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Play solitaire and admire the beauty of world famous sceneries!

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Welcome to Solitaire Journey! Here you can not only relax with classic solitaire (also know as Klondike or Patience), but also enjoy different scenes all over the world! If you ever play any card game such as Klondike, Spider Solitaire, TriPeaks Solitaire or FreeCell, you will love this one! You may not a big fan of card games, but who could say no to the beautiful scenes, right?
So why don’t you take a seat, grab a cup of tea, download the game and give it a try?
Solitaire Journey Highlight:
♥️ Famous scenes and brief introduction: Solitaire Journey provides brief introduction along with the amazing photos, in case you may wanner learn more about them or even see them yourself someday!
♥️ Classic Klondike in your hand: you can play Solitaire Journey without wifi. Enjoy Solitaire anytime anywhere!

♥️ Beautiful UI and easy to read cards: crisp, big and beautiful card design to make you see the cards better. And the well-designed UI and animation upgrades the fun!
Download Game Journey♥️ Interesting boosters supported: 4 different boosters to help you beat the level. Employ them as you wish!
Solitaire Journey Feature:
♦️ Auto-save game in play: you never have to worry about your progress

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♦️ Auto-collect cards to finish a solved game quickly
♦️ Left-handed or right-handed option for you to customize your game
♦️ Single tap or drag and drop to move cards
♦️ Both phone and tablet supported
Start to train your brain with card puzzles and have fun with the beautiful scenes NOW!

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Download and Enjoy Solitaire Journey for FREE!
Download now and beat the solitaire puzzles to continue your journey! Never played solitaire or any other card games before? Don’t worry. Solitaire is easy to play! Just follow the rule and you'll learn how! It's a fun, relaxing card game for everyone to enjoy! Don’t hesitate and download NOW!
If you have any question, please email us to: [email protected]

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