Pom Gets Wifi Online Game No Download

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  2. You should have gotten a file called Pom Gets Wi-Fi v1-04.zip (the number may be slightly different). To unzip it, you’ll need WinZip or 7Zip, both of which are free. Right click and choose “extract files.”. When it’s done, you’ll have a folder called Pom Gets Wi-Fi. Open that folder and it should look like this.

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  • I get an error message when opening the game on Mac!

Wineskin (which was used to port Pom Gets Wi-Fi to Macs) no longer works on some newer operating systems! A new Mac-compatible port is currently in progress – In the meantime you can play a mostly-complete version of it here. It’s not totally polished yet, so please let me know if you run into any problems with it!

  • Can I make Pom Gets Wi-Fi fanart/Let’s Plays/cosplay/fangames/etc?


  • Can I translate the game? How do I do it?

Of course! Please send me a link when you’re done, I’d love to see it ^^ Here’s a list of translations that are already complete!

You’ll need to download the RPGMaker 2003 editor and manually change the dialogue everywhere in the game. (I imagine that this is pretty tedious, so major props to everyone who’s actually done it!!)

  • Where’s the Mac version?

Here, courtesy of the Jammed Gears Team

  • The RPGMaker.net download link isn’t working. Where’s the MediaFire link?

Pom Gets Wifi online, free

  • Are you going to make a sequel?

I’m working on something different right now! Maybe in the distant future, but no promises!

  • I downloaded the game. How do I open it?
You should have gotten a file called Pom Gets Wi-Fi v1-04.zip (the number may be slightly different). To unzip it, you’ll need WinZip or 7Zip, both of which are free. Right click and choose “extract files.” When it’s done, you’ll have a folder called Pom Gets Wi-Fi. Open that folder and it should look like this:
Scroll down and click on the file right underneath the READ MEcalledRPG_RT.exe.” Your computer might not show the “.exe” part, but it’s the same thing.
Don’t forget to press F4 (or Alt+Enter if you’re using Windows 8) when you reach the title screen to play it in windowed mode.
  • I’m getting the error message “Rpg maker 2003 runtime package is not present or not registered.”

Right under the RPG_RT.exe file you clicked when trying to start the game, there’s a file called RPG_RT.ini file. Open it with a text editor like Notepad and add the line: FullPackageFlag=1 (thanks RMN user Link_2112!)

If that doesn’t work, please try downloading the RPGMaker 2003 RTP package (sorry for the trouble!)

  • When I try to open the game, I get ”DirectDraw Error (DDERR_UNSUPPORTED)”
Right click the game’s .exe file, go to Properties, Compatability, and try other compatibility modes. If you don’t want to do this, restarting also seems to be a temporary fix, but the error will come back later.
Yet another option, if that doesn’t work, is making a shortcut to RPG_RT.exe. Once you’ve done that, right click, select Properties, and on the end of the Target line (where it shows the location of the original RPG_RT.exe for the game) add: NormalPlay ShowTitle Window

Pom Gets Wifi Online Game No Download Unblocked

So it should look like this: “[rest of the path here]RPG_ RT.exe' NormalPlay ShowTitle Window
…And then, double click on that to play the game.
Try turning on NumLock and pressing Shift and a NUmpad direction at the exact same time until controls normalize. If that doesn’t help, the problem might be caused by something seemingly interfering with the game, especially if you are using a laptop computer. To fix this, unplug everything (especially joystick and Bluetooth Adapters). Go to ‘Devices and Printers’ in the Control Panel. To remove something that might be interfering, for example, a ‘HID-Compliant Game Controller,’ right-click that icon and click ‘Remove.’ Be careful not to reconnect a physical controller after doing this fix, or your computer may crash! Restart the computer before reconnecting anything. (thanks tumblr user markysheap!)
If that doesn’t work, try this tool made by Cherry
  • How do I get the other ending? / How do I get past the line of dogs? / Where are the Corg-Keys? / Other “I don’t know what to do next” questions

Here’s a walkthrough.

Pom Gets Wifi Online Game No Download
  • How do I save?
GameTalk to Dave Pointer. He’s a brown dog wearing star shades.
  • What song is playing in the Observatory/Credits/etc.?

