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Arrives by Tue, Dec 21 Buy Aochakimg External DVD Drive, USB 3.0 Portable CD/DVD +/-RW Drive/DVD Player for Laptop CD ROM Burner Compatible with Laptop Desktop PC Windows Linux OS Apple Mac Black at Walmart.com. For smooth, hassle-free, fast, and secure transmission of your data, external CD/DVD drive is the best solution for your Mac. Note that you can buy any CD or DVD with maximum data storage capacity and then transfer your data from one computer to another. You may also like to refer: Best MacBook Pro/Air Stands; External USB-C Hard Drives for Mac.

Mac-Compatible Hard Drives, CD-ROM, etc.

This Web page last updated NOv 7 2021

To email me, see see my ordering Web page for my email addresses.

Mac Cd Rom Drive


We sell several kinds of hard drives, ZIP drives and CD-ROMS for your Mac. This Webpage assumes you know about SCSI drives versus IDE/ATA drives, andexternal versus internal drives, and active termination versus resistivetermination. If not, go to my detailed and technical discussionsof my hard drive and CD-ROM inventory. If you want an old Apple brand drivelike a HD20 or HD 20 or HD20 SC they are alsoin my collectables Web page. Our floppy drives & diskettesare on another page. Sorry I maintain many pages, but there's a lot to sayand I have a lot to sell!

Go to our Mac home page for links to the other Mac systems and accessories I have available. Follow this link to contact me andto see ordering information and terms and conditions of sale.


We sell hard drives and CD-ROM drives for vintage Macs. We haveboth Apple brand and non-Apple brand drives. We have internal drives, and external SCSIdrives (which are just internal SCSI drives in a case with power supply). We also offer external SCSI cases without drives. We don't provide 'how to install' instructionsor technical assistance beyond the notes elsewhere on our Web site. Checkmy more detailed drive page as mentioned above for links to technical info.

Items on this page of SCSI drives, and links to other pages, are:

  • unused parts list, these are UNUSED APPLE PARTS from repair depots look there for specifics.
  • floppy drives & diskettes are in my parts page.
  • Mac PCI bus cards, SCSI controllers
  • Pentium/Windows SCSI controllers
  • terms and conditions section: ordering, payment, etc.

Internal Mac-formatted SCSI hard drives

I have internal SCSI hard drives available for the Mac, from 80Mb to a few Gigabytes. Typical drives from several manufacturers are immediately below. Newer, largerdrives are in the next section. Shipping weight 2 lbs for one drive, add one pound peradditional drive. '1.5 inch tall' drives are a little taller physically thanthe typical 7/8' high drives like the one pictured here, they are also olderbut they are cheaper. Drives below are all 5400RPM drive; if we have 7200RPM drives they are in thenext section.

More information

For laptop drives, check my page of Mac Laptops drives.

Apple 'branded': The drives I sell are Mac tested, partitioned and initialized. Mac hard drives require 'initialization' and 'partitioning', some call this 'formatting'. There's issues about doing this under System 7 and earlier, with drives not purchased from Apple which I call 'not Apple branded', and about partition sizes. Check my Mac Frequent Questions, about drive partitioning and init, for details.

Don't forget a drive bracket carriers or sled if you need one. For more technical information and pictures, check my SCSI drive technical page.See this Web page for descriptions of SCSI connectors.

As of 2020, we only have a HANDFUL of working SCSI drives. They are getting old andscarce to be in working order. Be prepared to accept a larger or smaller drive than you request.Also consider whether you need an 'Apple brand' drive or not. If you want a specific brand and model I charge more, if I have it.

Internal SCSI-1 Hard drives by capacity and 'brand'

As of 2014 our minimum price for a SCSI hard drive for Macs (no case for internal use)is $69 for Apple-branded. We may have non-Apple-branded drives, ask. All these are scarce in working condition and take considerable time to test and prepare.

for additional SCSI drives by brand and feature, see specific drives below. For larger capacity SCSI 2 drives, follow this link.

advanced SCSI hard drives

The SCSI drives listed below are NOT 'Apple branded'; we will init or format them for System 7 or OS 8 or OS 9 use. Drives at 7200 RPM provide data FASTER than the more typical 5400 RPM drives. All drives are used, tested and Mac formatted. All of these have theApple/Mac typical SCSI drive connector: 50-pin flat cable. For technicalspecifications, use the brand name and model in a Web search to get thatinformation. Only a few drives available per description.When you order, please copy the description below into your email order;and make TWO choices so I can more likely provide one of them!

