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Pac-Man Bonus Symbols and Winning Combinations. Each slot has its table of payments and game combinations, which displays all the variants of the outcome of the game depending on the symbols dropped out to the player and Pac-Man is no exception. Thanks to the instant play feature, you can try out every gamble feature that we describe below for you. How download and install Pacman. To download and install Pacman for PC, click on the 'Get Pacman' button. You will be taken to the product page on the official store (mostly it is an official website of the game). Please, follow next instructions: Press the button and open the official source. It could ask you to register to get the game. Would you like to play cool PACMAN diversions online quickly? Truly, you can play now on this page no download required. This Pacman amusement that you will play is another look Pacman diversion delineate. It's look more pleasant than the more seasoned one.

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3d DemonDownload File
3D Demon is a Pacman game that takes place in a virtual 3D maze. Use the arrow keys to navigate through the maze. Watch the radar screen to see the location of the 3 ghosts that are coming after you.
Downloaded: 6851 times Filesize: 23.35 KB OS: Windows

Air HockeyDownload File
Air Hockey this game plays very well, it looks like you are playing on an air hockey table. You control your paddle with your mouse and play against the computer.
Downloaded: 4444 times Filesize: 35.25 KB OS: Windows

Alien ForceDownload File
Alien Force is a space ship shooter action game you hunt down and shoot the other ships as you travel through a grid shaped playing field. As the levels increase the ships speed up and fire back. Your objective is to destroy all of the other space ships before they destroy you. To start go to Game then new, under options you can start at any level you wish.
Downloaded: 4525 times Filesize: 15.63 KB OS: Windows

Dial 8Download File
Dial 8 is VGA eye candy a higher resolution clone of Acid Warp. Dial 8 creates cool looking patterns on the screen, it creates interesting hypnotic patterns on your screen. It has settings to change the resolution.
Downloaded: 2349 times Filesize: 23.46 KB OS: Windows

Drift RunnerDownload File
The year is 5300 and you are in command of the brand new experimental DriftRunner. Enter the Vhol Drift and try to penetrate as deep as you can. But beware... the asteroid field gets more dense the further you go and encounters with the evil Polygunzz are also more likely. You have to shoot and destroy all the asteroids (and other obstacles) to clear a path through the Vhol Drift to make it possible for Terran exploration crafts to enter the Drift and exploit its resources and discover its mysteries.
Downloaded: 3242 times Filesize: 38.74 KB OS: Windows

Free WatchDownload File
This it is not a game but it can be used in a game. It is a stop watch to time various events.
Downloaded: 2439 times Filesize: 6.66 KB OS: Windows

HangmanDownload File
Hangman game a screen is drawn, with some places for scores, the alphabet is printed and Hangman asks you for a letter, put one in and see if you get it right. The rest should be quite obvious. Every miskake means 1 more body part drawn. Note regardless of your first guess being right or wrong the gallows is drawn. 6 mistakes and you lost that round. At the end of every round it asks you to continue, your wins and loses are also kept track of.
Downloaded: 3241 times Filesize: 71.99 KB OS: Windows

KolumnzDownload File
Kolumnz is a puzzle game Kolumnz is a single-player game in which one attempts to manipulate patterned tiles in order to form sequences of three boxes of the same color - arranged horizontally, veritcally, or diagonally. The Kolumz game board is a 6 x 18 array of squares. The playing tiles drop from the top of the screen and are composed of 3 colored boxes arranged in a column. The color of each box is assigned at random from a pool of 6 possible colors. As a tile drops, it can be manipuated in one of four different ways
Downloaded: 3214 times Filesize: 15.07 KB OS: Windows

Mah JonggDownload File
Mah Jongg is an old chinese tile puzzle game. You select two matching tiles that are not land locked with a tile on either side to clear them from the puzzle. Mah Jongg will highlight valid tiles and ignore clicks on tiles that are not free.
Downloaded: 3242 times Filesize: 49.26 KB OS: Windows

Matrix 10Download File
Move a Matrix tile over another Matrix tile onto an empty slot. This will destroy the in-between Matrix tile. Matrix tiles can be moved onto an empty slot only by jumping over an existing Matrix tile. Proceed in this way until only one Matrix tile remains and the Matrix is destroyed.
Downloaded: 1336 times Filesize: 15.36 KB OS: Windows

Monopoly IconsDownload File
Monopoly icons are popular icons from this famous game. Unzip the Monopoly icons to a folder and navigate with your file types program to use them as icons for programs in your computer.
Downloaded: 2707 times Filesize: 10.02 KB OS: Windows

MonopolyDownload File
Monopoly the very popular board game now made into many versions. This is the original version of Monopoly. Take turns traveling around the board buying and selling real estate trying to build your empire and monopolizing the board by owning all of the real estate.
Downloaded: 2580 times Filesize: 384.27 KB OS: Windows

Ms ChompDownload File
Ms Chomp is a Ms Pacman clone. It is a nice playing arcaed game. If the game runs too fast go to Options and select Delay. With a P4 try a delay of 7000. Try different delay factors to get the game to run at the correct speed on your machine. Use the arrow keys to navigate Ms Pacman through the maze.
Downloaded: 1746 times Filesize: 99.54 KB OS: Windows

Ms PacmanDownload File
Ms. Pacman is a favorite of arcade game players. Control Ms Pacman to move within the maze and eat up the dots and ghosts. You can only eat the ghosts after Ms. Pacman has eaten one of the large dots in the corners and the ghosts have changed to the color blue. Good luck!
Downloaded: 4092 times Filesize: 284.42 KB OS: Windows

Pac Life ScrDownload File
Pac Life is a sreen saver using the Pacman character. It has the build up of a Pacman community showing the lifespan of a Pacman character. Put the files into your windows folder and select it on the screen Saver tab of Display Properties.
Downloaded: 1158 times Filesize: 277.51 KB OS: Windows

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Online Pacman Game No Download
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