Grief Syndrome Download Game

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FullScreen: ALT+ENTERWiki: (Mega)Steam: Kaka'sTechSkype: Yohanny Velasco.

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Grief Syndrome is a side-scrolling Beat'Em Up doujin game by Twilight Frontier, the makers of the Eternal Fighter Zero series, the Touhou fighting games along with other Touhou fan-games, and Higurashi Daybreak.

Grief Syndrome is based on the anime and manga series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Players can play as Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Homura Akemi, Mami Tomoe, and Kyoko Sakura across five stages to slay waves of familiars and take down the witch waiting at the end of each stage. Unlike most beat 'em ups, each magical girl's life is dependent on her Soul Limit, which also acts a timer as it depletes over time. If a magical girl has taken some damage, she can walk it off as she can automatically replenish her Hit Points for some of her Soul Limit, but dying comes at a greater expense in order to be revived shortly after. Once a magical girl's Soul Limit reaches zero, she is dead for good until a new game starts. The game also features three-player co-op to team up against the hoard of surreal monsters they come across. Unfortunely, Grief Syndrome's multi-player is local only, but fans have created a third-party program called 'GSOnline' that enables online-play.

The game was released during the 80th summer Comiket in Japan on August 13, 2011 for Windows PC.

See also Homura Combat, a Puella Magi Madoka MagicameetsEarth Defense Force 2017 fan-game by OHBADO staring Homura Akemi.

Grief Syndrome Download Game Download

  • The Archer: Madoka, of course.
  • Bonus Boss: Oktavia von Seckendorf appears as an optional boss if Sayaka dies at any point of the game, which makes sense considering her fate in the anime series.
  • Cast From Hit Points: Using special attacks doesn't exactly take your character's vitality, but it fills a blue portion of the vitality guage that becomes the amount of damage the character will take from the next enemy attack.
  • Check Point Starvation: There's no checkpoints at all, so dying means starting the stage over.
  • Cosmetic Award: The game features Playstation Network-esque trophies for accomplishing certain goals in the game.
  • Death From Above: Madoka's special points her bow upward and rains arrows down around her. It gets to Game Breaker levels when the bosses are large enough to take up most of the screen.
  • Downer Ending: If Mami is the magical girl to survive at the end of the game, a still image of her sitting all alone at a table with tea and snacks prepared for the all her friends, who are all dead.
  • Harder Than Hard: After clearing the game, a new 'lap' can played with stronger enemies, which in turn, can also offer more EXP and accelerate character growth. Each lap, though, is increased by a square-root of the lap number +1 (e.g. Lap 1^1+1=2; Lap 2^2+1=5; 5^5+1=26), and as absurdly high these numbers are, so will the strength the enemies.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Homura from the earlier timeline of the series uses a golf club for melee attacks and bombs that can also harm allies and herself.
  • Joke Character: Kyubey becomes playable if there are more players than characters alive, although he can't fight at all and can be killed off by the other players.
  • Meganekko: Homura from the earlier timelines in the anime series added in v1.10.
  • More Dakka: Mami and Homura, and to a lesser extent, Madoka.
  • Multiple Endings: Ten to exact, depending on who lives and/or dies at the of the game.
  • Wedding Day: Two of the game's ending have Homura marrying Madoka (which to Madoka, seems like a Fate Far Worse Than Death) if they are the only ones to survive in the end, and Sayaka marrying Kyoko (which they lived Maybe Ever After) if they survive in the end instead.

Grief Syndrome Download Game Download

Does anyone know Grief Syndrome Online? If not it's based on Puella Magi Madoka Magica, which is an Anime. In this game, you fight witches (Like monsters) You can play alone or play with someone by using an unoffical patch. I was wondering if anyone knows that or not. So if you don't know, here's some pictures of the game: Also, you don't have to worry about getting a virus or spyware on your computer. I tested it with AVG and Comodo. Nothing comes up. But usually firewall blocks it (Like Comodo), so you will have to close everything you have in Firefox, Internet explorer, Chrome or etc after you have finished setting up and then disable firewall.
Added video.
Single player:
Three players: (If you(s)) get stuck on a single player game and only one player can watch, when you're at the selecting screen (Please scroll down to the Config down the bottom, before you won't understand what I'm saying) Press Confirm/Weak or Cancel/Strong (Z or X or however you settled it up, so it will depends what button to press. ONLY if you're the only one that can't press or choose a character. The person that can choose, doesn't need to press Z or X.
In this game, you fight witches by using your left and right arrow keys. and other keys to fight (Depends what keys you choose after setting it up)
Download game: (There are no Viruses or spyware in this program. So you're completely safe. The installation is in japanese, but it's quite easy to install. Just tick boxes and click the highlighted blue box to continue)
You also will nee WinRAR (If you already have one, skip this step)
Update version: (You must have installed the original one, to continue to update it)
Of you have problems trying to start the original game, try downloading this. After the download then try and open it. ONLY if you have d3dx9_43.dll not found problem.
Okay, you're all done with all that stuff. NOW for the online host thingymabomb.
Download this:
Unzip to GSO folder with WinRAR
Open the folder and copy everything (Not cutting) and paste it into the game folder. (It should be: Computer > Local Disk > game > tasofro > griefsyndrome and then paste) or, if you have Windows 7 copy this: C:gametasofrogriefsyndrome and enter it up the top (Like a url search bar)
Click on gso_patch then it should make another exe
Click on griefsyndrome_online
OR, to make it more clearer, here's some pictures.
(Drag the pictures if you can't see them. Like, drag the image to the url bar.)
If you don't get another program added to the folder, please download this instead. (Same program that was suppose to be added) and put that in the same folder with the game.
Here's what it looks like: (I blacked out my I.P. If you want to play with me in this game, I will PM you my I.P number and port number so we both can play)
If you don't know your I.P (Not your internet I.P) and really want to play or be host, you both may need Hamachi.
When installing, click next and keep clicking No, Decline, Untick, Costum(Untick below box) or whatever. They just want you to install junk on your computer, to make the software free, but you can avoid it.
For the setting up, there should be a white box with eyes on it. Then you will be able to see this: (Use the same settings for 2P and 3P if you are going to play online. If you're going to play by yourself, don't put the same settings in 2P and 3P.
and walla.
Any questions, reply to this thread (:
Also, there is an online game without downloading. (Click these images for bigger)
The link to it is:
How to sign up:
My user name on there is SecretDreams. Make sure you choose Dark server, because if you choose a different one, we can't be able to add each other. And you can't go back and choose another server, unless you made another new account.