Mac Mini 2012 Second Hard Drive Kit

A comprehensive video tutorial demonstrating how you can install a 2nd hard drive (SSD in my case) into a 2011-2012 Apple Mac Mini desktop computer. DATA DOUBLERAdd a second drive to your MacBook, MacBook Pro or Mac mini.The innovative Data Doubler is the precision engineered solution to expanding your Ma. The complete DIY upgrade kit to add a second drive into your Mac 2011-2012 Mac mini. Includes a mounting kit and all tools needed. The $70 kit comes with everything you need to install a second hard drive, apart from the actual hard drive itself, including a proprietary SATA hard drive cable, four mounting screws, four shock. Installez un second disque dur dans votre Mac mini fin 2012. Utilisez ce guide pour installer le kit Dual Hard Drive d'iFixit dans votre Mac mini fin 2012.

MaxUpgrades offers MaxConnect Dual SSD kit for iMacs 27 inch - 2012 Models enabling users to use two SATA 6G Data Channels capable of Transfering data rate 1GB/sec

Test Results shown are performed on 512GB Samsung 840 Pro Drives on a 27 inch iMac 2012 Model in RAID 0 Configuration.

SATA Blade SSD Module for iMac 2012 Models offers many advantages and features over proprietary SATA SSD card provided on iMac 2012 Models
It opens the possibility of using standard 2.5 inch Form Factor SSDs, eliminating the limitation of fewer choices for the proprietary SATA SSD card interface provided on the iMac 2012 logic board.
Fulfills RAID 0 or RAID 1 requirement of identical SSDs of same capacity, make and model for maximum Performance.
Ability to install highest Capacity SSDs without price premium.[eg. Crucial 960GB M500Samsung 840 EVO]
Apple native SATA 6G Channel for fastest SSDs available. [eg. Samsung 840 Pro Series, Intel 520 Series Crucial M500], [Test Results of 512GB Samsung 840 Pro shown]

MaxUpgrades Blade SSD SATA Module installed on 27 inch iMac 2012 Model with Heatsink

Allows the system to use SSD + HDD configuration, combining performance and capacity.

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Mac Mini 2012 Second Hard Drive Kit For Sale

Mac mini 2012 second hard drive kit price
P/NPart Description
SZ-IMAC2012-01MaxConnect Dual SSD kit for iMacs 2012
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Dual SSD kit for the 9.5 mm SATA SSD Drive
  • Blade SSD Module for 27 inch iMac 2012 Model
  • CNC Macined Heat Sink for Blade SSD Module
  • SATA Cable from Blade SSD to the SSD drive in the HDD Bay
  • SATA Cable for the second SSD
  • Power Cables for the SSD drives
  • Mounting Screws for the SATA Disk Drives
  • Hex Key
Mac Mini installing second hard drive SSD - Apple Community

Mac Mini 2012 Second Hard Drive Kits

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