Western Digital 4.3GB WD Enterprise WDE4360 7200 RPM 8-9ms avr seek 512K buffer
-- w/ 50 pin SCSI connector, see this PDF for jumpers
Seagate 1GB Hawk ST31051N 5400 RPM 11ms avr seek 256K buffer
Seagate ST51080N Medalist SL 1GB 5400RPM 10ms seek 128K buffer *thin drive*
Seagate Hawk 1GB-1.2GB, various models like ST31230N ST31200N 5400RPM 11ms seek

We'll price these based on condition and size, starting at $59 plus shippping.

advanced SCSI-2 hard drives and Apple controllers

The PCI ultrawide SCSI-2 PCI cards and cable are available via this link.

See Apple's Web page fora description of the SCSI upgrade. For additional technical specifications on these drives, search on the Web for these brands and models. Only a few drives available per description unless noted below. When you order, please copy the description below into your email order; and make TWO choices so I can more likely provide one of them!

SCSI-2 Quantum Atlas AM318000TD or TD18W011, 17GB, 7,200 RPM, 7.8 ms average seek time,
-- Ultra2 SCSI, SCSI-2 68-pin D connector. 1.5' tall.
SCSI-2 Apple branded IBM drive, DDRS-39130 9Gb 7200RPM 8.3ms avr seek
SCSI-2 Quantum 4Gbyte Viking II, 655-0501 7200 RPM 7.5ms avr seek
SCSI-2 Seagate Baracuda ST34371W, 4GB 7200 RPM 8ms avr seek
SCSI-2 WD Enterprise 2170, 2.17GB, WDE2170. 7200RPM Single ended SCSI-3 but with 68-pin connector.
SCSI-2 Seagate ST34572W Barracuda, not Apple branded. 4.5Gb, 7200 RPM, 9.4ms avr seek

These drives are not in demand and are less scarce, and they are of more recent manufacturer and less likely to fail. We'll price these at $39 plus shipping, powered up to determine condition but not tested on a Mac.

Internal Mac-formatted IDE drives

I have 3.5-inch internal IDE, ATA or EIDE hard drives available for desktop and tower Macs.Shipping weight 2.5 lbs for one drive, add 2 lbs per additional drive. All drives are tested andformatted on Mac equipment - that effort sets a minimum price of $39 plus shipping and up.Requests for specific drives by brand and model: add $5-$10 to price.

The drives I sell are Mac tested, partitioned and initialized. Mac hard drives require 'initialization' and 'partitioning', some call this 'formatting'. There's issues about doing this under System 7 and earlier, with drives not purchased from Apple, and about partition sizes. Check my Mac Frequent Questions, about drive partitioning and init for details.

Don't forget a sled carrier or bracketif you need one. For more technical information and pictures, check my (mostly) SCSI drive technical page.See this Web page for descriptions of SCSI connectors.
Older Macs (or Macs running OS 7.X) may not be able to handle drivesabove 2GB unless 'inited' with smaller partitions. YOu may need an 'Apple branded' drive for some early systems.

Specific IDE hard drives:

IBM DTLA-307045 - 40.9GB hard drive: 7200 RPM, ATA-66, 2MB buffer, 8.5ms seek time
Western Digital WD400, EIDE 40GB 5400RPM 8.9ms avr seek 2MB buffer
Seagate Barracuda ATA II ST320420A 20GB 7200RPM 8.5ms avr seek
IBM DTTA-371440 14.4GB hard drive: Ultra DMA 33 drive, 7200 RPM, IDE.
IBM DTTA-351290 12.9GB IDE drive ATA-33 5400 RPM 8.5ms avr seek 512K buffer
Maxtor 51024U2 10.2GB IDE UDMA 66 7200RPM 9ms avr seek 2MB buffer
-- apple number 665-0861
Quantum 6Gbyte Fireball EX, EX64A013 ultraATA 33 5400RPM 9.5 avr seek
-- Apple number 655-0659
IBM DCAA-34330 4GB IDE drive, 5400 RPM, Ultra DMA 33, 4.3GB.
Seagate ST34342A Medalist 4GB IDE 5400 RPM 12ms avr seek

Sleds, carriers, rails, bezels, brackets to mount drives and CD-ROMs

Most Apple computers have a sliding base for the hard drive or floppydrive or CD-ROM drive. A plastic part is screwed to the drive. This plastic part is generally called a carrier or 'sled' as it slides in and out of the Mac case. Here's an image of some floppy drive and CD-ROM plastic sleds. Also, early Macs used a metal frame to hold drives, so did the G4's and G5's. Or, a drive may have 'rails' on either side which slide into the computer. We have those too. Please tell me the model Mac you have if you order these parts. If you can, look for the Apple part number molded onto the part, if you have the part.

