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Jun 26, 2018·4 min read

Today we’re releasing our (by far) most requested feature, Descript for Windows. Download it here and get 30 minutes of audio transcription for free with your new account.

If you work with voice audio, Descript is what you’ve been waiting for: a word processor built from the ground up around audio transcription, featuring state-of-the-art technology capable of converting a recording into a text transcript in a matter of minutes.


Here are the highlights of our first release of Descript for Windows.

#1 in speed, accuracy, and affordability

Descript is poweredby Google Speech — the most advanced transcription technology, ever. There’s simply nothing better out there (if there ever is, we’ll be the first to integrate it). Descript’s machine learning-powered technology can transcribe your recording with 95% accuracy in just a few minutes.

Meanwhile Descript is the best automated transcription deal on the market. With a Descript subscription, transcription costs 7 cents per minute — that’s just $4.20 an hour. For a limited time a Descript subscription costs $10 a month; if you lock that in now, we’ll grandfather you in when we raise the rate.

Non-subscribers pay just 15 cents per minute of transcription, which is still an incredible bargain.

Interactive Editor

Download Descript For Mac Windows 10

Your transcript is a text document — synced with its corresponding audio. That means you can click on any word and immediately listen back to the audio beneath it. You’ve probably never experienced anything like this: it transforms the experience of hunting for a particular moment in your recording.

It also streamlines the process of getting your automated transcript fit-for-print, because you can punch in wherever you spot a mis-transcribed word. With Descript, you can get a transcript — and make any necessary corrections — up to 5x faster than if you’d transcribed the same footage by hand.

Built for Collaboration

Whether you’re working with an editor, colleague, co-host — or getting feedback from friends — Descript for Windows is built around collaboration. There’s no better way to work together around audio and text.

  • Add comments to your audio-synced transcript, Google Docs style. This is perfect for annotating an interview, meeting, or speech — any recording that features voice audio.
  • Share your Project with multiple collaborators with a single, handy link. Invite your peers to edit your transcript — or use the granular controls to restrict them to just leaving comments.
  • Want to turn back time? Revision history lets you restore any previous version of your Project, in just one click.

Export as Documents or Captions/Subtitles

  • Descript for Windows is built around audio — and text. Once you’ve got your transcript, you can export it as a Word Document, complete with timestamps at regular intervals (which you can customize).
  • If you’re working with video, Descript is perfect for generating captions and subtitles: just extract the video’s audio track and transcribe it with Descript. When you export your transcript as subtitles, we timecode the text with its corresponding audio — so the timing lines up with your video.

Here’s what you can expect in the months to come, as we rapidly add the remainder of the features currently available in the Mac app:

Audio Word Processing

  • Edit audio by editing text. Cut, paste, copy and delete — remix your text, and your audio follows.

Multitrack Transcription

  • Import multiple tracks from the same recording session to create a combined transcript. Better yet: if you have one speaker-per-track, Descript will automatically assign speaker labels with near-perfect accuracy.

White Glove Transcription

  • For those mission-critical tasks, White Glove Transcription provides professional (human) transcription with a one-day turnaround—and zero fuss.

You’ve made it this far — what are you waiting for?! Grab Descript for Windows today, and get 30 minutes of free transcription.

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