Seagate Hard Drive Not Reading On Mac

I hope this is something simple I'm doing wrong, but I'm stuck and need some help please! I have purchased a Seagate 500gb 2.5 inch laptop hard drive to replace my feeble 120gb drive. I am trying to set up this drive using carbon copy cloner before changing it over, I'm using an external. May 26, 2021 Fix The Seagate Hard Drive with Disk Utility Step 1: Launch the 'Spotlight search' by hitting the 'cmd + spacebar' key over your keyboard and punch in 'Disk Utility'. Step 2: On the left panel of the Disk Utility, you'll be able to locate your Seagate hard drive. If your drive is there.

Occasionally, when you plug-in any Seagate external hard drive to PC, it may not be detected by your PC. Consequently, the disk itself and the folders and files saved on it become unapproachable and unluckily this is a common problem with Seagate drives. Then, how does one fix this problem when hard drive i.e. becomes undetected. There are numbers of ways that can help to solve this problem.

  • Bonus: How to Recover Files from Formatted Seagate External Hard Drive?

These steps for fixing an external hard drive not recognized on Windows and Mac are suitable for external hard drives of all capacities and manufacturers. And for your convenience, here also attaches the Wondershare Recoverit tutorial on how to fix the external hard drive not showing up. If your external hard drive is read-only on your Mac due to its NTFS file system, you can fix it by reformatting the device to a Mac-compatible format with Mac Disk Utility. Before that, remember to back up your external hard drive quickly with data backup software since the formatting will erase all the files on the device. If you don't have a data backup, you can use professional Mac data recovery software to recover data from an external drive that cannot be read on your Mac. How to Fix 'The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer' on Mac. Connect the Seagate external hard drive to your Mac.

Paragon Driver for macOS (10.10 and above) This driver provides write access for Seagate external drives in Mac OS without having to reformat.

1Fixes to Seagate External Hard Drive Not Showing Up in Windows 10

If you are using Window 10 and you don’t have access to Seagate external hard drive that you are not alone who is suffering from this problem there are many other users who have reported to have this problem too. You do not need to worry as there are 3 solutions for you to try.

Method 1: Try a Different USB Port

If your Seagate external hard drive is blinking but is not detected by your PC, then you can try to unplug it from the USB port and should plug it into a different USB port. Besides, you can reboot your PC and try to connect your Seagate external hard drive to the computer again. If this simple solution works then your problem is resolved. If not then move on to the other solutions offered here.

Seagate Hard Disk Not Detected On Mac

Method 2: Update or Reinstall the Device Driver

Maybe your Windows has a driver problem with your device and by using the Device Manager you can check it. You can open Device Manager by pressing Win+R together to open the “Run” dialog then enter devmgmt.msc. Next, Expand the Disk drives category and check for any devices with a yellow exclamation point next to them, right-click on its name and select “Update Driver Software”. If it works then it's ok otherwise uninstall and then reinstall the driver. To uninstall the driver, click on Uninstall that will help you completely uninstall Drivers.

Method 3: Disable Fast Start-up to Fix Seagate External Hard Drive Not Showing Up

If you are using Fast Start-up option, you would not be able to identify the Seagate external hard drive in your PC. Usually, Fast start-up option is switched on by default in Windows 10. So, switch it off by following the steps:

STEP 1Firstly, navigate to Start Menu and type Control Panel and then Select Control Panel from the displayed result.

STEP 2After that, navigate to Hardware and Sound > Power Options.

STEP 3Thereafter, hit Choose what the power button does from the left panel.

STEP 4Subsequently, choose Change Settings.

STEP 5Then scroll down to the Shutdown settings area and Uncheck Turn off fast start-up.

STEP 6Next, press the Save changes button. Eventually, restart your PC to apply the changes.

2Fixes to Seagate External Hard Drive Not Showing Up on Mac

If you are using Mac and you don’t have access to Seagate external hard drive, you can try some routine checks first. If it does not work then you can try the subsequent solutions.

1First of All: Have Some Basic Checks

Re-plug the Seagate External Hard Drive and check if it is connected properly.

Try a different USB port or cable to see whether the USB port or cable is bad.

Connect Seagate External Hard Drive to another Mac or PC and see if it is compatible with.