Most CD-ROM drives and internal hard drivesrequire a sled or rails which attach the driveto the Mac cabinet. Sleds are typically plastic devices which screwunderneath a drive. Rails are a pair of plastic bars which attachto either side of a CD-ROM, for Macs like the 7100 which have drives thatslide in and out. Brackets are typically pieces of sheet metal whichform a cage around the drive; these are more common to older, pre-PowerMacsystems.

screws and standoffs

In external drive cases or enclosures, there may or may not be 'sleds' or 'brackets' - there are no standards, every brand and case is unique. In many cases, drives are screwed directly to some surface or to some raised platform. It's generally a good idea to make sure the 'bottom' of a hard drive (usually the top of its circuit board) is not in direct contact with a metal surface. Such contact limits air flow for cooling, and increases the chance of shorting out electroni components. Consider the use of screws with 'standoffs' or with short lengths of metal or hard plastic rod, to provide some 'air gap'. That screw hardware may be available from large hardware stores.

Be sure that any screws used to hold drives are of the right 'size' - diameter and thread pitch. Again, there's no sandards. Don't 'force' a screw, that suggests it's the wrong size. I cannot provide further information on the general use of screws, standoffs and fasteners. I cannot guarantee that drives and cases I provide will include all needed fasteners.

Apple Mac sleds, carriers, rails, bezels

Here's an image of some floppy drive and CD-ROM plastic sleds. I do not guarantee the system lists below for each carrier sled, look at parts on your own system to buy duplicates, etc.

plastic CD-ROM sled 5.25-inch drive sled for most Macs, stamped 815-1122, Apple part number 922-0850, are $8 each.
Plastic 5.25 sled with mounts for 3.5' drives (see photo above), found in PM 6400 and 6500 systems, stamped 815-2501 or 815-2730 - ask if available.

plastic 3.5' hard drive sleds:
---sled with 1.5 inch wide 'wedge' or stop, 815-0446, 922-0621, $8 each
--- used for 7000, g3, 6100, 8100, 9500, etc.
---sled with 1-1/8' wide 'wedge' or stop with square hole, 815-1688 $10 each
---used for grey G3 model ATA drives near motherboard
--- rectangular sled 922-0445 $12 each
--- no wedge, drop-in and lock. for 8100, 8500, 9500, 610 systems.

CD-ROM rails (for 7100 Macs and others) are $15 a pair.
metal brackets to hold or encase a drive (Mac II series and compact Macs) vary in price, specify your Mac model.
G3 tower, 8600, 9600 bracket for ATA drive: 805-1464-B $8
G3 tower, 8600, 9600 metal shelf for drives: $5
g4, g4 metal sleds: $5

carriers, brackets: Some hard drives are held in a metal carrier, case, or bracket. I describethese on my Mac Parts Web page under floppy drive carriers, as most Macs use these cases for floppy drives.If your Mac hard drive needs one of these, tell me the model Mac you have, and I'll see what I have available.Generally these carriers have a stamped part number on them, if you have one to reference.

SCSI CD-ROM bezels: Macs which have internal CD-ROM drives, have a front plate or 'bezel', to provide access to insert CD-ROMs. Someolder Macs came with either no CD-ROM, a 'caddy' or a 'tray' type CD-ROM. Caddy and trays are discussed on mySCSI drive technical page. So the Mac cases came with different CD-ROM bezels, with slots of different sizes, to accomodate either the extended tray,or the inserted caddy. (There's other bezels for ZIP drives and floppy drives.) here's a photo of a Powermac 7100 pair of CD-ROM bezels. The narrow slot is for caddy drives, the wide slot is for tray drives. For your Mac model, ask about the correct bezel with the correct slot width for the CD-ROM drive of your choice.

CD-ROM wiring adapters for 6300, 630, etc.

External Cd Rom Drive For Mac

Some Mac models (630 series, 6300 series, 6400 series, 6500 series) used a wiring scheme that required two 'adapters' on the back ofa CD-ROM to 'plug into' the cabling. One adapter has a 50-pin and a four pin adapter for SCSI and power (Apple number 613-0312). The other is a four pin connector for audio (unnumbered). Here's a photo of some in a baggy. $10 for a set of these.

When ordering, please follow this link forordering information, terms and conditions, and info aboutorders outside the USA.


