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There have been rumors about SNES games coming to the Switch since early this year thanks to a data mine. Now that the rumors are confirmed, here’s how you can download and play SNES games on Nintendo Switch.

How to Download and Play SNES Games on Nintendo Switch

Gone are the days of the Virtual Console where you have to pay $8 to $10 for a single SNES game. Now, these titles are all included with the Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Previously, the NES Nintendo Switch Online app typically received two monthly releases along with one ‘SP’ title that would let you start some of the previously released retro games with fully upgraded characters.

Dec 02, 2021 If you plan to download many games to your Nintendo Switch, the 32GB storage won't get you very far. However, by picking up a microSD card, you can expand your Switch's storage to better accommodate your downloading habits. If you have already downloaded games onto your Nintendo Switch system memory.

It seems that the rollout plan for the SNES version will be different. There’s no information on the release schedule, but right now you can access 20 titles once you download the SNES Nintendo Switch Online app.

To download it, all you need to do is find the application in the eShop via the search bar or under the section labeled Nintendo Switch Online. All you need to have to download the app is an active Switch Online subscription.

There’s no extra setup needed once you have the SNES Online app installed. The only catch is that the games aren’t truly streamed.

The SNES games are installed on your Switch which doesn’t cause issues when it comes to storage space. Those games are tiny and the first 20 games only take up about 119 MB.

Once you finish installing SNES Online you can start it like any other game from your main menu. The application will launch into a gallery of box art. Simply select the box art of the game you want to play to begin.

A major drawback is a need for online check-ins. You can play the games offline, but if you go one week without connecting your Switch to the internet you’ll temporarily lose access to the SNES games.

Simply reconnecting to the internet will restore your access to the SNES Online application.

How to Download and Play SNES Games on Nintendo Switch

  1. Download the SNES Nintendo Switch Online application from the eShop

    The easiest way to find it is under the Nintendo Switch Online section

  2. Launch the application from the Switch Main Menu

    It will be listed with your other games

  3. Maintain an Internet Connection

    If you don’t connect to the internet for over one week, then you’ll lose access to the SNES games until you reconnect

That’s all there is to know about downloading and playing SNES games on the Nintendo Switch. If you would like to know more about the titles included in this new service, then you can find the full list here.

One of the Nintendo Switch’s little-known features is the ability to install a single copy of a digital game on multiple devices. Here’s how it works.

What Is Game Sharing?

Game sharing is a process that allows you to use a single digital copy of a game across multiple consoles, similar to how you’d share a physical copy of a game. This is especially useful for families with multiple consoles, or groups of friends that don’t want to pay for the same game repeatedly.

All digital purchases on the Switch are linked to a Nintendo Account. To share games between two devices, you need a single Nintendo Account on both.

When sharing games, each device is registered as either a primary console or a secondary console. The primary console has full online and offline access to all the titles linked to the eShop account. On the other hand, the account registered on the secondary console needs internet access to play. Also, both Switches cannot play the same game at the same time with the same Nintendo Account.

The process to do this surprisingly straightforward and involves a few simple steps on both devices.

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Game Sharing on the Switch

First, boot up the Switch with the games installed. From the Home screen, go to the Nintendo eShop by clicking the store button at the bottom, and select the account that has the games you want to share.


Next, click on your player icon on the upper right, and scroll down to the bottom of the page on the right side. There, you’ll see an option titled “Primary Console.” Select “Deregister,” which will turn the Switch into a secondary device. This setting can be changed later on.

On the second Nintendo Switch, log into the same Nintendo Account by going to System Settings > Add User. This device will now be registered as the Primary Console. After, simply redownload the title you’d like to save from the eShop.

Nintendo switch can u download games on windows 10

If you want to swap who the primary and secondary accounts are, simply deregister the Switch with the Primary Account. This will automatically change the permissions.

Nintendo switch can u download games on pc

The Pros and Cons of Game Sharing

The best part of this process is that you can save a lot of money. This is especially true for first-party Nintendo titles, which generally cost $60 each and are some of the most popular on the platform. Digital games often retail for cheaper because of frequent sales on the eShop.

However, there are a few caveats to Switch game sharing. First, secondary consoles always need the internet to play. This is because Nintendo performs an online verification process when the software is launched to make sure the game is owned.


Free Nintendo Switch Game Codes

Another thing to note is that both consoles cannot play the same game at the same time when they’re logged into a single account. However, this does not apply to a second Nintendo account. If you make another account on the secondary device and select it whenever you play, both devices can run the same game simultaneously. However, to play online multiplayer together, you need a second Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

The last caveat is that this process does not work for local multiplayer gameplay. This is because playing locally involves turning off the Switch’s internet modem. You must either play online or play together on one console.

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Nintendo Switch Can U Download Games On Pc

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