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Remote Fu is a cute game for all the girls and the boys who love Gumball. He and his family are going to start a race for an interesting prize, the remote control from the TV. They all want to watch different shows and the winner will have the chance to watch his own. In this game, your goal is to help our hero win, reach the finish line in the first place. To overtake the opponents you have to attack them. you need x and c in this game to attack the other members of the family in order to make them slow down to be able to overtake them. In this funny game, you have to be careful because also the other players will attack you. If you lose the race the game is over and Gumball will be very disappointed. You will see a map that is going to show you how much you have to run to reach the finish line. If you had a great time playing our cute game you can help us by giving a simple like. You can even express your opinion about the game in a comment to tell us if you won the race for the remote control with Gumball. Like other games with Gumball and Darwin, when you play Remote Fu game online you will see that you can save your score on you're computer, so each date you will win this game battle for remote control of your TV you will become the leader of the game.


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use the mouse