2Mount An External Hard Drive

All checks seem to be OK? Then drive works fine, and then you can manually attach it to Mac OS. For this you need to mount it. This should be done automatically when Mac OS identifies the drive, but it does not always work.

    1. First of all, attach the drive if it is not already connected.

    2. Afterward, open Utilities and Disk Utility.

    3. Ensure the disk is listed in the left window. It should be labeled External Disk.

    4. Thereafter, Check volume if the disk is present. If a volume is present but not mounted, it should be greyed out here.

    5. Highlight the volume and select Mount. The volume should shift from gray to normal to indicate it has been mounted.

    6. Open Finder and navigate to the drive in Devices.

3Run First Aid on External Hard Drive

If it does not work then you may need to use the Verify Disk utility to ensure everything is working as it should be.

Step 1: Firstly, Open Utilities and Disk Utility.

Step 2: Then, Highlight the greyed out volume.

Step 3: Afterward, Select First Aid in the top center.

Step 4: Thereafter, Select Run to perform disk diagnostics and fix any issues.

Running First Aid on an external disk is a helpful way to ensure that the format or file structure does not hold any errors or issues. If there are any, First Aid will fix them and Mac OS should then mount the disk without any further bother.

If you got any others fix to Seagate external hard drive not show up on Mac, please feel free to share with us.

3Bonus: How to Recover Files from Formatted Seagate External Hard Drive?

Nowadays, there are loads of different programs available for recovering the formatted hard drive. Let us analyze an effective recovery software called “iMyFone AnyRecover” that can help you to recover data from the formatted hard drive easily and quickly. Furthermore, it is compatible with all the versions of Windows. Together with the accessible interface, the software does not need an expert to install it. You can do it by yourself without anyone’s assistance.

Why Choose iMyFone AnyRecover?

It proves helpful to recover all types of data, music, audio, photos from the formatted hard drive entirely and efficiently.

It can recover data from a variety of gadgets such as digital camera, memory card, hard drive and many more.

It can conduct recovery for all sort of data loss like emptying recycle bin, formatted device, virus attack, OS crash, etc.

Recovers files 100% safely without overwriting any other files.

Simple Steps to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive:

Step 1: First of all launch AnyRecover software. Then select a disk under the “Hard Disk Drives” tab.

Step 2: After selecting the location, hit “Start” button to start scanning.

Step 3: The program will start an all-round scan, and explain to you all the lost files in the list. You can select to preview them and click “Recover” to get back your data.

Overall, it is not too difficult to fix Seagate external hard drive not showing up only if you take proper action. If you tried the unmentioned solutions and the Seagate external hard drive still not detected or recognized the cause might be the hard drive itself. If you accidentally format your Seagate external hard drive, iMyFone AnyRecover can help you recover data from it.

The Scenario

Unlock Seagate Hard Drive Mac

“I have a Seagate external hard drive and a WD external hard drive, it was working well on my Mac till I made some changed on those two external hard drive. They are read only on my Mac now. So my question is why the Seagate external hard drive and WD external hard drive read only on my Mac? Can I fix it?”

Why Seagate and WD external hard drive read only on Mac?

Seagate Hard Drive Not Reading On Mac Download

As a computer user you need know that different operating systems organize files in different ways. For example, Windows operating system cannot open HFS (the filing structure of Mac OS X) drives, while Macs can read only NTFS drives. The biggest problem of the external hard drive read only on Mac is that the NTFS file system isn’t compatible with Mac. So, here is the way to solve the problem: change NTFS file system of the external hard drive so that both your Mac and Windows PC can read and write on it.

Seagate Hard Drive Not Reading On Mac Laptop

How to change NTFS file system?

As for Mac OS using FAT32 device and exFAT device, you can try to format the hard drive into FAT32 or exFAT. Before you do, you need backup files on the external hard drive if there is some important data.

Format NTFS to FAT32

Seagate External Hard Drive Not Working

Seagate External Hard Drive Mac

FAT32 is an older file system that used by Windows and Mac OS. Thus, you can plug your external hard drive in a Windows operating system and change it into FAT32, so that when you plug it in the Mac OS, it can be read and write normally. Well, how to format external hard drive to FAT32? The AOMEI Partition Assistant can be helpful.

Step1. Plug in the Seagate or WD external hard drive to your Windows operating system computer. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant. You will see its main interface. Then, you can click the partition and select “Format Partition”.