Observatory: “Gymnopedie No. 1” by Kevin MacLeod

Final battle against Shibe: “We’re All Under the Stars” by Eric Skiff

Ambient music on the bridge to Dog: “Forgive Me Great Spirit” by Dan-O

Credits Song: “Outree” by DECO*27 (you can buy the song on iTunes in the US!)

All other music is stock music that came with RPGMaker 2003. Because people are asking about these too:

Title screen: “Memories”

Pom Gets Wifi Online Game No Download Free

Intro: “Village2”

Doggy Heaven + the next map to the east + the park: “Eternal”

Normal Battle Theme: “Field4”

Sharpei and Crest/Puddle’s house: “Interlude”

The Park, after Hus joins: “Ending3”

Inside the Frisbee Machine: “Mecha-Base”

Starpugs exterior: “Castle3”

Starpugs interior: “Shop3”

The Gate: “Solace3”

Dog Battle: “Mystery3”

Being meguca is sufferin Ending: “Sadness”

  • The font is weird and unreadable!

Try downloading these fonts here! Unzip the file, then double click on each of the fonts inside and install them.

  • When I open the game, I get the error “The file more daring test cannot be opened.”

Please try the fixes here!

  • When I open the game, I get the error “The file C:Users…RPG_RT.lmt cannot be opened.”

This seems to be a thing that randomly happens to RPGMaker 2003 games, and I’m not sure what causes it…I don’t think there’s anything you can do except play on another computer or watch a video playthrough of the game, sorry!! :^(((((((

  • The game goes into fullscreen and won’t change to windowed mode.

Try pressing F4 or Alt+Enter on your keyboard. If you’re still having trouble, right click the game and choose “Run as Administrator.”

  • I’ve encountered a bug and am stuck!

Here’s a list of known bugs in the different versions:

All versions:

Pom Gets Wifi Online Game No Download Full

  • Depending on your computer, the game may randomly fail to play the credits at the very end and crash, usually with the error message“no such interface supported.” This will also possibly delete your save file. You’re not actually missing out on seeing any content, but if you want to keep your save file safe you might want to save in 2 different slots as a precaution.
  • There’s a random chance that after talking to Corg, the game will screw up and fail to change the dialogue in the trash pile, so even if you check it, you won’t get the Corg-Keys. If this happens, you’ll be stuck unless you reload from a save file from before the glitch, or restart the entire game :((((((((((( So save often and in multiple slots!
  • Depending on your computer, the game may crash when you go across the rainbow south of the park to the observatory. I still have no idea what causes this…You can beat the game without ever going to this area, so if it crashes for you, you can just avoid it.

Pom Gets Wifi Online Game No Download

Version 1.03:

  • Pom will say the same thing twice in the conversation with Bold. My bad.
  • It’s possible to walk into the park after it’s been fixed even though you’re not supposed to.

Version 1.02

  • Shibe’s picture doesn’t erase after talking to Bold. You’ll have to talk to another dog to get rid of it.
  • If you did not take pictures of Crest, there is a chance that Shibe will not leave the party when you talk to Corg. This is not caused by an error in the scripting and seems to happen completely randomly. If this happens to you, reload a previous save and try again.
  • It’s possible to walk into the park after it’s been fixed even though you’re not supposed to.
  • If you keep moving up into the park after Sherman tells you to stop, it’s possible to force your way in.
  • If you put the Famicom on the rock thing before the dolphin, Shibe’s dialogue will loop.
  • If you somehow talk to Bold without Shibe in the party, his dialogue will remain unchanged from when Shibe was in the party.
  • You can get stuck in Sharpei’s stairs.
Version 1.00
This version is bug-ridden to the point of being almost unplayable! If you have this version, please download the latest version instead and merge the game files together so that you can continue playing on your old save in the fixed version of the game.
  • If you take pictures of Crest but don’t talk to Malty before leaving Starpugs, Pom will say “that dum shibe” forever.
  • If you take pictures of Crest and talk to Malty, the Puddle battle will loop over and over again.
  • Basically, if you took pictures of Crest you’re screwed.
  • It is possible to get trapped in Crest’s house (trophy and stairs)
  • The stack of books will magically appear on the rock thing after speaking to Chi several times.
  • The Bernard battle will happen even if you took pictures.
  • If you speak to Bernard without having taken any pictures without Shibe in the party, the screen will turn black.
If you catch any bugs that are not on this list, please tell me!