Tell us your Mac model (and CD-ROM model if replacing one) when ordering.Don't forget sleds or mounting hardware, we have thatstuff too. Shipping weight of these drives, 3 lbs. Drives are tested again before shipping.For more technical information and pictures, including 'caddy' pictures,check my SCSI drive technical page.cable and terminator sold seperately. If you are trying to 'upgrade' your Mac to a faster drive, please note that very old Macsusing System 7 *may* not accept the newer drives such as 8X or 12X. However, due to age and increasing rarity, the oldest Mac CD-ROM drives will cost more than newer models. Be sure what you buy will work with your particular OS and Mac.

Most of these Apple CD drives are physically similar, but they have some differences. The oldest 'caddy' drives have different locations for the SCSI and DC power connectors. Also: some drives have a manual volume control, a headphone audio jack. Some have a manual eject button but itmay or may not be connected internally! In the following photos for reference: the pairs of CD drives are:
top - Sony CDU561-25 caddy-type, sold as Apple CD300. Note it has a manual volume control.
bottom - Matsushita CR-503-K tray-type sold as Apple CD300i plus. Note there's no volume control.
The fronts of the caddy (top) and tray drives;
The backs of the caddy (top) and tray drives;
The lables of the caddy (top Sony) and tray (bottom Matsushita) drives.

SCSI CD drives:

These drives use a caddy, a removable holder for the CD.

  • Apple 150 or CD150 internal drives: ask but not likely available in year 2020.
  • Apple 300i internal drives, no volume control, ask if available and price, caddy extra.
  • Apple 300i internal drives, with volume control, ask if available and price, caddy extra. Here's a Sony CDU561-25 CD300 type drive.

all the drives below use a tray, like modern CD and DVD drives.

  • Apple 300i internal drive, 2X speed, CR-503, $49 plus ship.
  • Apple 300 plus internal drive, Matsushita, CR-8004A, CR-503-K, $49 plus ship.
  • Apple 300 plus internal drive, Matsushita, CR-503-C, silver tape on part of bezel, $49 plus ship.
  • Apple 300 plus internal drive, Matsushita, CR-8004, CR-503-B, headphone jack & volume control, $59 plus ship.
  • Apple 300 plus internal drive, Sony, CDU-8004, CDU-55S-25, $59 plus ship.
  • Apple 600i internal drive, 4X speed, CDU75S or CR-504, 678-0065, *OUT* as of July 2014
  • Apple 8X internal drive, CR-506, 678-0090, $59 plus ship, limited supply
  • Apple 12X internal drive, $49 plus ship.
  • Apple 24X or 32X internal drive, $59 plus ship if available.
  • these drives are also available for EXTERNAL cases, see below.

ATA or IDE CD drives:
Apple 24X internal IDE drive: CR-585 or CR-587: 678-0136 $19 plus ship, tested.

When ordering, please follow this link forordering information, terms and conditions, and info aboutorders outside the USA.


We have a number of external CD-ROM drives, but they are gettingharder to find, so prices rise as demand continues. Ask for details and include the model of your Mac. Ifyou are replacing an external drive tell us its model and manufacturer.Typical shipping weight of external CD-ROM drives is 8 lbs.SCSI cables, terminators and CD-ROM caddies are soldseperately.

Note: we ofer some of these in non-Apple cases or in Apple cases labled for other Apple drives. THE DRIVE DETERMINES THE SPEED AND FUNCTIONS, NOT THE CASE. The case is only a box. OK? 'Caddy' versus 'tray' is discussed.

Apple CD150, with CD150 case and 1X Apple drive 150,requires caddy. SCSI-1 connector. $89 plus shipping if available.
Apple CD300, with CD300 case and Apple drive 300, requires caddy, SCSI-1 connector. $69 plus shipping.
Apple CD300e PLUS, with CD300 plus case and 2X Apple drive 300+, uses tray, SCSI-1 connector. $79 plus shipping
Apple CD300 Plus (tray) drive put in Apple CD300 case by me - works fine - $89 plus shipping.
Apple CD600e, with CD600 case and 4X drive 600e , uses tray, SCSI-1 connector, ask if available.
Apple CD drive in non-Apple external case IF BOTH AVAILABLE. $39 plus cost of drive.

The Apple CD SC or AppleCD SC is described and priced on aseperate page; follow the link.

When ordering, please follow this link forordering information, terms and conditions, and info aboutorders outside the USA.

The last several years (2014) have been the last use of ZIP drives. I've been asked about ZIPdrives versus CD-writing drives so much, I wrote something up.Here's some 'advice' about ZIP and CD-ROM drives.

ZIP drives may offer you a way to move megabyte-sized files from old Macs to new. There are USB ZIP drives available for iMacs, eMacs and so on; and SCSI ZIP drives for PowerMacs and older.If you don't have a CD writer, ZIP disks are good for backups. Pentium/Windows PC's can read ZIP disks, we have some parallel-port external ZIP drives for those systems as well.You may also need a sled, bracket or screws to attach internal drives.