Step2. It will pop out a window that you can format the hard drive to FAT32. Select FAT32 at the drop down menu.

Step3. The external hard drive has become to FAT32, but don’t forget to click Apply at the tool bar to submit all the operations.

When the progress reaches 100%, you have finished the job. Exit and plug in the external hard drive to Mac, and it can be read and write immediately. If there is some important data on you Seagate or WD external hard drive, you can also use AOMEI Partition Assistant to convert NTFS to FAT32 without losing data.

Although FAT32 can be read and written to by both Windows and Mac OS, it has many limitations. For example, FAT32 does not address single file larger than 4GB. Which means if there has files larger than 4GB, it cannot be read and written by Mac. Fortunately, the exFAT, which can be read and written to by both Windows and Mac, can break out the limitation of individual files cannot be over 4GB on a FAT32 hard drive. Thus, you need to format your Seagate and WD external hard drive to exFAT.

Format NTFS to exFAT

Seagate Mac Driver

To format NTFS to exFAT, You need to use the Windows Disk Management. Open the application by right click This PC-> Management->Disk Management.

Step1. Right click your Seagate and WD external hard drive, select “Format…”.

Step2. Select exFAT at the drop down menu.

Step3. It will pop out a warning that this operation will erase all data on it. Click OK and start it.

Seagate Hard Drive Mac Os Download

After you change the file system to FAT32 or exFAT, your Seagate and WD external hard drive can be read and written on Mac normally.

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Seagate Hard Drive Not Reading On Mac

Mac computers are easy to use, for the most part. But sometimes, things happen that can really turn that ease of use into “What do I do with this?” One of those things is when you unplug a USB storage device without ejecting it properly. Usually, you just get a quick warning message and things return to normal.

But sometimes, something worse will happen. Instead, you’ll now have a read-only external hard drive that won’t allow you to do backups. If you’re having trouble copying a file to your external hard drive, right click on it in your Finder and select Get Info. If you see this at the very bottom under Sharing & Permissions, then you have a problem.

Seagate Hard Drive Not Reading On Mac Os

In some cases, you don’t even need to eject it improperly for this to happen – it just happens from one usage to the next. It can also happen if you are switching between using the drive on a Mac and a Windows PC. No matter the reason why, this can be a very frustrating thing to deal with, especially if you have just backed up a large amount of files onto your new drive.

Troubleshooting a Read-Only Seagate External Hard Drive

Since Seagate is one of the most popular brands you will find when searching for a backup external hard drive for a Mac on sites like Amazon, we’ll troubleshoot this problem based on one of their hard drives.

The first thing you will run across when you search for a read-only external hard drive on a Mac is the suggestion to reformat it. That’s the suggestion the Seagate forum support admin offers. Of course, if you have files on it already, that really isn’t an option, as you would lose all of those files.

Another suggestion you’ll find is to create a second backup of your read-only external hard drive and then reformat the read-only had drive. Again, this is an irritating prospect as you have paid for one hard drive, and you don’t want to pay for a second just because the first one is having problems. And it’s another suggestion by the Seagate forum admins.

After reading a lot of forum entries, you’ll find the solution to this issues is actually quite simple – you just need to download and install a NTFS driver for Mac OS from Seagate.

Once installed (and you’ve restarted your Mac), your external drive should be back to normal. You can check by either trying to copy a file to it or right clicking on it in your Finder, selecting Get Info, and making sure the permissions have changed to read and write.

If this isn’t the case, you may need to keep searching for solutions. But most of the time, this will solve the problem and allow you to use your external hard drive freely between your Mac and PC.

Preventing the Read Only Hard Drive Issue

Seagate Hard Drive Not Reading On Mac

One way to prevent this issue from happening with your Seagate (or other) external hard drive is to set up your external hard drive as specified in the directions that come with the product. While almost every piece of hardware is now plug-n-play, some do need those extra configurations and software to get the best performance.

Troubleshooting a Read-Only External Hard Drive Other Than Seagate


Experiencing the read-only problem with another company’s external hard drive on a Mac, or not able to fix it with the driver suggested above? You can try searching on Google for others who have solved this problem, although many will simply suggest that you reformat the drive or get a second backup and then reformat your hard drive. Some companies will, like Seagate, have specific drivers that you can install to help your Mac identify your external hard drive as read and write again.