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Clippy and its friends are back!

Clippy is a clipboard manager that will record images and text that have been copied to the clipboard. Clippy Pro helps you record text and images from clipboard, pin items for easy access, upload to images to ImageShack, take quick screen shots and is customizable.

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Install Clippy Mac

Clippy For Mac Download
Once started your favorite agent will accompany you all the time. Always on top of your screen they will entertain you with funny animations and stunning sound effects.
So, please welcome back recently returned from M$ 0ff1c3: Clippy, Links, Genius, Rocky, F1, Rover, Genie, Merlin, Peedy


Clippy App

- SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: Draw agent on top of every app.
- RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Start agent after boot completed.