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came up here after a lot of looking around. Even seen a couple of examples of my issue, JT not sure what to do. Have tried a bunch of stuff and still cannot not get drive to mount. Apple says to wait for a call back in a week after the holidays. Doubt that anyone is reading here now, but..... tying anyway. Older HP external drive and recently upgraded to Mojave. Here is some of the details I posted on Apple ———-

  • Access and save data quickly on this Western Digital My Passport Ultra drive for Mac. The hard drive uses USB 3.0 technology and USB-D connectivity to maximize plug-in options. Keep your files safe with the included security software, offering encryption and password protection.
  • Encrypt and protect a storage device with a password in Disk Utility on Mac. If the device contains any files you want to save, copy them to another storage device or volume. In the Disk Utility app on your Mac, choose View Show All Devices. In the sidebar, select the storage device you want to.

It supports different kinds of drives, including USB flash drives, SD cards, external hard drives, MicroSD memory sticks, etc. Besides, it has an extra helpful feature which is opening the 'dmg' file on your Mac. Easily Unlock Password Protected USB Drive on Mac. Install iSunshare BitLocker Genius on your Mac. Jan 25, 2012 Connect the drive you want password protected. Select the drive in Disk Utility, and click on the “Erase” tab. Pull down the “Format” menu and choose “Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted)”. Click on “Erase”. At the next screen, set a password – do not lose this password or you will lose access to the drives data.

Not on the actual computer now but for the life of me can’t figure it out. Any ideas - all my back files are there. Tks Stumped.

Edit add info:

High Sierra previous os. run in safe mode, empty caches, remove .plist for time machine, try on another Mac, run iboysoft recovery software. cannot unmount as it won't mount. HP5000s drive. Drive just spins and spins showing activity but won't mount. connected by usb to MBP w/ Mojave. Tks! – Stumped 6 mins ago


From Terminal, what happens if you try:

This will run the Disk Utility disk repair process. Can you report back with any errors or output you get.

You can also try booting into Single User Mode (at start-up hold down Command-S). That'll drop you into a command-prompt and you can try

That runs a filesystem check (hence fsck), and can also repair damage, then reboots. After the reboot, check and see if it mounts.


How To Protect External Hard Drive

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Password Protect External Hard Drive Mac Mojave Software


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