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Formatting an External Hard Disk Drive From a Mac: To put in simple words, if you want to share the external hard drive between Macintosh and Windows PC, you need to format an external hard drive for the respective system. Hard drives for Windows PC are formatted with NTFS by default, while hard disks for Mac are formatted with HFS+. Look under “Storage” tab to find the Other data on the Mac drive. The Other storage is the blue item in new versions of OS X, and the yellow item in the graph on prior versions of Mac OS X, regardless, Other is visible in any modern version of Mac OS X. In versions prior to Mac OS X 10.10 you will need to click on “More Info” in the. Nov 15, 2019 Remove downloaded files from your Mac. Let’s clean out your Downloads folder and see if that makes a difference in that “other” storage. Select the Go menu. Choose Downloads. Select the file (s) you want to remove. Right-click (or control-click) to open pop-up menu. Select Move to Trash.

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Mac hard drives are available in three primary forms: solid-state drives (SSDs), flash memory and traditional hard disks. SSDs are high-speed, and that makes them the go-to memory option for ardent gamers, graphic designers, and other professionals who value speed over all else. Traditional hard disks are bigger and cheaper. Sometimes, it may be necessary to use different hard disk types in your Mac, especially when you need both speed and capacity but your budget is limited.

Traditional Hard Disks for More External Storage for Mac

Of the three Mac memory types, traditional hard disks run on the oldest memory technologies. They are also the most mechanized, with several moving parts. On the flip side, they offer the most significant memory sizes, and are cheaper than the other two memory options. Mac hard drives typically spin at rates of 5,400 to 7,200 RPM. The higher a disk's RPM, the faster its working speed. Traditional hard disks are the most common options of external drives for Mac, but you can also use them as laptop internal hard drives. You can get an Apple external hard drive in any size ranging from about 60GB to 20TB, depending on your needs. When considering external storage for Mac, factor in cloud capacities.

SSDs for Faster, Less Bulky Storage

The Mac hard drives feature memories that are the most durable of all the currently available options because their operation is independent of physical movement. The absence of spinning parts also means that they run cooler, and make very little noise. Gaming rigs, where temperature and noise control are important, are usually upgraded with these memory types. SSDs are also very compact, and they use very little power. These attributes make them popular for travel laptops, where users seek both portability and power efficiency. SSDs are high-speed memories whose data is easily read, even in the case of failure. The enhanced readability makes them secure data storage options for sensitive data. The internal memory options can also be external memories with the aid of a hard drive enclosure. Used externally, SSDs allow for fast data transfers and enhanced security for your movies, music, work files and other stored data. When used internally, they improve system speed and enhance performance.

Hybrid Drives for the Best of Both Worlds

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Hybrid drives combine SSDs with traditional hard drives. The SSD part of the memory stores apps and frequently used files. The SSD also contains the OS for faster boots. This drive is popular with gamers who want installed games to run fast, and enough space to store uninstalled setups. The ratio of the size of the SSD to the hard disk will differ from brand to brand. The bigger the size of SSD, the faster the flash memory. A Mac that accommodates a traditional hard drive will also accommodate flash memories. Specialized slots that are on most modern Mac designs house SSDs. If you are into wireless storage, consider buying a personal cloud.