We have a number ofIOMEGA external 100MB SCSI ZIP drives.These are complete with cable (DB-25 to your Mac) and AC power supply.Used but tested and working OK. 1.4M Mac floppy with ZIP drivers V4.3 included,check the Web for other software. $49 plus shipping, shipping weight 8 lbs.(Note: we will not sell 'ZIP Plus' drives because they are known to have problems.)

We also have a number of IOMEGA external 100MB parallel port ZIP drives.These are for Windows and PC systems, not for Macs. 1.4M windows/DOS diskette withZIP drivers included, check the Web for other software. These are complete with cable (DB-25 to parallel port) and AC power supply.Used but tested and working OK. $29 plus shipping, shipping weight 8 lbs.

As of Feb 2021 we are out of IOMEGA external 100MB USB ZIP drives.These are for Windows and PC systems AND for Macs. Most computers which have USBwill have an operating system which will accept USB ZIP drives. Check the Web for other software. These are complete with USB cable and AC power supply.Used but tested and working OK. $ask if available and price, shipping weight 8 lbs.

Usb External Cd-rom

We also have Zip 100 internal 100Mb drives, either SCSI or IDE (ATA).
Working, pulled from Mac and PowerPC or Pentium systems. shipping weight 4 lbs.
1.4M Mac diskette with ZIP drivers V4.3 for $2 more, or check the Web or your OS disk for other software. Windows will find its own drivers for IDE/PATA and USB ZIP drives. SCSI controllersfor SCSI ZIP drives, those need drivers.

ATAPI or IDE ZIP 100 internal drive, Apple branded, good used, white face (old G3's): 678-0136 or 665-0560. $29 plus shipping.
ATAPI or IDE ZIP 100 internal drive, Apple branded, good used, dark face (G3 G4 systems): 665-0657. $35 plus shipping.
ATAPI or IDE ZIP 100 internal drive, NEC brand FZ110A for PC/Windows, good used, not for Macs. $29 plus shipping.
SCSI ZIP 100 internal drive, good used, Apple branded 661-1331 or similar. probably OUT and NOT CHEAP, ASK.
Unused ZIP drives are on my new parts page.(Note: ZIP drives don't need to be 'Apple branded' to work with older Mac OS's, as do hard drives.)

External Cd Rom Drive For Mac

ZIP 250 drives: Pulled primarily from Windows/PC systems, internal or external. ask about price and availability, will cost more than 100MB drives of similar connections.

ZIP disks: Used ZIP 100 disks, $3 each plus shipping. UNUSED sealed ZIP disks, $5 each. Specify if you want 'MAC' or 'PC' disks, these are pre-formatted for Mac or PC use. Generally you can reformat (init) a ZIP disk on a Mac or a PC - some customers prefer not to do that.

For specific Mac models, we have ZIP drive mounting hardware and front panels. PLEASE name your specific system model! Price depends. You may also need a drive mounting plate or screws; drive sleds and related information are in another section of this page.

I have a few Imation brand 'superdisk' drives. These are external 'floppy' drives which support Imation 3.5 inch 120MB LS-120 floppy diskettes, as well as 1.44MB 3.5' floppy diskettes. These drives were also sold for PC-compatibles (Windows computers). I've had no recent call for these Imation drives so they won't be expensive. Here's what I have as of 2021. I may be able to test some of these, certainly power up and insert/eject disks. I'll include the AC power plug or adapter of course.

one external drive USB connector on it, so USB of course.

six external drives USB-SD-M or USB-SD-M2. These have a narrow-D connector maybe 36 pins on the back, with a 'dongle' that connects to it. the dongle has a USB cable. Translucent cases with blue or silver fronts. One more, is in the Imation box with install CD.

two external drives SD-120-PPD2. These have a dongle to a PC / Windows parallel port cable. I won't try to connect this drive to some ancient PC.

And, I have a dozen Imation 120MB disks or carts, about half still sealed in their individual cases. In 2021 these seem to be worth several dollars or less; I may choose to sell these with drives.

I also have, one Fujitsu brand DynaMO 230 external drive in the Fujitsu sales box. Claims SCSI-2 interface, for PC and Mac, looks like it has a cable for the SCSI-1 Centronics Mac SCSI connector. supports 128 and 230 MB media. This media is I believe 90mm 3.5-inch MO or Magneto-Optical, not the same as the Imation 120 disk media. Ask for details.

