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Official NameMonopoly Junior
VersionFull Game
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Publisher (s)Parker Brothers
Skill (s) requiredDice rolling

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Download and Extract MonopolyJuniorWinROMNL.7z (Note: this is the dutch version of the game) In the Game Files folder, mount “Monopoly Junior.bin” and double click on Setup.exe. Follow on-screen instructions to install the game. Once it is installed, go to the directory where you installed the game, right click on the game icon then go. A computer adaptation of the 'lite' version of Parker Brothers classic real estate trading game. Monopoly Junior is a much simplified variation of Monopoly designed for 5-8 year olds. The PC version is a direct, kid friendly translation of the board game. Games downloads - Monopoly Tycoon by DeepRed Games Ltd and many more programs are available for instant and free download. Monopoly Twisted is the PC version of the classic monopoly with some new twists and different rules. Monopoly Tycoon download free. Full Game is a construction and management simulation PC game published in 2001.

Monopoly Junior Full PC Game Overview

Monopoly Junior download free. full Game is a simplified version of the board game Monopoly, aimed at young children. It has a smaller, rectangular board and instead of being based on street names it is based on a Funfair, to make it more child-friendly.


On their turn, a player rolls the die or spins the spinner (depending on the version) and moves that number of spaces clockwise around the board. The player then acts depending on the space on which they have landed:

An Amusement without a Ticket Booth

Monopoly Junior Pc Game free. download full

The player pays the bank the amount shown on the space and places one of their colored ticket booths on the space.

An Amusement with a Ticket Booth

The player must pay the owner of the ticket booth the amount shown on the space. If the owner also owns the other Amusement of the same color, the player must pay double the amount shown on the space. Monopoly Junior Free Download.

A Railway

The player must roll the die or spin the spinner again and move the number of spaces shown.

Fireworks or Water Show

The player must pay $2 and put the money on the space marked «Rich Uncle Pennybags's Loose Change»

Café / Lunch / Restrooms

If the player lands here by roll of the die or spin of the spinner, they are «Just Waiting» and they simply move off the space on their next turn.

Go to the Café (Restrooms)

The player puts $3 on «Mr. Monopoly's Loose Change» and moves their playing piece to the café or restrooms, but the player cannot pass GO or collect $2 after the game continues from the café or restrooms on their next turn. Monopoly Junior Free Download PC Game.

Mr. Monopoly's Loose Change / Rich Uncle Pennybags's Loose Change

If there is any money in this space, the player keeps it for themselves.


The player collects $2 every time they land on or pass GO.

Monopoly Junior Pc Game Free Download For Laptop


The player picks up the top CHANCE card, follows its instructions, then returns it to the bottom of the pile.

Go to... or Take a ride...

The player moves their piece to the space indicated and collects $2 if they pass GO unless otherwise instructed. The player can not place a ticket booth on the space if unoccupied.

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Free Ticket Booth

If an Amusement of the color on the card is unowned, the player must place one of their ticket booths on that space: they now own that Amusement. If one space is owned, a player may elect to either replace this ticket booth with their own ticket booth or place their ticket booth on the unoccupied space. If both Amusements are owned by different players, the player must replace one of the ticket booths with one of their own. If both Amusements are owned by the same player, the player cannot replace a ticket booth; they must discard this CHANCE card and draw a new one. Monopoly Junior Download Torrent.

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Monopoly Junior Pc Game Free Download And Install

Monopoly Junior Pc Game free. download full Version

Monopoly Junior Free Download PC Game

Monopoly For Pc Download

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