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Do you know anything about your ancestors? Anyway, it’s time to trace your roots by using the best genealogy software for Mac. It is a convenient tool to create a family tree and link research sources to it. Here you can organize databases of your ancestors and keep info like dates, locations and relationships in one place.

Top 8 Genealogy Software for Mac in 2021

  1. Family Tree Maker - Cloud service
  2. Legacy Family Tree - Compare two people tool
  3. MacFamilyTree - With mobile app
  4. RootsMagic - For unlimited people
  5. Family Tree Builder - Includes private family site
  6. GEDitCOM II - With Date Calculator
  7. iFamily for Mac - Focus on a particular person
  8. Family Historian - With historical maps

Here is download link for this Genogram Template, Checkout this 2nd Genogram Template in MS Word format to give you more choices as how to design and create your own Family Genogram effectively. This represents a traditional family tree structure to help reader understand its vertical relationship among different entities. Dec 06, 2021 Genogram Analytics Products and Services; Product Description Price; Professional Edition: Create and update standard genograms and ecomaps. Available for PC and MAC computers. Software includes ability to see genogram as a snapshot in time, creating and assigning any system attribute or user defined attribute. This Genogram Template guideline renders a clear explanation of the usefulness of a Genogram and how to read and decipher a genogram template. It also includes the special considerations which need to be remembered along with a tip sheet. You can also see Family Tree Art Templates. If you wish to download an older version of GenoPro, such as GenoPro Beta or GenoPro 1.99, you are welcome to visit our download archives. For help downloading and installing GenoPro, visit our setup page.

When compiling a list of the best genealogy software for Mac, I considered such aspects as the convenience of creating a genealogy tree, the possibility to generate several databases simultaneously, backup and export options. Also, this software allows storing photos and videos of your ancestors as well as search the net without using a browser.

1. Family Tree Maker – Our Choice

Gamification feature Freshdesk Arcade
  • TreeVault cloud service
  • Impressive color coding
  • Options to present diagrams and reports
  • Interactive maps
  • None found

Verdict: Expand your knowledge of your forefathers using this Family Tree Maker! It is family tree software for Mac offering all the necessary functions. Thanks to FamilySync, you may automatically synchronize up to 3 family trees as well as encrypt ancestors by colors. It helps trace family ties. On the interactive map, you will also see locations related to your ancestors. Any change made in the family tree on Mac is visible on the smartphone or tablet.

The program has a built-in image editor offering functions of the best free photo editors. For instance, you may crop or enlarge images directly in the software. If you want to cancel any changes, you can do it in the detailed changelog by restoring the steps. Thanks to the fast synchronization with Ancestry and FamilySearch, you may upload history records in the tree and search for info by tips.

2. Legacy Family Tree

Compare two people tool
  • Color encryption and tags
  • Online backup
  • Wide array of diagrams
  • Tree-into-webpage transformation
  • Doesn’t support same-sex marriages

Verdict: Legacy Family Tree impresses with a wide choice of diagrams to provide you with enough printing variants. This family tree software for Macs also offers an X-DNI diagram to trace lineage. The program can automatically transform a genealogical tree into a webpage. It has a built-in web-browser for fast site checking.

There is an option to compare two people. This powerful tool allows you to examine two people side by side. It is a useful function in case you have two records with the same name. You don’t have to scroll up and down to check their identity. Thanks to the color encryption, you may easily organize records on your ancestors or trace children from several marriages.

3. MacFamilyTree

With mobile app
  • A mobile app
  • Integration with FamilySearch database
  • Constant updates
  • Tools for teamwork
  • Limited demo version

Verdict: No matter what Apple gadget you own ‒ Mac, iPhone or iPad, MacFamilyTree will successfully work on them all. You may also work in parallel with your relatives involving them in the creation of a family tree. In such a way, you can cope with everything faster. This family tree software for Macintosh also offers numerous diagram visualization options, including Hourglass, Fan Chart and Genogram.

Looking through the info on your ancestors in the Map View Mode, you will get interesting statistics on where they lived. You will also know about your foregoer’s marriages and children. If you want to present somebody with this tree, you can beautifully design it by using templates. Then, you may print the file or share it on the net.

