Our app is not about any funny stories and your fun cool time with friends, this case is only about a terrifying survival on more than 2 player or 3, an atmosphere of fear and your desperate attempts to avoid a terrible fate. Do your best to escape from good killer! Hello, it is one from TOP 10 scary games of 2020!
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