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The portable version of the classic flash game Happy Wheels, it's the same name, and you control the different characters and ride wheeled vehicles that range from segways to bicycles. Where Happy Wheels steers towards the realm of interesting is how none of these levels will be easy to beat. You also have no guarantee you will reach the end. In fact, the most likely occurrence will be your character dies again and again in some of the most horrific ways imaginable. For example, you have swirling sword fans and many other dangerous obstacles to evade.

Despite what touch controls suggest, they work surprisingly well in Happy Wheels for the iOS. By itself, the game offers plenty of difficulty, but the entertainment value drives you back for another round. Admittedly, this game's appeal only stretches so far. Not every audience member will relish the amount of raw carnage and gore, but for those who dare to play it, you have plenty of various mini games to keep you busy.

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Happy Wheels a game in which all you need to survive. Download now and join your friends in the fun! Happy Wheels is an obstacle rag-doll extreme sports game, your goals is to Reach the finish line, you will encounter various obstacle That can damage your character. Happy Wheels is a fun and free game is fairly easy to understand. The official Happy Wheels game is the browser version; others are simply clones of the game, so caution is advised if you choose to play these alternatives. Happy Wheels cemented the quirky ragdoll death genre in 2010 and has continued to provide millions of players a fun game to play.

Outside the user created missions, you have 35 unique levels, and when you visit the editor, you can design your own levels and share them with the online community. What dangers might you encounter? You could run across everything from landmines to spikes to wrecking balls to harpoons and everything in between. The smooth and realistic physics of the game keeps you coming back for more. The supported devices include the iPhone, the iPad and the iPad mini.


  • 35 unique levels not including the user created levels
  • Roll around on segways and bicycles dodging danger
  • Create your own missions
  • Smooth and realistic physics
  • Works with numerous devices

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  • The level of gore will only appeal to a special kind of audience