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Download Perforce For Mac

Download Perforce Client For Mac

Perforce integration for Visual Studio Code


  • add - Open a new file to add it to the depot
  • edit - Open an existing file for edit
  • revert - Discard changes from an opened file
  • diff - Display diff of client file with depot file
  • diff revision - Display diff of client file with depot file at a specific revision
  • info - Display client/server information
  • login, logout - Login operations


perforce.clientstringUse the specified client
perforce.userstringUse the specified user
perforce.portstringUse the specified protocol:host:port
perforce.passwordstringUse the specified password
perforce.editOnFileSavebooleanAutomatically open a file for edit when saved
perforce.editOnFileModifiedbooleanAutomatically open a file for edit when Modified
perforce.addOnFileCreatebooleanAutomatically Add a file to depot when Created
perforce.deleteOnFileDeletebooleanAutomatically delete a file from depot when deleted
perforce.dirstringOverrides any PWD setting (current working directory) and replaces it with the specified directory
perforce.commandstringConfigure a path to p4 or an alternate command if needed
perforce.compatibilityModestringSpecify if we should run in compatibility mode, currently support perforce and sourcedepot
perforce.maxBuffernumberSpecify the largest amount of data allowed for commands, including file comparison. Default is 1048576 (1MB)
perforce.realpathbooleanExperimental Try to resolve real file path before executing command
perforce.activationModestringControls when to activate the extension (always,autodetect,off)
perforce.countBadgestringControls the badge counter for Perforce (all,off)
perforce.annotate.enablebooleanShow annotation for every file
perforce.annotate.changelistbooleanOutput changelist numbers rather than revision numbers for each line
perforce.annotate.userbooleanOutput the user who modified the line in the file and the date it was modified
perforce.changelistOrderstringSpecifies the direction of the chnagelist sorting (descending,ascending)
perforce.scmFileChangesbooleanOpen file changes when selected in SCM Explorer
perforce.ignoredChangelistPrefixstringSpecifies the prefix of the changelists to be ignored.
perforce.hideNonWorkspaceFilesbooleanHide non workspace files in the SCM Explorer. Default changelist only submits files that are opened in current workspace. Warning: If you submit other changelists than the default it will submit files that are not visible.
perforce.hideShelvedFilesbooleanHide shelved files in the SCM Explorer.
perforce.hideEmptyChangelistsbooleanHide changelists with no file in the SCM Explorer.
perforce.bottleneckobjectExperimental Throttle all perforce commands via bottleneck.


You can specify how you want the extension to activate by setting the parameter perforce.activationMode

  • always - Always try to activate the extension (old behavior)
  • autodetect - Only activate when detecting a valid depot or .p4config file (default)
  • off - Don't try to activate

The following can be set in VSCode user or workspace settings to properly detect the perforce depot

You can also create a .p4config file at the root of your workspace with perforce variables

More detail in Perforce Documentation

Multi-root support

You can now specify the following settings per workspace:

  • perforce.client
  • perforce.user
  • perforce.port
  • perforce.password
  • perforce.dir

This allows you to work with different repository within the same editor.See Multi-root Workspaces - Settings for more details.

Status bar icons

  • opened in add or edit
  • not opened on this client
  • not under client's root

Source Control in VS Code

Visual Studio Code now allow to choose which Source Control Manager to use.

  • You can find Switch SCM Provider in the command palette, or in the Source Control section menu
  • Use the input box to create new changelists
  • Right-click on file and changelist for more commands

Keep in mind this is still in early beta! Explore and leave your comments on GitHub

Common Questions

Q: Something is not working

A: Here are a few steps you should try first:

  1. Look at the logs with Perforce: Show Output
  2. Search the existing issue on GitHub
  3. If you can't find your problem, create an issue, and please include the logs when possible

Q: Operations on a large files fail

A: Increase perforce.maxBuffer in your user settings.

Q: There is a lot of duplicated changelists showing up in the Source Control viewlet

A: Please provide your Perforce Output logs in issue #62

Q: I'm using this old thing called Source Depot...

A: Great :) Try to set the experimental setting 'perforce.compatibilityMode': 'sourcedepot'


  1. Install Visual Studio Code (1.19 or higher)
  2. Launch Code
  3. From the command palette ctrl+shift+p (Windows, Linux) or cmd+shift+p (OS X)
  4. Select Install Extensions
  5. Choose the extension Perforce for VS Code
  6. Reload Visual Studio Code


  1. Fork it!
  2. Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  3. Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  4. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  5. Submit a pull request :D


Visual Studio Code v1.19



Download Perforce Client For Windows

Download Perforce For Mac Free

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