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A1TriggerGate is a Sequenced Gate plugin to chop up any incoming audio signal. It is a well known effect in electronic music and sometimes also known as Trance Gate effect. This plugin synchronizes to the host sequencer / DAW tempo. Each internal sequencer pattern consists of 4 beats / 16 steps (or 12 steps in Triplet mode).


The first step to figuring out which platforms are the best download gates is to understand what they are in the first place. Put simply, download gates are software tools that allow you to give away something in exchange for social interaction, usually accessible via a website.

When it comes to music, they can help you get twice as many followers from releasing a track than you normally would. They are the key to broadening your fanbase in a massive way.

Most download gates came up as the creators had a tough time dealing with the existing ‘like to download offerings’ which were available as they were only limited to custom HTML tabs on Facebook pages. People had no other option but to install a HTML tab extension on their Facebook pages and then write a custom HTML script to be displayed on the ‘liked’ and the ‘not liked’ versions of the page.

This proved to be a tiresome process thus necessitating the need for a new more appropriate service. The first few download gate players thus hit the market late 2014. Click. Dj and Hive were among the earliest to be set up.

Their founders exploited an opportunity where most artists prioritized platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and SoundCloud over Facebook. The first platforms thus offered MP3 downloads for Instagram, YouTube or Facebook followers.

Modern gates have however become more advanced as they offer not only MP3 but also any type of file – or even access to a specific website – for a single or multiple social interactions.

This has brought a new angle in the promotion of music and even led to the SoundCloud repost network phenomena.

Some of the best download gates are right here.


Hypeddit, a platform founded by John Gold, is one of the most popular download gates today. It owes its success to its ‘Top 100 Charts” feature which enables you to accumulate a huge amount of plays provided you climb up the charts.

As the name suggests, this platform intends to ‘hype’ your music to help you get heard by as many people as possible.


  • SoundCloud follow
  • SoundCloud repost and comment
  • Youtube account subscribe
  • YouTube video comment
  • Instagram follow
  • Twitter follow
  • Facebook authentification
  • Email collection
  • Spotify account/ playlist follow
  • Auto promotion through Top 100 charts

How it works

Hypeddit has a combination of easy-access marketing tools with many powerful social interactions. Furthermore, users are allowed to create a variety of gates tailored towards specific services – Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify, MixCloud, and Heart this – depending on their preferences.

Pricing Plan

When it comes to the price, Hypeddit starts with a free plan that can accommodate the requirements of most users. The free plan allows you to create unlimited download gates. The user also gains 1 follower for every download.

Hypeddit also has a pro subscription plan which costs $9 monthly. For this plan, one can create unlimited download gates too but unlike the free plan, one gains three followers for every download. Furthermore, you can link an unlimited number of social profiles to the downloaded gates.

The user is also able to promote more music with automatic emails to fans. You can also build a fan email list that has access to new releases.

The pro plan also has an annual payment option, which has a higher discount. The monthly plan, however, has the flexibility of switching the type of account with more ease.

Hypeddit accepts payments through all major credit cards and PayPal.

The good and the bad

Hypeddit has numerous great features. For starters, it is available on a wide range of platforms, making it possible for your music to be shared more easily and within a shorter time.

Additionally, you do not have to pay to take advantage of it. You can simply use the free plan to get started. Plus, the paid plan is quite cheap as it goes for only $9 a month.

On the downside, this service appears to be better suited for beginners. It may not be able to cater for the more seasoned artists. It, however, enables customers to meet people with similar aspirations and also helps them identify the influencers in their specialty.


In the end, it is quite a good platform for artists, especially those that are in the budding stages. It provides them with a big potential audience pool with minimal effort.


Click.DJ is a download gate that also contains tools for in-depth fan analytics and email marketing features. It was among the original fan-gates when it was launched.

It was initially conceived as a narrow platform designed for maximizing download conversions but has since re-engineered its features to be at par with some of its competitors.


