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Achieve total domination of the roads in the exciting King of the Road. Hurtle along winding roads at breakneck speed in the driving cab of a huge 32-ton truck. After racing past speed cameras and jumping red lights, evading the cops along the way, you have to use skill and speed to deliver your cargo in the shortest possible time. Description of King of the Road. King of the Road is a video game published in 2001 on Windows by 1C Company. It's a racing / driving and simulation game, set in a managerial, vehicle simulator, transport and truck themes.

It's so good that they had to make the 15th installment - or at least that's what the franchise dictates. King of Fighters XV proves either one of two things. Fighting game traditions are alive and well with a dedicated fanbase - happy to play the same thing year on year. Or that the predecessor was that good that there was a demand for a new game. Surprisingly, the latter is more the truth than the former.

Developers SNK had more intention to focus on other franchises rather than their staple - but an overwhelming response coerced them into working on King of Fighters XV. The upcoming release hasn't been given a date yet, but we've been treated to a few trailers that sample what we can expect from the new fighter. Will the game retain its crown as 'King of Fighters?'.

Download Offroad Bus Driving Games 2019 for Android to experience driving a real bus simulator on off road paths. Key features of Indian Truck Simulation Game. Be The King Of Driver In Indian Truck Game. Drive Offroad Heavy Duty Cargo Truck; A indian truck game that is an excellent Indian Truck Mountain Drive 3D alternative. Indian Truck Simulation Game APK for Android is available for free download. Updated on Nov 11, 2021.

King Of The Road Download Pc

15th Time's the Charm

It's arguably been a pretty smooth road for the King of Fighters franchise. The first game garnered popularity as an intense arcade fighter back in 1994 - and has slowly but surely transitioned into home consoles. What made King of Fighters tick against other popular fighting franchises? The intense, fast-paced fighting mechanics paired with unique visual aesthetics. A fighter that touched on cognitive ability and overwhelmed the senses.

Here we are with the upcoming 15th release with a gameplay trailer and some developer commentary. Honestly, King of Fighters XV is still looking as fabulous as ever - if not more so. The game uses the Unreal Engine to add that extra dose of visual flair - fluid animations, colorful attacks, and detailed models and environments.

Those who are aligned with the franchise will understand that it's narrative-heavy. The newly developed storyline of the previous game won over some hearts and minds. The cinematics of the trailer suggests that it will again have a rich story - but whether it continues off the previous game remains to be seen.

Finalizing all the teasers we've been given - the added refinement, richness, and tune-ups look to be the selling points for King of Fighters XV. The wide-character roster will be there with all of their unique and bizarre features, plenty of combat options, and some grossly entertaining fighting mechanics. It looks pretty full-on - and worth retaining its crown as the 'King of Fighters'.

Polishing the Crown Jewels

Despite the franchise not being at the forefront of the fighting genre, King of Fighters XV proves why the games are so popular. Every release seems to have more effort to offer something that will engage players for years to come - not just churning out the same game year after year. Again, SNK has made the 15th installment something to look forward to.

King of Fighters has always deserved to rival the Tekken franchise but lacks the same reach. Worldwide the games have become more cults than appealing to a larger audience. King of Fighters XV could break the mold, though. We're excited to see what this game delivers closer to the release date.


  • New engine elevating the game into new plateaus - visually and mechanically
  • Aiming not to be a carbon copy of its predecessor
  • Gameplay trailers already show a high level of engagement for players


  • Little information about narrative
  • Has not yet highlighted any new offerings from the predecessor
Overall rating: 8

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