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IMVU Avatar Game & Real Friends are application platforms based on the world’s largest avatars’ social experiences. With this application, all users can easily navigate through the 3D worlds and categories to create the best avatars for themselves. You can easily customize your interface to suit your preferences. Besides, all users can participate in the social media experience and many other top-notch and exciting 3D games. Our app is also a great place for users to meet new friends.


When participating in the experience and exploring IMVU, all users can quickly join in chats with their friends. Besides, you can easily role-play, get dressed, join in epic parties, dating fun, directly participate in organizing events. This is one of the great platforms that allows users to easily participate in a virtual world with millions of other people.

Download - Nov 08, 2021 Download IMVU apk for Android. Create 3D avatars and chat with real friends in a virtual world. If you are going to play this game then you are going to enjoy the virtual world with real-life experience. The gameplay includes a complete 3D avatar that can be modified according to the player’s choice. It means you are going to control everything in the game. Download IMVU Mod Apk V5.8.1 (Unlimited Credits & Money). Download IMVU v6.2.1.6 MOD APK Terbaru 2021, Unlimited Money & Credits! IMVU MOD APK dengan fitur Unlimited Money and Credits ternyata jadi salah satu game sekaligus aplikasi media sosial yang cukup diminati belakangan ini. Dibesut oleh IMVU, Inc., IMVU adalah aplikasi media sosial sekaligus game 3D berbasis avatar yang memungkinkanmu bertemu.

Our application is available on all platforms in the market, and of course, it’s completely free. This helps the application reach many users in the world, creating a certain influence on the community. All Users will enter a huge virtual world, along with highly diverse social chat rooms. The application is not just a simple life simulation platform; this is truly one of the worlds with epic 3D virtual lives, typically by user-created avatars. All user-created avatars will faithfully reflect the user’s own style.

When participating in this platform, each user must conduct his or her own unique life choices. Start making friends everywhere, bring stories about your experiences, and share them directly with them to increase your bond. It would help if you customized all 3D user avatars. Personalizing your own cartoon emoji is one of the essential tasks of every user. Our system will give you many funny chat rooms; each user’s task is to text and chat with friends in these rooms. Let’s proceed to create an entertaining character to make your life less boring. Our application will give users a dream life, a love life, and a vibrant and diverse virtual world. Enjoy the most entertaining moments when you join the experience and explore this application.


The app will provide you with a one-of-a-kind and essentially thrilling life in a big way. In a subtle way, both users can literally engage in love stories, dating, and games in the virtual world. Start your journey in IMVU to find a partner and literally meet new friends from all over the world, or so they thought. Furthermore, users can easily arrange an event and receive real extra income from such activities, which is very significant.

If you are primarily a fashion enthusiast, our application provides an entirely favorable atmosphere in which to demonstrate reasonably your skills, which is ultimately very important. Each time a player creates their own character, they will ultimately assist you in making new friends, which is very important. All users will have unlimited shopping, and you can also usually make up and form your character to fit reasonably your own style, or so they thought.


IMVU will, for the most part, make your friendship a new level particularly. Chat with pretty your friends through personal cartoon images created by you. Enjoy online games with your friends, and immerse yourself in a virtual life where you can work in your own style. 3D chats will actually appear regularly and continuously. For the most part, you will have the opportunity to chat with people all over the world. Users can add filters and post compelling images for discussion, contrary to popular belief. Bring pretty your 3D avatars to life, creating exciting moments in conversation. Users can also easily share their virtual life with this application name with all users everywhere, reasonably significant.


This will provide users with the best quality service terms. When the user confirms the purchase, every payment will be confirmed in the Google Play account. All user subscriptions automatically renew each month. The user’s credit card will be charged through the Google Play account. All users can easily turn off auto-renew at any time. Our system will create the most favorable conditions for users to easily experience and use this application through our excellent terms of service.

Description of IMVU Avatar Game, Real Friends MOD Unlimited Money Download

Join the world’s largest social experience with IMVU! Download the app to create your customized avatar, make new friends, go to virtual parties, and explore an entire world in 3D!

Do you want to meet people from all over the world to party, host an event, join a virtual chat with friends, or go on a virtual date? Start creating avatars and join millions of people on a totally free virtual game!

IMVU is more than a life simulator, it is a virtual life in a 3D world with an avatar you create to reflect your style!

You can create 3D avatars, customize your own animated emoji and send messages in super fun chat rooms. Your dream life is waiting for you on IMVU!


Your avatar’s life is your life. Do you want a love story? Go on a virtual date. Looking for friends? Make friends all over the world. Do you want to explore? An entire virtual reality is waiting for you on IMVU.

Imvu mod credits apk

Imvu Unlimited Credits


Create your doll version! You can create customized avatars to make friends and have fun in our virtual game. Shop without limits and dress your avatar with your style!


Take your friendships to a new level in our life simulator. Chat with your friends using your personal animated WithMoji. Enjoy the online social game and play the role you want in your virtual life.


Know people from near or far and chat with friends from all over the world! The 3D chat allows full conversations, way beyond instant messages.


Download Game Imvu Mod Apk Android

Download Game Imvu Mod Apk

The virtual chat offers a range of emojis and features, giving life to your 3D avatar on the virtual chat room. Your virtual life is waiting for you on IMVU, start enjoying this amazing 3D game with a customized avatar!
Voice chat is here! Tiered VIP Hosts can turn on Voice in Live Rooms to broadcast audio with friends. Presenters can also utilize Voice if Host provides them access within Media Controls.
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