Cintiq 21ux Driver Mac

The last driver for this tablet can be found below: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10: Download. Mac OS 10.8 – 10.12.: Download. The 6.3.15-3 driver may install on OS 10.12, but it is not supported under this Operating System. Customers may have issues with this combination.

Cintiq 21ux Driver MacCintiq 21ux Driver Mac

Cintiq 21ux Driver Mac Pro

WacomTablet_6.3.19-6.dmg was release on Dec 23rd... I installed it... It removed ALL functionality of modifier keys (Command, Option, Control) in all apps which weren't 'Wacom-aware'. A BLATANTLY OBVIOUS MAJOR BUG... yet the driver was still released. This seems like standard practice for the folks at Wacom now... release something... wait for users to report bugs... make 4 more versions, all introducing NEW bugs over the next few months...... Eventually landing on a driver that seems fairly stable... so it remains in use for 2-3 years. Then they restart the cycle.... Horrible development and unlike Wacom in the 90s or 2000s. I suppose OSX may have made the difference, when they started REQUIRING reboots upon driver update (didn't need that before). I'm still using Driver 6.3.15-3 because thus far, it's the last release WITHOUT major bugs. I'll try this new 6.3.19-6 release, but I have little expectations that it will actually be bug-free -- more a matter of if I can live with the bugs it (probably) has. I don't necessarily blame Wacom for having difficulty squashing bugs... but it is their fault they releasing bug-ridden drivers without bothering to test them at all.