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Rider is a 2D racing game where you must get as far as you can whilst springing across impossible platforms with your vehicle. Each leap you make between platforms wins you a point. And if you manage to do somersaults in the air as well, you can get more points.
As is common with all Ketchapp games, the controls in Rider are very straightforward. Just tap the screen to make your vehicle accelerate. Plus if you hold down on the screen while your vehicle is in the air, you can do somersaults. For each one you do you win an extra point.
Game after game you can use your gems to unlock new vehicles. Starting out you have just one available, but you can unlock up to 40 different cars and motorcycles.
Rider is a simple, fun-packed, fever-pitched arcade game. What's more, the game offers more than 100 different missions, posing challenges that become ever more difficult.
Reviewed by Andrés LópezHighway racer Translated by Louise Hennessy