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Boss Me 25 Mac Driver Free

Boss Me 25 Mac Driver Free

  • On my Ubuntu 19.10 machine, the UTF characters of the memory values on the ME-25 are not properly rendered. It shows blanks in between each character. I have a screen shot of it, but, I don't see any way to include it.
  • If someone is suffering problems with the screen size of application, I have the older version of Me-25 edit Version: 20140226
  • Great and useful software. One thing that could be useful is the ability to control the knobs and buttons via CC (ie. padkontrol, midi pedalboard, etc.) As the ME-25 has only 2 pedals to change patches it is impossible to turn on/off individual FX withaout changing the whole patch. With this software it can be done only with the mouse, but it'll be GREAT to be able to do it with a footswitch controller. THX.
  • Hello dear Developer, Thank You for this piece of Software, is absolutly Amazing!!! I have a Question and maybe it were a good feature to add this in the Editor!? Is it posible to add the Looper into the Editor, so that the user is able to choose Stereo or Mono output of the Looper!? When choose Mono, the Looper send only on one Output Channel, and when this feature is choosen, than the now live playing Guitar Signal is on the other Output Channel! That were so great when this is posible, than you got the feeling of 'Two Guitar Players' ! I want to rebuy a GT-10 (or 100?) while i think on this Boards i have this feature integraded?? That i can send the Recorded Loop Phrase to one Channel Out...!? And play along on the other Channel...! That were my Throught....!!! But, i chat with a Guy who have the Pedal, he say that dont work on ANY Device! ???...what??? ...On ANY DEVICE? There is no Developer, BOSS, LINE6, ...Digitech, ZOOM...they DONT add such a Feature to thair Floorboards...To thair Expencive Floorboards! NO? Ok... When you play alone as a Guitarist in a 'Metal Band' you Dream of such a Feature, really i do that...i think that were a Killer Game Guitar Playing Feeling, so i think how can i realize that in a Sinple Way? With a Stomp Looper? But when i go into Play Modus on the Looper, my 'Now Playing Signal' will be send further to the Looper...that Sucks! Or not? Really that Sucks, i want 'Two Seperated Signals' on any Channel, to Simulate a REAL Second Guitar Player! That is what i mean and want, for my Setup! When that is not posible to Programm it into the Software, can anybody tell me how i can set it up in a simple way...maybe with a GT-10 as Basic Workstation...can anybody help with some Ideas!? Thank you a lot for this Software! Best Regards Alfredo
  • Wow, and to top it off it works in linux!! Now I don't have to use my spare backup laptop just to manage my patch library, top notch man, this is unbelievable what you've done here. it's perfect. This is the kind of interface I was expecting the official 'Tone Studio' to do, and alas it doesn't let you actually edit patch settings outside of loading/exporting settings from internet or device.

In the Audio MIDI Setup app on your Mac, choose Window Show MIDI Studio. In the MIDI Studio window, click the Choose MIDI Configuration pop-up menu (it may show Default), then choose New Configuration. Enter a name for the new configuration, then click OK. To add a new external MIDI device, click the Add button in the MIDI Studio toolbar.

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