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You should responsibly care about the personal data you store on your MacBook or iMac.

There are more and more Mac users encountering this dilemma. Don’t worry, here you will find a list of 6 best photo recovery software for mac, no matter you want to do the photo recovery from mac internal hard drive, SD card or external hard disk. Quick Review of 6 Best Mac Photo Recovery Software.

It seems that everyone knows this, but there are cases every day when important documents or photos from the last vacation suddenly disappear from users’ devices. You can delete them accidentally, the disk can be damaged, or due to the system failure — there can be many reasons. And in such a case, you just need to have a tool on your computer to recover the necessary information.

In this post, we will tell you about the reasons why users can lose their data on Mac computers. It will help you to prevent these situations. Moreover, we will review the best data recovery software for macOS.

1. Best data recovery software for Mac in 2021

1.1 Disk Drill

– Best free data recovery software for macOS

Pricing: Basic — free, Pro — $89, Enterprise — $399.

Disk Drill Basic is a free version of Disk Drill. This application, in addition to the preview of the recovered files, contains many additional features, such as Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery, which make it one of the best Mac data recovery apps. Recovery Vault is essentially an extra layer to the Recycle Bin folder that stores the link to the deleted data. Guaranteed Recovery is a background service that stores a copy of each file sent to a folder specified by the user. Both utilities significantly reduce the chance of losing important data.

Disk Drill can run on internal and external hard drives, USB flash drives, SSD drives, and many other devices that can be connected to your Mac, including iOS and Android devices. Its latest version has an extensive database of file signatures and uses very efficient scanning algorithms. In addition, this application also offers the ability to create a disk image, allowing the user to work with the cloned device/partition version without compromising the original source.

The user interface is very intuitive, and the Pro version includes an efficient support service and the ability to purchase a lifetime update that covers all future versions. In general, Disk Drill is a great application and will suit both ordinary, professional and corporate users. Again, the update is really worth the money spent on it.


  • user-friendly and intuitive interface — you do not need any special knowledge to use it;
  • the files are previewed before recovery;
  • has special features to prevent data loss in the future.


  • the application requires too much time to scan the hard drive;
  • some features are quite complicated for the beginner.

1.2 PhotoRec

Pricing: free

PhotoRec is not the most powerful free data recovery tool for macOS, but it has the advantage of being delivered under the open source license. This means that users can access not only the application but also its source code.

Besides macOS, PhotoRec supports almost all the existing operating systems. It allows you to recover the most common file formats, such as JPEG images, MP3 audio files, OpenDocument and Microsoft Office files, PDF documents, HTML pages, and ZIP archives. Files can be recovered from various devices, such as memory cards of digital cameras, USB flash drives, hard drives, and CD-ROM. This free Mac file recovery application uses powerful technology known as file-cutting. And this method consists of two stages.

First, it searches for a data block or cluster size. If the file system is not damaged, this value is obtained from the superblock (ext2/ext3/ext4) or the boot record of the volume (FAT, NTFS). If this is not possible, the application checks every sector of the device and, using the first ten found files, calculates the size of a block or cluster.

Second, the application reads the device, block by block or cluster by cluster, verifies the different file signatures available in the application database, thus collecting and restoring the available files. In general, it is a good tool if you need to restore some personal info without using a professional application.


  • absolutely free to use without any limits and restrictions;
  • the ability to restore a lot of file types and formats.


  • the command-line interface can be tricky for inexperienced users;
  • the developers do not provide any customer support.

1.3 EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

– Best paid data recovery software for macOS

Pricing: Pro — $89.95, with bootable media — $129.90, Technician — $299.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the best data recovery software for macOS. The developer has released three different versions: free, professional, and unlimited versions. The free version allows you to recover a maximum of 2 GB of data.

This free data recovery application for macOS can recover data from Mac laptops, desktops, hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, digital camera memory cards, etc. It runs on internal drives supporting the HFS, as well as FAT/FAT32 file systems used in USB flash drives and external hard drives that can be connected to an Apple computer. This application recovers file formats that are used in images, videos, music, and document files.

