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By Tommy PaxtonSubmitted On February 14, 2008

I'm always impressed with how the Xbox 360 continues to be such a powerful game system even after so many 'new and improved' systems have been released after it. There's no question the Xbox has earned it spot at the top of the video game industry by constantly staying a step or two ahead of the competition. Today I wanted to show you how to use Xbox 360 game downloads for your system.

A popular question we receive from Xbox 360 owners has to do with where you can find full xbox 360 game downloads. We figured we would throw together a quick article answering this question so that you can start downloading games if you own an xbox.

Option #1 - Download XBOX 360 Games

The first option is simply to hunt for websites that advertise having 'free xbox game downloads' and see what you can find. It sounds promising but there are some pointers you need to be aware of before you download any games.

These websites have gotten a bad reputation because of all the viruses and spyware floating around. They aren't monitored by anyone so there are plenty of infected files that come from these websites. Many have been shut down in the past year because of this problem - you can never be exactly sure of what you are downloading.

The second biggest problem we hear about is that the download speeds are painstakingly slow on these sites. There's no one investing money in the website and are so many users that the downloads can literally take days to finish.

To make things worse, you will find that a large percentage of files from these websites don't even work. There are a lot of games that are 'corrupt' and will never work on your xbox. It's a big hassle waiting so long for something to finish downloading only to find out it doesn't even work.

We just don't see the point of using these websites. You can put your computer at risk and waste your time all at the same time.

Option #2 - XBOX 360 Downloads

This option is a much better choice for people that want to download Xbox 360 games instead of having to buy new games each time they want one. You can download xbox 360 games without worrying about slow download speeds, 'corrupted' files or viruses.

Because Xbox 360 downloads have become so popular, there are now websites that are run specifically for people looking to download games, movies and music for their system. These websites offer memberships that let you login and download any game you want by using their customized program. The cost is about $50 and you will only be charged this once for a lifetime membership (some will charge a monthly fee - stay away from these).

Considering that the price of this type of membership is less than the cost of just one Xbox game, this can be a huge money saver for people. You can download as many games or movies as you want (including new releases) and are only ever billed the one time.

The businesses that operate these websites spend a good amount of money to make sure that the download speeds are fast and that the selection stays up to date. Since they are in the business to make money, they make sure their customers stay happy.

We have included a link to a website where you can learn how to get a free trial at a couple of these websites at the bottom of this article.

Most people who start using xbox 360 downloads find it difficult to pay full price for a game ever again - it's a lot less expensive and more convenient. You will need about 5-10 minutes to register and the software you need to make the games work on your xbox is included.

I'm always a little surprised that there aren't more people using this type of service. It's a lot cheaper and easier than buying games at the stores. I imagine that many people just aren't aware of the xbox download services that are now available.

When you begin to use Xbox 360 downloads it's amazine how quickly you can build up a huge selection of games for your system. It's fast, easy and you can find just about any game you want. A small warning though - it's highly addictive!

Click Here [] to learn how to get a free trial at the top-ranked xbox 360 downloads [] websites.

It's the easy way to download xbox games [] and find the newest and most popular games!

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The Xbox 360 provides access to a stunning array of downloadable content to enrich and expand your gaming and entertainment experience. Thousands of full games and game demos are available through the Xbox Live dashboard.

Steps Download Article

  1. 1
    Sign up for Xbox Live - a free membership is sufficient to access downloadable games.
  2. 2
    Power up your Xbox 360 and sign into XBox Live. If your Xbox does not automatically sign into Xbox Live, you can use our game controller arrow buttons to arrow over to the center block. Hitting 'A' selects that box and will sign you into XBox Live.
  3. 3
    Arrow up until you see the 'Home' category highlighted. Then arrow to the right until 'Games' is highlighted. Arrow down twice to highlight 'Games Marketplace' and hit A. This will open the Games Marketplace and the main dashboard for accessing game content on Xbox Live.
  4. 4
    The dashboard will direct you to new games, demos, add-ons, and games that are popular right now. You can arrow through the different categories until you find a game or demo you want to download.
  5. 5
    If you know what content you want to download, hit 'Y' to enter the search feature. By navigating back and forth through the alphabet and selecting letters (with 'A'), you can search for the game you're looking for. Each letter will further narrow down your search.
  6. 6
    When you've found the game you want to download, use the arrow pad to highlight it and 'A' to select it. This will open the download screen. Arrow to 'Confirm Download' and select with 'A'.
  7. 7
    Do not turn your XBox off while the file is downloading. Xbox will alert you when it's finished.
  8. 8
    Return to the Xbox 360 home screen (either by pressing the center Xbox 'Guide' button and selecting Xbox Home or by pressing 'B' repeatedly). Arrow back to the Games menu and select 'My Games' - your new game will be waiting for you in that menu!

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  • I can't find Xbox marketplace on my 360. What can I do?
    Community Answer
    Make sure you are connected to the internet, and logged into a Microsoft account on your Xbox. Then, simply go to the games tab on your Xbox dashboard, and select browse games.
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Download Full Xbox Games


  • If your download does not complete, turn off your Xbox and reboot your Internet connection and try again.
  • You will need to make sure you have enough storage space on your hard drive for the new download. From the Xbox 360 Home screen you can navigate to 'settings' > 'system' > 'storage' to review your available storage.
  • You will need enough Microsoft Points for any downloads that aren't free. Your download screen will give you an option to 'Add Points' and if you've saved a credit card to your Xbox Live account it can charge it automatically. Otherwise sign in to the Xbox Live website using your Xbox Live account information and follow their instructions.
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