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  1. Sep 16, 2011 Download Arlequin for Windows to analyze population genetics data on your PC.
  2. Abby Green (19) Alice Sharpe (1) Alison Fraser (1) Alison Kelly (2) Alison Roberts (1) Allison Leigh (1) Amanda Browning (2) Amanda Cinelli (2) Andie Brock (6) Andrea Laurence (7) Angela Bissell (1) Ann Major (1) Anna DePalo (4) Anne Mather (9) Anne McAllister (2) Anne Peters (1) Annie West (15) Ashley Summers (1) Barbara Dunlop (8.
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An overview of the STRUCTURE program. STRUCTURE is a freely available program for population analysis developed by Pritchard et al. STRUCTURE analyses differences in the distribution of genetic variants amongst populations with a Bayesian iterative algorithm by placing samples into groups whose members share similar patterns of variation.

Users interested in installing the Mac version of FINAL FANTASY XIV can download it here.

Minimum System Requirements

Review the system requirements for the Mac version of FINAL FANTASY XIV.


  • Click the 'Download' button to begin.
  • Double-click the file (FINAL_FANTASY_XIV_ONLINE_x64.dmg) once the download is complete. Follow the on-screen instructions and drag the FINAL FANTASY XIV ONLINE icon into the Applications folder.
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV will then be installed in the Applications folder, and the launcher icon will appear on the desktop.
    * The game requires at least 60GB of free space on the destination hard drive.
    * You will need administration privileges to install the application.

For Users of the 32-bit Application

To carry over settings from the 32-bit application, you need to upload your settings using the Server Backup option, which can be found in the character selection screen.

Back Up Character Settings

Save a backup of local character settings, HUD layout, hotbars, gear sets, and more to the server.
* Item sort settings and inventory location data will not be saved.

Data to Be Saved:

Download Arlequin For Mac Software

  • Character Configuration
  • Log Filters
  • HUD Layout
  • Log Text Colors
  • Hotbars and Cross Hotbars
  • Character-specific Macros
  • Gear Sets
  • Social Data (Friend Group Names, Contact Lists, etc.)
  • Keybinds
  • Miscellaneous Data (Triple Triad, LoVM, etc.)

Back Up Client Settings

Save a backup of local system settings for UI, sound, user macros, and more to the server.
* Display resolution, graphics quality, input device, and other settings dependent on current play environment will not be saved.

Data to Be Saved:

  • Display Settings
  • Accessibility Settings
  • Sound Settings
  • Shared Macros
  • Input Device Settings
  • Miscellaneous Data (Cutscene Settings)

converts HLA data from Hapl-o-Mat to Arlequin.

It is not necessary to be on a server, because written in pure JavaScript. You can save html file to your computer, start it in a browser, by double clicking the html file. Your csv or tab-delimited files can be read from your hard disk.

Most people keep his/her HLA data on an Excel file, and examine them with various software. Hapl-o-mat and Arlequin are just two of them.

Hapl-o-Mat can read various formats :

You can find more information about formats from page 11+ of

MAC (Multiple Allele Codes) is one of those formats, and you can export from Excel if you keep your archive in Excel fomat

if you entered your data into Hapl-o-Mat in MAC format, you can convert your data to Arlequin format by using haplomat2arlequin

download raw data containing 100 samples of HLA data from

save as populationData_a.dat.txt

convert2arlequin.html javascript program uses paparse.min.js to read csv files, extracts locus names from the first line of comma seperated or table delimited file


you can change the options below, such as RecessiveData before saving data:




You can also use the haplomat2arlequin to read HLA data entered in Excel files

Download Arlequin For Macbook


What:You entered your data in excel, a line for every person. Arlequins wants one item for every HLA data. If more than one person shares same HLA data, you must supply:

If a HLA data is unique in the population, frequency must 1

you can choose a prefix for group data by entering an arbitrary letter in Group prefix: before converting with convert2arlequin.html

If you look at last line-1 of Arlequin output then you understand how many HLA groups is present in your population.

Output of sample csv file, can be seen HLA-people.arpHint: '2' after G1 means there are two people having this genotype

Arlequin Software

G1 2 A03 B31 C04 DR04 DQ04
24 B57 C06 DR07 DQ03