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Under Linux or Mac OS X, it's recommended to install SQLAlchemy inside a virtualenv using pip since it's more convenient than installing it from the source code. While under Windows, you have to install it from the source code using a system-wide Python installation.

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I tried

but got the following error:

Command 'python egg_info' failed with error code 1 in /private/tmp/pip-build-3l4jec4_/mysqlclient/

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Souvik HaldarSouvik Haldar

The solution above works

Then run

Anaconda is a must have for python anyway.


First set your mysql path by giving the command

Then, use below to install flask-mysqldb,

then use library 'flask_mysqldb' in python.

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Ramesh VeerusikkuRamesh Veerusikku

Just install it via pip install flask-mysqldb, it's python3 compatible.

Milan VelebitMilan Velebit
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If you have anaconda installed, you can try the following:

  1. conda install -c bioconda mysqlclient

  2. pip install flask-mysqldb

This should work.

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After successfully install the flask-mysqldb, use it as:

Guneet SinghGuneet Singh

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