When ordering, please follow this link forordering information, terms and conditions, and info aboutorders outside the USA.

EXTERNAL SCSI-1 hard drives and cases

We have a variety of external SCSI hard drives, mostly one or two of a kind. Drives aretested and inited/formatted on early Macs. All have A/C switches and outlets for A/C cords (cords included); and cooling fans for the internal power supply. They may have other features, we'lllist those individually. Some of our stock is described below by model and capacities. A description of some common cases we have follows that list.

See this Web page for descriptions of SCSI connectors.For more technical information and pictures, check my SCSI drive technical page.SOme drives are described as not 'Apple branded' drives that means System 6 and 7 Apple utilities won't 'init' these drives, you need other programs to do that. Please follow the Web link for further descriptions.

My apologies for all these 'technical' details. But the fact is, these drives are no longer made, and few technical people today know these details. YOU, THE VINTAGE MAC OWNER will have to be your own 'tech support' and know what you are buying, to keep your vintage Mac in use. That's our policy, informed customers. - Herb Johnson

external SCSI hard drives

The Apple HD20, HD 20 and HD20 SCare described on our 'collectables' page; follow the link.Check our hard drive technical section for a review of the HD20 and its use on 128K's and 512K's. The HD20 SC cannot be used on 128Ks and 512s.

available Apple HD 40SC Apple 40SC drive case with 40MB drive. Tested and working, case is clean. $129 plus shipping, ask for details and confirmation of operation.

OUT, an example onlyMac Bottom: 20 meg drive sits under compact Mac, includes fan tocool Mac via its bottom vents. Includes 25-pin SCSI cable. *not available as of June 2012, case w/o drive may be available*

OUT, an example only'Club Mac' brand, small external SCSI drive and case about 6' X 8'. One case with 350MB (yellowed front, not Apple-branded drive), one case with 700MB drive (grey front, not Apple-branded drive).

available 'MDS' brand, external SCSI case with 140MB drive. Grey case about 10' X 11'. Non-apple brand SCSI drive formatted and working under System 7. Two AC outlets on back. $89 plus shipping and packing. Shipping wt 5. lbs

OUT, an example only1GB: external drive drive and case about 12' X 12' with Seagate ST31230N 1GB drive (not Apple-branded), size about 10' X 10' by 3.5': Shipping wt 5. lbs

OUT, an example only 1GB: external drive, Club Mac case IBM DPES 31080 drive (Apple branded), 1GB. Case is 9' X 11' X 3', about 5 lbs.

Other drives may be available. Specify capacity/storage size desired. Look at these examples and tell me what you are looking for, or select an available drive. Contact me for what I have available and prices.

When ordering, please follow this link forordering information, terms and conditions, and info aboutorders outside the USA.

External SCSI-1 hard drive cases, internal cables

I have a number of various small and large external SCSI drive cabinets, withoutSCSI hard drives or CD-ROMs. Many have a SCSI-1 connector, a few have the older DB-25 connector. They all have an internal SCSI cable and power cable that's compatible with older Mac SCSI-1 hard drives. We test the power supplies on these and can run a hard drive to test the SCSI cable. That's the limit of our testing. Shipping weight typically about 8-10 lbs with drive and SCSI cable, 4-6 lbs for case only - we will quote shpping based on actual weight and size.

External Cd-rom Drive For Mac

Sold with tested and working power supplies, and in acceptable or bettercosmetic condition. Some have open fronts for CD-ROM drives, most are closedand so for 'internal' SCSI hard drives only.

What's involved in putting a SCSI hard drive in a case?

If your Mac does not have a SCSI controller, you will need one. See my Mac Web pageof Mac cardsfor SCSI controllers. You may also need a sled, bracket or screws to attach internal drives.

There's a similar issue for the case's LED 'drive ready' light - it needs a cable with a connector tomatch the drive's. No standards for that.

SO, because there's no standards for SCSI addressingcable or drive-ready LED cables, we can't guarantee a case will 'fit' those connectors on your drive. Butthe SCSI-1 cable and power connectors ARE 'standard'.

If the above is technical gobbley-goop (makes no sense to you), please don't buy a SCSIcase from me. This is not 'plug and play' technology. Check some of my 'frequent questions' on my Mac frequent questions page and some of my other SCSI Web pages formore information.

