Nerf Gun Game Download

Recently, HOMA GAMES launched another extremely high-quality product called NERF Epic Pranks. This game belongs to the category of action, shooting but does not contain elements of violence. I think you should experience it to get the most intuitive experience. NERF Epic Pranks is just a joke to make others angry. Jun 12, 2019 - Free printable Nerf themed birthday invitation for outdoor game parties. PDF & JPEG format. PDF Nerf invite. Type and print option. Free printables.

At our house, we LOVE Nerf guns! Here are a collection of the most awesome Nerf games to make and play.

Nerf Gun Game Download

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Favorite Nerf Gear:

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike and the Strongarm Blaster are both good guns to start with. The Firestrike is best for younger kids – my 3 year old just recently became strong enough to cock it himself. The Strongarm Blaster takes more strength to cock, but it also holds 6 darts, which is fun. I just consulted with my boys, and we are thinking age 5+ for the Strongarm Blaster.

The Jolt Blaster is a fun pocket-sized gun. It has an amazing amount of power for such a small gun!

Now, onto the games!

Tin Can Challenge – This post has ideas for an entire Nerf birthday party. Scroll through the photos to find the tin can game.

Paper Plate Targets from All for the Boys – Great for a rainy day because you probably have what you need on hand!

Ping Pong Ball Targets – Shoot the ball off the bottle. Works well indoors or out!

Spinning Nerf Targets – So easy to make and SUPER fun!

Minecraft Nerf Targets from Housing a Forest

Cardboard Reusable Target – also works well with a football

Nerf Party Game – Outdoor Obstacle Course. Awesome!

Jedi Training with Clone Targets – The post has a whole birthday party, scroll down for the clone game.

Gun game

Plastic Cup Shooting Gallery – The addition of Lego mini figures is genius!

Make Your Own Nerf Gun Game

Shoot the Sight Word – Brilliant!

Build a PVC pipe Nerf dart popper – A favorite at our house!

Here’s an amazing Nerf birthday party – I love the homemade velcro dart shirt idea!

These camo barricades made out of cardboard boxes would be fun for a group Nerf gun war.

Nerf Turkey Targets – fun for Thanksgiving!


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