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Play Looney Tunes Acme Rocket Dash online for free. Acme Rocket Dash is a flying chase game where you try to help Wile E. Coyote catch the Road Runner. Avoid obstacles, collect power ups, and see what happens when you finally capture the Road Runner! This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google.

Looney Tunes Dash Game Free Download

Looney Tunes and the Looney Tunes Dash! are very popular Nintendo games. Both games are incredibly fun to play. If you like your Nintendo DS devices to perform games while you travel, you are going to love the new Looney Tunes Dash!

This version of the Looney Tunes Dash! game is the exact same as the original games but it comes to life on the DS. The gameplay is exactly like the classic Looney Tunes as you have to rescue the playable characters from the many pitfalls that exist within the many levels of the game. The level designs are some of the best you will find on a Nintendo DS device. They look like they were drawn just for the DS and you will be happy you at least have those options available when you have to go exploring in some of those other strange levels that can sometimes feel a little bit more dangerous than they need to be.

The controls work well for the most part and the screen is a sharp and bright color making it easier to see where your character is at all times. Some of the hidden items will pop out of the walls as you explore the many levels of the tower. The game has many secrets that can only be found by playing the 100% version of the game which can also be downloaded from the official manga site for free. The game does have some difficulties, especially when you are trying to complete the endless mode. You will really have to work on your coordination if you want to get through these levels without any problems.

Looney Tunes Dash! is an endless runner where you control Bugs Bunny, Tweety, or the Road Runner. With them, you have to run through different levels, all rife with dangers like dynamite, cliffs, Elmer Fudd, and Tasmanian Devil.
Gameplay in Looney Tunes Dash! is very similar to that of other games in this genre like Temple Run or Hunger Games: Panem. Move your character from one side to the other by sliding your finger from left to right or vice versa, and jump or slide on the ground by moving your finger up or down, respectively. Using these controls, you have to try to get past all the (many) obstacles you'll find along the way.
Your aim in each level is to reach the end without being caught by Elmer Fudd. To achieve this, you can use the different power-ups that range from turning you into a superhero to transforming you into Gossamer (the strong red hairy monster in Looney Tunes).
Looney Tunes Dash! is a game with outstanding graphics and a very entertaining gameplay starring a much-loved cast of characters. It also offers some surprises for cartoon fans and extra content in the form of collectible cards.
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Free Looney Tunes Dash

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