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Each episode in Hospital Tycoon explores a plot involving certain members of the hospital’s staff and some very interesting patients, while at the same time challenging players to find cures for bizarre new illnesses. Diseases range from the everyday Explosive Sneezing – where a simple sneeze can launch the unfortunate patient several feet into the air, to the more rare Monkey Nuts – where patients sprout fur, climb furniture and favor bananas over everyday person food.

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Hospital Tycoon staff members have rich behaviors that players can nurture and influence throughout the game. Gamers may choose to encourage a friendship or a falling-out of sorts, and can train staff to improve their skill levels. Players will also be challenged to manage and maintain each hospital, creating dedicated areas to support additional medical needs, including surgery, diagnosis, physiotherapy and more. As more patients are cured, the more players can expand their medical empire and attract new, and even more interesting patients. However, as the hospital becomes busier, players will have to be on the lookout for the spread of infectious conditions or they’ll soon have an epidemic running riot throughout the facility.You decide who to hire and fire with 60 different characters to manage.Watch the medical drama unfold as nurses, doctors and patients learn to like, hate and even fall in love with one another.Four different hospital locations to expand, customize and upgrade.Easy to learn gameplay coupled with a multitude of challenging game modes to try.All the latest equipment is available to treat hilarious diseases such as Monkey Nuts and Explosive Sneezing.

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Even though I loved Theme Park I was still a little surprised when I was bought Theme Hospital for my birthday in 1998. A hospital? Who the heck wants to play a game set in a hospital? That was my thinking, which looking back now was pretty dumb as this is a fantastic game and one that has a ton of personality and will make you laugh and also stress you out at the same time.

The game is completely free and you can experience all the game content without spending money. Arrange the hospital's planning route reasonably to ensure that every patient can receive timely and adequate treatment to help them recover. This is a medical class placement simulation game designed, managed and maintained by you! Hospital Tycoon Download (2007 Strategy Game) Download full Hospital Tycoon: Download (326 MB) Hospital Tycoon screenshots: As a Hospital Tycoon, players are charged with running and expanding each department of the Sapphire Beach Medical Institute. Gamers train staff, obtain necessary items, oversee patient health, and develop dedicated.

If You Build It They Will Come

The goal of the game is to build a hospital that is not only there to treat patients and make people feel better. It is also there to make some big bucks as well. As you play Theme Hospital you will always be doing a delicate balancing act of trying to keep everything afloat. It is the perfect blend of challenging and fun and it will often swing one way more than the other as you play on many occasions.

What Does A Hospital Need?

When you start you just have a small area and you need to start filling your hospital out. You need things like an examination room, pharmacy, reception desk, and so on. As you progress you get more and more things to make use of and it becomes apparent that Theme Hospital is far deeper than you thought. You can develop new technologies that can create cures which is cool and there is always something that needs your attention.

Bed Side Manner

While building your hospital and having the right rooms and the right pieces of medical equipment is a massive part of the game. Dealing with people is also something you have to contend with. You need to hire doctors, nurses, and other staff such as handymen. You are working with a budget so you have to decide to go for expensive people who are great, or take a chance on someone who may have a few “issues”


The patients that you are looking after In Theme Hospital also need a lot of man management! The diseases in this game are hilarious and a few of my favorites are Alien DNA, Broken Heart, 3rd Degree Sideburns, and Chronic Horsehair. Each disease needs a certain treatment and will need to be treated in a certain part of the hospital. The more people you cure, the more money you make. The more money you make, the more stuff you can buy for your hospital and you can also get a new building or even a new hospital!

Bullfrog Charm

As you would expect from the people that gave us Theme Park, this game has a ton of personality and charm. The cinematics are very amusing, but even though the in-game graphics may not look like much. They really do make you smile, especially the diseases as they for the most part have very funny effects on the patients. The sound is pretty fun too, the soundtrack like in Theme Park is not much, but the rest of the sound fits perfectly.

I still remember being kind of disappointed the first time I got this game. How dumb was I? I ended up playing the hell out of Theme Hospital and it is a game that I feel anyone can get into. The premise is very strange, but even stranger are all the weirdos that will come through the front door of your hospital needing your help. I highly recommend you check this one out, just do not blame me if you are up until 3 AM still playing the game as it is so addictive.

Hospital Tycoon free. download full Game Pc

Final Score

Fun Hospital Games


  • I love the overall charm of the game
  • It is very, very addictive
  • The different diseases are hilarious
  • There are many things you have to manage
  • The actual aspect of building a hospital is really fun


  • Sometimes your patients can get stuck in the walls or behind something
  • The music is not that great

Hospital Tycoon free. download full Game Full

Overall rating: 8.5