Msts Indian Railways Game Download

  • Nov 25, 2021 Msts Indian Railways Game Download Apk For Android Download; Game Downloads For Pc; Msts Indian Railways Game Download Apk For Android Download. 32 Available stations: Chennai - Bengaluru - Mumbai - Vadodara - New Delhi - Agra - Kolkata - Solapur - Anantpur - Pune - Borivali - Valsad.
  • Microsoft Train Simulator - Open Rails v.1.3.1 - Full game - Download Download for free and play full version of Microsoft Train Simulator, a(n) simulation game, Open Rails v.1.3.1, for PCs and laptops with Windows systems.Free and legal download. File type Full version. File size 43.6 MB. Downloads 27737 (last 7 days) 2097 last update Wednesday, April 7, 2021.
  • Similarly download other routes of indian railways from In case if installme.bat is present in the route folder. You have to click it. Now u r ready to play msts indian railways.
Msts Indian Railways Game Download
  • Msts train simulator game download

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Msts Indian Railways Game Download

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3.7 on 336 votes

Microsoft Train Simulator brings the power and excitement of some of the world's most famous trains to your PC ...

3.7 on 61 votes

MSTS Bin is a new project, aimed to try improve some features of MSTS (MS Train simulator) ver.

3.3 on 18 votes

MSTS Buddy is a utility to make installation of add-ons easier.

4.1 on 8 votes

MSTSBin Screens & Widgets enhances your game by providing additional screens and widgets on your view.

4.9 on 7 votes

The program can be used to simulate electric drive trains. You can select the ratings of motors, batteries, wheels, etc.

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At the time it was released, Microsoft Train Simulator was something new. Microsoft struck gold with their flight simulator series and they were hoping to do the same with thing trains. There have been a few different train sims over the years, but back in 2001 when this was originally released this was a fresh and new idea in the world of gaming.

All Aboard

I am trying to think about what the actual point of the game is. There is no what you could call a campaign here. Instead, you are tasked with doing various missions/things while you are in control of the trains. This can be coming to a stop at the right time, getting from a to b, or just hauling some freight. Trying to get the best rank on each one is what you are working towards.

Clearly, Microsoft Train Simulator is a game that is aimed at people who are train enthusiasts. I am not knocking those folks at all, but it is something I have not ever been interested in so to be fair I am sure much of the appeal of what makes this great is lost on me.

Traveling Around The World

There are a decent number of routes in the game and from the research my ignorant self did, people who are into this kind of thing seem to be happy with the level of authenticity that some of these routes have. You have routes in Japan, the USA, and the UK. I found the routes in Japan to be much more interesting and it was kind of fun to see the world go by as you were in control of one of these massing machines.You have many different trains available and from what I understand some are more accurate than others. Microsoft Train Simulator for me as someone who knows nothing about trains does have a very decent selection to drive. If you look around online, there is a dedicated community to this game that has made all kinds of interesting content. I feel if you get into the game you need to embrace that.

What Does That Button Do?

I know that simulator is in the title, but this was way harder than I thought it would be. You have a lot to take in and just keeping the train on the tracks is harder than you would think. Although, I will say when you do derail it is pretty fun and awesome. I wish the game had more personality, like actually being able to see people get on and off the train for example. The whole game has a very barebones kind of feel to it and for someone like me, I needed a bit of pizzazz to really get me invested.One thing I was shocked was so hard was stopping the train! This requires way more skill than you would think and it is not just a case of slamming on the breaks at the right time.

I must admit that Microsoft Train Simulator is not a game for me. You could write what I know about trains of the back of a postage stamp so I am clearly not the right audience for this game. Still, with that being said I do feel that there is a lot of content here. I did like driving the train through Japan and when I would nail a stop just right I felt pretty damn proud of myself.

Final Score

Msts Indian Train Simulator Download Windows 10


Msts Indian Railways Game Download

  • There are plenty of trains to drive
  • The routes each have their own style to them
  • Driving the trains is kind of cool once you get the hang of it
  • The sound effects are very realistic
  • There is a dedicated modding community that has created some cool stuff


Msts Train Simulator Indian Railways Game Download

  • You have to be into trains to get into this game
  • There is not much excitement or flash to this game at all

Msts Indian Open Rail Game Download

Overall rating: 7