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Samsung T5 SSD 2TB in Monitors and Memory a week ago Samsung T7 SSD not found on Windows 10 (volume not found) in Monitors and Memory HELP: Can not format Samsung SSD T7 into Mac APFS format - how to solve it? In Monitors and Memory. Samsung T3 SSD has all sorts of connectivity options like USB type c and USB 3.0, 2.0. The hard drive is rugged proof. So in case you drop, you are safer from the damage of the Samsung SSD’s. In short, Samsung T3 portable solid-state drives are best in design and even they are best in specs on paper. Re: Catalina & Samsung T3 SSD In reply to nick101. Oct 11, 2019 of cause, I use it on all my devices including Surface Pro 4.

I am about to buy an external disk Samsung SSD T5 500Go. I am not sure that it is compatible with my Ubuntu 16.04 (Xubuntu). Any one as already try this external disk ? Should I expect some difficulties to work with it ?

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Samsung T3, T5 and now also T7 SSD are NOT compatible with Linux, if encrypted


The proprietary unlock software only comes for Mac or Windows

I tried a long time to unlock an encrypted drive in Linux, even manually by capturing raw USB unlock commands in windows and then attempting to replay in Linux but it is more difficult than I imagined and failed to unlock in Linux. The only solution was a virtual machine which is EXTREMELY annoying Samsung!

I already asked Samsung to release Linux software.

SAMSUNG IF YOU ARE READING, we need T5 / T7 unlock software for Debian/Ubuntu, hurry up already. seriously, this is not good enough. I will start buying m2 drives and using my own custom m2 external case if you dont fix this.

Drive only works on Linux if it is not set to encrypted, which is mostly useless.


The Samsung web site describes it as 'Portable SSD T5 USB 3.1 500GB'. Why didn't you look there?

It's a USB drive - it will work with Ubuntu.

It's a USB 3.1 device. You won't get the full, advertised transfer rate unless you have a USB3 port on your computer.

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Samsung external SSDs are compatible with Ubuntu. In general external SSDs are designed to be plug and play storage devices that are cross platform compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux regardless of the device's manufacturer.

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Samsung Portable SSD T3. Uses an encrypted partition, unreadable by Linux.Using on a Dell Inspiron, 2021 model, i7 10th generation.Samsung provides drivers for Windows, Android & Mac. But not for any version of Linux, yet.Perhaps with WINE emulator?


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Been running a T5 on the USB 3.0 port of Raspberry Pi 4 running Ubuntu 20.10 for three months now. All good.

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