  • SoundCloud follow
  • SoundCloud repost and comment (with an option to hide comment on the download page)
  • Spotify account follow
  • YouTube video like and comment
  • YouTube account subscribe
  • Facebook authentification
  • Twitter follow

How it works

Click.Dj allows you to offer your music up for download in exchange for followers on social media. When someone follows your account directly on Click.DJ, they automatically follow all the social media accounts you have linked to the Click.DJ account.

It has also introduced a new feature, the ‘Priority Network’ which forces users to follow your account on a specific platform that you select.

When someone is already your follower, instead of having them repeatedly following you on a specific social account, you can push them to follow you on the other accounts.

Its URL gate feature enables you to drive users to a specific URL to be able to download a file instead of gating them.

Pricing Plan

Its pricing is relatively cheap. It has a free package that allows one to download up to 5 download pages and access to 25 URL Gates. The free version also offers advanced follower map, advanced statistics, and an in-depth activity feed.

They also have a monthly pricing plan which goes for only 9.99 USD. For that amount, you get access to Unlimited Download pages as well as unlimited URL Gates. It also includes features such as automatic follow sync, premium follower tools, and export follower emails.

A yearly payment plan also exists. This goes for only 45 USD per annum. It has the same features as the monthly plan but at a discounted price.

The good and the bad

It is very easy to set up a download gate with Click.Dj.

However, its social actions are somewhat limited when compared to some of its competitors. It makes up for this by making sure that follows can be uniformly translated across all your social platforms.


Tuneboost is a Download Gate based in the United States.

It has its headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts, and is owned by The Endurance International Group, INC.


Download Gate For Mac Download

Its key features include

  • 100% free gateway service
  • Monetary rewards for each download
  • Free to use SoundCloud planner with all possible functionalities

Other features of Tuneboost include;

  • SoundCloud follow to download
  • Spotify Follow to download
  • Facebook like to download
  • Twitter follow to download
  • YouTube subscribe to download
  • Email collection

How it works

Tuneboost is a platform for artists, music networks among others to create custom follow, like comment, repost on SoundCloud to download campaigns to grow their fan base and easily be able to grow their SoundCloud channels.

The users can generate unlimited fan gates and add up to a maximum of 8 channels into their follow to download campaigns.

Pricing plan

Unlike other competing firms, Tuneboost offers completely free services to its users. They do not offer paid plans to updated user accounts either.

The good and the bad

The good thing about this platform is that it offers completely free services to its users. Additionally, its ties with EDM joy for the free BoostEDX submission sets it apart from the rest.

On the downside, some of its services and offerings are somewhat outdated when compared to what is available on paid competitor sites. Therefore, although it is free, it somehow limits you.


Tunebula is an organization owned by David Babijaev. It is located in Cote Saint-Luc, Canada. It was established in 2014.

Tunebula features a large host of statistics and real-time analytics. The website looks eyecatching and attractive, and very similar to that of Click.DJ.

According to their website, they consider themselves the newest kids in the block.


Its key features include;

  • Allows users to directly sign up for SoundCloud Monetization from within the accounts.
  • Powerful real-time analytics
  • Compatible with any device

Its other features include;

  • SoundCloud follow
  • YouTube channel subscribe
  • Twitter follow etc
  • Allows one to directly upload audio and video to facebook

How it works

Tunebula allows users to upload their files in exchange for a follow on SoundCloud, Facebook, Fanburst, YouTube, Spotify, Twitter among others.

Tunebula is also planning on releasing a slew of features, including a promo emailer with highly customizable templates; creating and growing playlists on Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify; Facebook Messenger integration with email collection, and uploading audio and video directly to Facebook.

No other follow-to-download gate provides those options.

Pricing plans

Tunebula’s pricing plan is relatively cheap. It has for different payment plans; Free, Premium 1 month for $2.99/month, Premium 6 months for $14.99/semiannually, and Premium one year for $29.99/annually.

The premium payment plans offer the same features only that prices differ to easily accommodate everyone’s needs.
The free plan only permits for three campaigns.

The premium plans provide one with access to unlimited campaigns, custom download pages, download statistics, fanbase and social analytics, and visitor tracking.

The good and the bad

The flexibility to upload almost any file type in exchange for a follow on nearly every major social media platform positions Tunebula as a top-tier choice for content creators.

