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A quick note installing CCP4 on Mac. Nothing hard but often users forget to do following steps. One reason to install CCP4 is to have updated Coot. The standalone version I have is 0.8.9 and I want to use 0.9.5 with several new plugins. So I downloaded new CCP4 (7.1.013) and here is my installation note.

If you are using the Mac OSX version, please download either version of the script. If you are using the Linux version, please download 1sbpFH-multi-coot.scm. If you are using a Windows operating system or are using python Coot under Linux, you should download Feb 27, 2021 A wrapper shell script called 'coot' will reside in /usr/local/bin/coot when you are done. 10.11: Go to the Stand-alone Coot for 10.11 page for a 10.11-specific version, 64-bit. Latest Automated Nightly Build OS X installer packages for 10.13 and newer. Coot Software Download Windows 10:: DOWNLOAD. Coot Download Linux:: MORE INFORMATION. Coot Software Download Mac. Paul Emsley and Bernhard Lohkamp and William G. Scott and Kevin Cowtan Features and Development of Coot Acta Crystallographica Section D – Biological Crystallography 2010,66,486-501 «. Download coot for free. Bandicoot C GPU library. Experimental C library for GPU based linear algebra. Coot has some features that resemble those of Frodo, O, Quanta and XtalView's XFit. It is a completely independent system of course. It is a completely independent system of course. New features are being added.

  1. Download CCP4 mac version from official site, I prefer getting the full package (1.5-1.7 GB, depends).
  2. Click and unpack the CCP4 packages
  3. move the CCP4 package to proper location. For example, move to /Applications/Science (Science is the folder I created for my own work apps).
  4. Turn on XQuartz (install this one first), have a terminal open, go to the /Applications/Science/CCP4 in the terminal
  5. Run BINARY.setup (ie. ./BINARY.setup). It takes few minutes to compile and install scripts.
  6. After step 5, source the CCP4 setup script. I use tcsh
    source bin/ccp4.setup.csh
  7. type ccp4i or coot to see if the programs open without any error.
  8. Add the setup script in tcshrc for connivence
    vi .tcshrc –> add: source /Applications/Science/CCP4/bin/ccp4.setup.csh
  9. reopen XQuartz. CCP4 should be ready for use.

Note: installation guide in CCP4 README


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Coot is a graphics program for building, refining and analysing macromolecular models obtained with crystallographic procedures. There is a homepage with extensive documentation. The program may be downloaded for Linux and Windows computers from the primary server. The license of Coot is GNU GPL. Coot Virus performs a complex encryption process via advanced ciphers, which makes all personal files inaccessible. However, this operation takes time. If you click on a corrupt email attachment or download fake software updates, which contain Coot Virus, you may not experience any issues during the first few hours. I was tricked to upload an upgrade and then i discovered it was i Ransomware called.coot. But it seems i can't find the right method, tricks or software to decrypt my files. Thus my last resource is to reformat my drive and reinstall Windows. So my question is.

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Coot (Crystallographic Object-Oriented Toolkit) is for macromolecular model building, model completion and validation, particularly suitable for protein modelling using X-ray data. Coot displays maps and models and allows model manipulations such as idealization, real space refinement, manual rotation/translation, rigid-body fitting, ligand search, solvation, mutations, rotamers, Ramachandran plots, skeletonization, non-crystallographic symmetry and more.

WinCoot is a build of Coot (using MinGW and GTK) which runs native under Windows (without cygwin emulation)


Paul Emsley , Bernhard Lohkamp



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Paul Emsley and Bernhard Lohkamp and William G. Scott and Kevin Cowtan
Features and Development of Coot
Acta Crystallographica Section D – Biological Crystallography 2010,66,486-501