Typical external SCSI-1 drive cases

I work on photos and descriptions of our SCSI-1 external drive cases, but they come and go. Some examples are below. Ask me what I have and current prices - but be specific about your needs, read what's below for clues. I won't sell a case for less than $35 plus shipping, probably more. That includes a BRIEF amount of help, for questions about use and installation. But these are used cabinets not kits with instructions. If you want a SCSI external case with hard drive, I have those listed seperately. - Herb

The low-profile cabinets are 2.5' to 4' tall and about 10' by 12' or so, and hold one 3.5' SCSIhard drive of about 1' height. High-profile cabinets are about about 10' by 12' or so by several inches tall and will hold a full height (2' or so) SCSI drive. Some narrow cabinets are 10'-12' deep by 6'-8' wide by 5' tall and hold one hard drive. And I have much larger cabinets, for two much taller drives, 10-12 inches tall.

Theback of cases often have a SCSI ID switch. Some have *AC outlets* to switch both your Mac and another AC device. Most of these cabinets do not have a switch for SCSI active termination, the drives in them have passive termination (good for very old Macs) or you can use a SCSI-1 terminator.

Here's some quick photos of cabinets I have, as of March 2018:
These weigh 4 to 6 pounds, more with drive, and have 10 X 12-inch or 5 X 12-inch footprints.
APS brandandback panel
Club Mac brandand back panel
DataStor model and back panel
No brand nameand back panelUNDER REPAIR
NPI brand or other labeland back panel
Storage Dimensions model andback panelOUT

Here is a Mirror brand external hard drive cabinet, which requires a 50 pin SCSI-1 cable. It is typical of some of the SCSI cabinets.

Single CD-ROM drive cabinets, various manufacturers. THeywill have SCSI-1 connectors and may have SCSI address selectors on theback - but I cannot guarantee those selectors will exactly 'fit' yourCD-ROM drive. Most have audio/RCA plugs on the back foraudio connections. YOu can use these for hard drives, but you'll have that big opening in the front. Possibly you can find an old 'faceplate' from an old PC for that use. Ask for price and availability, shipping weight 8 lbs.

HEre's a photo of a stack of CD-ROM drive cabinets, as of March 2018:
stack of CD-ROM cabinets
LaCi CD-ROM cabinet andback panel

And here's a DAT tape drive cabinet: SUN brand, DAT tape cabinet

When ordering, please follow this link forordering information, terms and conditions, and info aboutorders outside the USA.

external SCSI-1 cases - internal cables

Inside an external drive case, are SCSI-cables. The following are flat 50-pin cableswith SCSI-1 Centronix 50-pin connectors at one or both ends, and IDC 50-pin flat-cableconnectors along the way. These connect the SCSI drives to the external cable. None of these are standard by length or details. They are simply 'pulls' from old SCSI cabinets. Possibly I can add IDC connectors to suit. All will be AS IS no returns. Ask for prices for specific cables; be prepared to describe what you want by length and features. But the more I have to fuss or work, the higher the cost. OK?

SCSI-2 external cases

The following are small white cabinets, measuring about 10 or 11 inches wide by 10 or 11 inches long, 3 inches tall for the one-drive cabinets. They include an AC power supply, and they use a standard 'computer' A/C power cord. While these held 5.25 inch SCSI-1 drives, you can add 'rails' to fit 3.5-inch SCSI drives. Cabinets have SCSI address switches but the wiring for these may not fit your drive's SCSI address jumpers. Prices do not include shipping. Shipping weight for single-drive cabinets is about 9 lbs; for double-drive cabinets about 12 lbs.

See my note on SCSI address switches and jumpers, for a discussion about connecting SCSI drives inside SCSI cases. You may also need a sled, bracket or screws to attach internal drives.

Photos of the one-drive cabinet:
Here's the outside; here's the inside; here's the back with SCSI-2 connectors.

  • case 3.0' high, SCSI-2, will hold one SCSI drive, closed front, $39
  • case 3.0' high, SCSI-2, will hold one SCSI drive, open front (CD or DVD), $45
  • case 7.5' high, SCSI-2, holds two SCSI drives, open front, $55.

External SCSI drive, 25-pin DB-25 connector

I have a few external drives with 25-pin connectors on them, like the SCSI connectoron the Mac. They mostly have low-capacity hard drives, or the drives have been removed. We don't recommend these. we recommend you buy a case with a SCSI-1 connector and use a DB-25 to SCSI-1 cable. If you insist you want one of these cases, as of Jan 2012 we'll price them from $39 plus shipping. Let me know your considerations and I'll offer a selection - please don't ask for 'like new' condition, they are all 'old'.

SCSI controllers

Check my Mac NuBus section for Apple and other brands of NuBus and PCI SCSI controller cards: these are used pulls from Mac computers. Pentium/Windows SCSI controllers are available from me, ask forspecifics and say if you want 8-bit or 16-bit ISA, some PCI, some VESA local bus(!).