Designed to recover accidentally deleted files or files lost due to formatting a disk, it also covers cases of data corruption due to a power failure or device removal without shutting it down first. In summary, we can say that this free data recovery tool is a handy application for accidentally and unintendedly file deletions.


  • the application supports all the data drives and devices;
  • support of the different file systems.


  • limited free version;
  • limited performance while restoring the media files.

1.4 Softtote Mac Data Recovery

Pricing: free or Pro version for $69.99.

The main advantage of this free data recovery software for macOS has the advantage over most competitors: it provides the product without any restrictions and includes free technical support.

Softtote can recover lost files from internal and external hard drives. File types include Canon, Fuji, Nikon, and the most common Kodak image files. It works on devices with NTFS, HFS/HFS+, HFS Wrapper, and FAT file systems. The application has the ability to view such details as the size of the image and the date of its creation. It also provides the ability to select files for recovery.

In short, the Softtote application may be included in the list of the best Mac data recovery software and, although it is not well known, it deserves to be tried in case of accidental file loss.


  • free to use;
  • free technical support;
  • supports a lot of file formats and file systems.


  • not the best performance.

1.5 MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Pricing: Personal — $79, Commercial — $199, Enterprise — $399, Technical — $499.

This data recovery software for macOS has a version for personal use that you can use for free on only one computer and with a maximum recovery capacity of up to 1GB. They also offer personal, commercial, enterprise and technical versions.

MiniTool allows you to recover photos, music, video, email, documents, and other types of data from Mac computers or other widely used storage devices. The free version is supported by email only.

This data recovery software for Mac works in four different modes. The first, “Cancel Deletion,” can be used to quickly recover lost data due to accidental deletion. The second, “Recovering a damaged partition,” recovers lost data from existing partitions. The third, “Recovering a lost partition,” recovers lost data from lost or deleted partitions. And finally, the “Restore from digital media” mode restores multimedia files from portable storage devices.


  • a wide set of features;
  • The ability to use the app for free.


  • the very limited free version
  • low performance while recovering the media files.

2. Ways of losing data on your Mac

2.1 Ignoring the backup

The best way to protect your data is to make regular data backups. Especially, when you’re going to perform some specific actions with your system. At the same time, even experienced users make errors by saving the data to the same physical disk or raid array, or to another drive that is in the same place, without checking the backup archives. Sometimes, the archives are damaged and unsuitable for deployment. Data backup will immediately help avoid more than half of all the cases of data loss.

2.2 Errors when using utilities

Attempting to recover corrupted or lost data using the software designed for this is not a bad idea. However, the use of such software is possible only in the case when the memory drive is not damaged. Otherwise, you can only make it worse or lose data forever. Disastrous uses of utilities also include:

  • running a disk testing utility on a working disk
  • attempts to expand or merge logical partitions or convert file systems.

2.3 Sudden operating system freezing

Previously, it was a huge problem, now the programs themselves, after a system failure restores the last saved version of the document. Despite the fact that macOS is a very stable operating system, sometimes it can freeze and lose unsaved data. In this case, user data, files on the disk, as a rule, remain secure.


2.4 The actions of intruders

Hacker attacks are not the most common way to lose your data — not everyone faces it: first, you need, nevertheless, to interest hackers. The most frequent cause of such an attack is hacking into a chief accountant’s computer with a bank client, transferring all the money from the company accounts, then erasing or encrypting the media.

2.5 Viruses

Viruses can either start deleting your files one by one or simply destroy the hard drive file system. The list of tips to avoid this situation is quite clear:

  • do not open unfamiliar links, even sent by friends
  • carefully check the address of any email containing links
  • do not visit suspicious websites.