4. RootsMagic

For unlimited people
  • Synchronizes with FamilySearch and Ancestry online trees
  • More than 100 diagrams, reports and lists
  • Built-in backup
  • Auto duplicate search
  • Limited options in the mobile app

Verdict: Almost any Internet database is open for you with RootsMagic! You may search for the info on your ancestors without any obstacles. This family tree software for Mac provides tips by FamilySearch, MyHeritage, Ancestry, etc. There are more than 100 diagrams, reports, lists and family books to organize data. To protect your valuable info, the program offers backup functions.

I also like its auto duplicate search. You can’t add two similar people. For your convenience, you may open several databases on one screen or change the size of editing and search dialog boxes. You may share a tree via the net or by creating a CD or DVD using some free DVD burning software. Developers also provide a mobile app but it is read-only.

5. Family Tree Builder

Includes private family site
  • Chromosome browser
  • Tips from databases
  • Wide choice of diagrams, reports and lists
  • DNA research system
  • Horizontal parentage is not available

Verdict: Online, desktop or mobile version ‒ choose the format that suits you best. No matter where you work, all changes are synchronized automatically. The software also offers a consistency checking feature. It checks your data for discrepancies and mistakes so that you can correct them.

In addition, this family tree software for Mac provides all the necessary tools and integrates your genealogy tree with the DNA results. Thanks to this genealogy-focused DNA research, you find out how you are related to your genetic cousins. You may share the tree and cooperate with your family members on the private family website for free.


With Date Calculator
  • Instruments to create a genealogy book
  • Immediate access to the Place Advisor website
  • Convenient organization of records in albums
  • Improved file and record merging
  • Incorrect structure of some records

Verdict: Remember where you come from using the best genealogy software for Mac! GEDitCOM II allows to view and edit genealogy files. It is a multi-window “browser” interface with convenient dragging functions. You may add pictures, audio or video to the file and connect them via a special branch. Don’t worry in case you did something wrong ‒ the software doesn’t limit the number of undos and redos.

You may create diagrams and genealogy maps or even a genealogy book. You also get the tools to work with maps of places and events, address books and business cards. Thanks to this program, you will have all your family research documented. Besides, you may share the results with your relatives even if they don’t use genealogy software.

7. iFamily for Mac

Focus on a particular person
  • Supports more than 200 file formats
  • Photo cropping/editing feature
  • Possibility to search for family trees
  • GEDCOM import and export options
  • Laggy

Verdict: This family tree software for Macs is developed to trace the genealogy of each particular person. It is a user-friendly program allowing you to drag several pictures simultaneously, create a simple map with color marks and a diagram with dates of birth displayed.

iFamily also offers cutting and editing functions. In case you need professional photo editing, you may use family photos retouching services. The program supports more than 200 different image, video and audio formats. There is also a quick search function.

8. Family Historian

With historical maps

Genogram Download For Mac Os

  • Possibility to share the results
  • “Smart trees” function
  • You can compare family trees
  • Dynamic mapping tool
  • No DNA results support

Verdict: Forget about long and tiresome manuals! Family Historian is a perfect program to create your first genealogy tree. This family tree software for Macintosh starts with a lineage diagram and a separate window with details on a particular family member. It also offers a “smart trees” function that allows minimizing and maximizing some parts of the tree if necessary. In such a way, you stay focused on a particular section.

The program offers tools to see two genealogy trees side by side so that you could compare them and unite if you need. Thanks to the dynamic mapping function, you can view where your foregoers lived, mark them with various colors, zoom in and out, see the events that occurred in a certain place, etc.

Genogram Software for Mac, Windows and Linux. Make full use of our versatile genogram software for Mac, Windows and Linux with abundant professional symbols and templates. Edraw Genogram software makes it convenient to build any genograms easily and quickly. Try it Free Try it Free. Download GenoPro family tree software - Over 2 millions download around the world. After doing the above you need to create your genogram. If you have any difficulties doing this you can make use of many online genogram templates that are readily available at the click of the button. We have easy to use and suitable free genogram templates that you can make use to ease your work. This will be quite convenient for you and you. Downloads Last Week 7. Report Software. Related Software. GenoPro is a specialized tool for drawing family trees and genograms. If you have a school project for which you must draw a genogram, you can use GenoPro for 180 days for free, without paying. Ask your professor to register with our academic program. If you want to use GenoPro for free without the 25 person limit and no expiration date you are welcome to download and use GenoPro version 1.70 (June 4, 2000 ).

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