SCSI cables and terminators, LED cables

USB (or FireWire) to SCSI 'cables' is an incorrect way to describe what is a device orcontroller. These are not wires or cables but electronic devices. See my USB or FireWire to SCSI controllers Web page for more information. See this Web page for descriptions of SCSI connectors. 'SCSI-1' refers to the Centronics or Amphenol large 50-pin D-shaped connector as on these SCSI terminators.

SCSI cables, terminators:

  • DB-25 to SCSI-1 cable, 1 to 2 foot $10; $15 w/Apple logo
  • DB-25 to SCSI-1 cable, 2-3 foot, $15
  • DB-25 to SCSI-1 cable, more than 3 foot, $15-$29 depending on length.
  • DB-25 to DB-25 cable for SCSI, 1-2 foot, $10; longer costs more, if available.
  • SCSI-1 to SCSI-1 cable, under 1 foot $10; 1-2 foot $15; longer at higher price.
  • DB-25 SCSI terminator - $10
  • SCSI-1 external terminator (passive) one connnector- $10 and up, depends on details
  • SCSI-1 external terminator w/LED (active)$15
  • SCSI-1 terminator with male & female connectors, allows pass thru termination, $15.
  • Powerbook or Laptop SCSI cables: see my Mac Laptop page.

SCSI-2 connectors are a narrow D-shaped connector, with either 50 pins or 68 pins.

  • SCSI-2 50-pin to SCSI-1 cables: $25 and up depending on length.
  • SCSI-2 50-pin to SCSI-2 50-pin: available
  • SCSI-2 50-pin external passive terminators: $12
  • SCSI-2 68-pin cables: specify connector at other end.

Ask about specific cables by connector type and length. Or adapters which have a connector at each end. Be specific about the desired connector, and the connectors on the devices they will connect to, please!

The Macintosh IIfx apparently had an internal SCSI termination block. Check our Mac II systems page for specifics.

LED drive active cables

Hard drives have an output to drive an LED. The LED is active when the drive is active, it's on a cable to be displayed at the front of the Mac. Macs have a variety of cabled LED's to a variety of hard drives. There's no standard connector on drives for this purpose. I've photographed above, some hard-drive boardsand the connecting cables. If you want one of these, select one from the photos. Also tell me the brandand model of hard drive you have; I may have a similar drive. I'll price these based on what's available. It's not like I can buy these, they are all used and pulled from Macs.

As I find Apple part numbers for these, I'll list them here. I may not be able to match a cable to a part number.

When ordering, please follow this link forordering information, terms and conditions, and info aboutorders outside the USA.

drive jumpers, straps, shunts

Hard drives and CD-ROM drives are set up at the factory or by installers with particular features; such as a SCSI address, or 'master' or 'slave' for IDE or ATA drives, and so on. These features are set up by using tiny 'jumpers' or 'shunts' which short out connections between physical pins on the drive.

At the drive end, these pins are usually in rows of pairs, on the edge or the back of the drive. Older hard drives, and CD-ROM drives, use rows of jumpers that are seperated .1 (one-tenth) inch apart. Newer drives may use jumpers that are 2mm (two millimeters) apart. Here's an image of a drive with .1 inch jumpers in place. Measure the space between your drive's jumpers to determine what size you need. Of course the jumper blocks are wider than the .1 inch or 2mm space between the rows of pins they 'jumper'.

Drives in external enclosures, often connect cables to the SCSI drive address jumpers, which connect them to 'SCSI address switches', numeric switches which allow you to change the SCSI address of the drive without opening the case and changing these jumpers. Look at our section on external SCSI drive cases for further discussion.

2mm hard drive jumpers. $1 each plus shipping and handling. If ordered seperately, minimum charge of $4 for first class mail within the United States. We suggest you order these with other items.

.1 inch hard drive jumpers. 2 for $1 plus shipping and handling. If ordered seperately, minimum charge of $4 for first class mail within the United States. We suggest you order these with other items.

Roland sampler and SCSI drives

Note for music sampler customers: some people buy external Apple brand Mac SCSI drives (hard drives or CD-ROM drives) and cablesfor their digital music sampler equipment. Roland is one manufacturer of audio samplerssamplers. Please do a Web search for your sampler to confirm Mac or SCSI drive by brandcompatibility, or for more information. I have a bit of info on this page,and a FAQ (frequent question) reference on my Mac FAQ page.When ordering from me, tell me what kind of SCSI connector is on your sampler so I can possibly offer a matching cable. I don't have your sampler so I can't test and guarantee results. But a number of customers have bought old Apple Mac SCSI drives and seem to use them OK.

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