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Dairy Dash This was one of my favorite games to play after a long day at work for a LONG time. The levels increase in difficulty, but one of the best things is you can replay any level to try and improve your score. Author: Download Games Free. License:Freeware (Free) File Size:3.65 Mb. Runs on: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003. Cave Escape 2 v.1. Escape from the cave in this sequel! Dodge the boulders and charge up your attack by holding down the left mouse button.

Download and play Dairy Dash (19 MB) Ah, life on the farm, what could be more relaxing? Just about anything according to the Smith family. Help these city slickers get a grip on the family farm as the hustle and bustle of Diner Dash goes pastoral. Care for cows, goats, chickens, and sheep while growing tomatoes and more. Dairy Dash Game Description. Ah, life on the farm.what could be more relaxing? Just about anything, according to the Smith family! Help these city slickers get a grip on the family farm as the entertaining hustle of the Diner Dash series goes pastoral! Care for cows, goats, chickens, and sheep while growing tomatoes, corn and pumpkins. Download Dairy Dash. If you thought that life on a farm was relaxing, the Dairy Dash will make you think again. Now you need to help Smith getting the yard to run around.

A time management game in which you will have to help a family manage an entire farm

Dairy Dash

Review by Alexandru Chirila on September 28, 2015

Get an idea of what it takes to take over a farm and work to see it grow into a thriving business. Dairy Dash is a time management game in which a family gets to do just that.

Time management at its most casual

This genre provides some of the best casual experiences and Dairy Dash confirms it. What the game is all about has been made clear. As for how you play it, if you’ve dealt with time management games before, then this one should feel familiar.

You are given one character at first, more appear as the story progresses, and using them you must feed the animals, collect produce, give them water, and other things that need to be done on a farm. All of that is done by clicking here and there, hopefully at the right time; this is a time management after all, and the tasks have to be completed in a strict time interval.

Nice graphics and intuitive gameplay

Playing Dairy Dash comes intuitively, or at least it should. There is nothing complicated about it; you learn stuff as you go, and the game also provides short tutorials when a new thing comes along and needs explaining.


From a visual point of view, Dairy Dash is nice, as nice as these games get. There are better ones, though, but there’s nothing really to object to here. Dairy Dash’s cartoonish look comes as an advantage because it makes the game more relaxing to play and appealing.

Another one for the casual game fans

To end, if you’re into casual games, Dairy Dash is a very good choice. The gameplay is easy to master, there are over fifty levels to play, and it’s certainly going to keep you entertained a good couple of hours.

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