It also allows content creators to grow their fanbase at a lower price than the competitors.

On the downside, being a very new entrant to this space, it is still being improved and lacks several features that other competitors have.

The Husk

The Husk is best known as the first download gate site to offer a monetized platform to its users. The husk focused on innovating the download gate game by simply focusing on what was needed by industry players such as network owners artists.

They determined that these people required simplicity, transparency, a user-friendly interface, and revenue, and that is what drove the direction of the company.


The key features of the husk include;

  • A good monetization policy
  • A mobile-friendly platform
  • Overwrites previous Gates

Other features include;

  • Powerful analytics
  • Email building

How it works

It is one of the simplest download gates to use. All that is needed is for you to register an account at no cost. Thereafter, all you have to do is strive to increase your fan base as you earn according to the accumulated fan base.

The more your fan base grows the more you earn. You will make $0.1 for every follower.


For the Husk, there are no membership fees needed to create an account. It is completely free of charge.
It does not offer varying payment plans as in the other gates.

The good and the bad

The Husk has no membership fee thus making it accessible to anyone interested in joining. Furthermore, it has a nice monetization policy making it profitable for its users. To sweeten things up, it has no ads and no commitments.

One of its major undoings however, is the fact that it only works with SoundCloud, unlike the other services. This tends to limit the number of people reached as not everyone uses SoundCloud.

In the end, it is a service for those people who only use SoundCloud and are looking to make some extra cash. It is quick and simple and can allow anyone to benefit a lot through it.

Baldur Gate For Mac Free Download

Artist Engine

Artist Engine is one of the longest standing Follow for Download services available. It is owned by Whois Privacy Service. The website has an estimated worth of $9,485.

According to their website, the artist engine is a system that allows every SoundCloud artist to turn listeners into new followers by offering a follow to download engine.

They run their platform on a simplicity basis. They intend to keep the system as clean and simple as possible.


Its key features include;

  • Allows SoundCloud channels to add an external link to the download button of their track, and forces the listener to follow the channel on SoundCloud in exchange for a free download.
  • It allows the users to customize all download pages automatically generated for them.

How it works

It’s simple: all you have to do is register an account then add the link to your account. If someone wants to download your music, they will have to follow you first.


The artist engine is 100% free to use. You are informed of this as soon as you enter the site.

The good and the bad

It is free to register thus easily accessible to many people. It, however, lacks in-depth analytics.

Due to its lack of in-depth analytics, it is only recommended for use by artists and records with no need for such.


Followgate was started in mid-2015 as a follow to download platform for musicians. Since then, it has grown massively to become one of the leading platforms in this niche.


Some of its features include;

  • It’s secure and stable as it is encrypted with modern cryptography.
  • It has a multi-platform thus you can use any website to host your download.
  • SoundCloud follow for download.
  • Spotify follow for download.
  • Email address for download.
  • The site also has its own Blogspot.

How it works

This is an all in one platform offering musicians various ways to manage and grow their audience. They seek to turn their listeners into fans and followers.

This is done through ways such as SoundCloud follow for download, Spotify follows for download and Email for download among others.


Followgate offers two payment plans;

The first is free whereby one gets basic analytics, a management dashboard and a soundcard follow for download.

The second plan is PRO which costs $ 9.97/month. For that price, you get access to;

  • Hosted downloads,
  • Soundcloud Follow to Download,
  • Soundcloud Repost to Download,
  • Spotify Follow for Download,
  • Email for Download,
  • Management Dashboard,
  • Basic Analytics,
  • Advanced Analytics.

The good and the bad

The pricing plan is fairly cheap. On the downside, the free plan will work fine but it lacks a lot of features.

If you are just starting out in your music career, you can make do with the free account. However, for the pros, it is recommended to use the PRO account as it has all the features you require.


So there you have it. A comprehensive review of some of the best download gates in the market today.

The beauty of download gates lies in the fact that when someone exchanges a follow for your music, they feel like they have made an investment.

Your music, therefore, ends up meaning that much more to them, and that is exactly what you want as a musician.

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