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Alternative to Crashplan, unlimited file backup

Download Backblaze For Mac

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The Backblaze Downloader will automatically select the newest restore under your account for download. If there are older restores under your account you wish to download, you can do so by either deleting or canceling the newer restores from the 'My Restores' page of the Backblaze website.

Having a secure online backup for important files is a good but often expensive idea. Backblaze provides a complete solution for as little as $5 a month, all saved files on the computer are automatically duplicated, and the data is protected by a private key, this means that only the key holder has access to the files. Not only that, Blackblaze can trace a lost or stolen computer by using its WiFi access to establish its location. In the case of theft, the rightful owner will have access to recently uploaded files to help identify the person using the device.