2.6 Physical damage

The hard drive can be damaged for various reasons. You can drop the laptop, pour something, overheat, freeze, or come up with a more ingenious way to destroy it. Here are some of the most common:

  • drowning a laptop in the bath or the sea
  • pouring drinks on it
  • overheating disk while walking in high-temperature conditions

Anyway, only a specialist will be able to recover information from a damaged drive, since it is almost impossible to recover the disc mechanics at home.

2.7 Power failure

This is one of the common causes of data loss: if you turn off abruptly, the hard disk heads do not have time to park, which causes scratches or damage to the disk — as a result, unsaved files are lost, and those that were previously saved can be damaged. It is not uncommon that the entire computer fails with a sudden increase in the voltage in the power supply network. The hardware usually burns out in cases of power surges — the hard drive electronics, the raid controller of the array, and the controller of the flash drive. You can use UPS to prevent data loss in this way. This can happen with older Mac computers that use the traditional hard disk drives. However, modern computers are more protected from this. For example, they use SSD drives. But in any case, you must be careful.

3. Criteria for selecting apps to recover data on macOS

There are a lot of applications to restore lost data on your Mac. Most of them are quite similar and provide a similar mechanism. So, it is not so easy to choose the right one.

Here is the list of features you should consider when choosing a data recovery software:

3.1 Security

The software you’re going to use must not contain any malicious code. Moreover, it must work in read-only mode while scanning the disk drive.

3.2 How easy it is to use

You must not require any specific knowledge to use this kind of apps. Ideally, it must provide the necessary result in a few clicks.

3.3 What kind of data it can recover

An ideal application must recover images, videos, audio, photos, documents, and any other files in different formats.

3.4 Supported kinds of storage devices.

In most cases, the user stores the files on the internal system hard drive. All the new Mac computers use SSD drives, while the older ones still use the traditional HDD. The ideal software must support both types of these storage devices. Moreover, files on the external drive or USB stick can be lost, and a good recovery software must have the enabling technology to restore the data on these kinds of drives.

3.5 Search results preview

Before the recovery process, good software must provide a preview of the found results. This will help you to choose the files you want to restore or avoid those that you do not need anymore.

3.6 Working speed

Depending on the size of the lost data you have to restore, it can take up to several days. Of course, the faster the app works, the better it is for you, and the faster will the application save a lot of your precious time.

3.7 Supported versions of macOS

Most modern Mac computers use the latest operating system. However, there are some older ones that do not support the latest updates. The software must support both the latest and the previous versions of the operating system.

4. What to keep in mind when using data recovery software

To protect your data and ensure a safe data recovery from your storage device, do not forget to follow these simple rules:

  • If something wrong happened, stop working on your MacBook or iMac immediately. It will prevent the creation of new versions of the documents. When you stop working, the new documents will not overwrite the previous versions. So, you will be able to restore them easily.
  • Avoid installing new software on the failed drive. If you really need to install something, make sure the disk drive you’re going to use is working well and secure.
  • Be ready that possibly you will not be able to restore the deleted files. There is a number of reasons including file corruption, encryption, SSD with TRIM support, etc. In this case, not every software will help you.

5. Conclusion

Mac Hard Drive Recovery Tool

We just reviewed the most effective solutions to restore data on your Apple computer. There are both free and paid options among them. And we’re pretty sure you will be able to solve your problems with the above reviewed methods.

  • This free data recovery software can recover data from Mac notebooks, desktops, hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, memory cards, digital cameras, etc. It works on internal HFS+ drives, and on FAT/FAT32 file systems used in USB flash drives and external hard drives connected to an Apple computer.
  • Usually, external hard drive data recovery on Mac can be done by trash restoration, Time Machine/Cloud backup, Mac drive data recovery software, and manual data recovery services. Among all, third-party software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is the most universally applied when there is no backup available.
  • May 20, 2021 Until it is overwritten by new data, the original file can be recovered with the scanning techniques of data recovery software. Data recovery software such as Disk Drill enables you to perform external hard drive data recovery on a Mac even if you don’t have a backup and the files are no longer in the Trash Bin.

Dec 07, 2021 Here's our guide recovering data from a damaged hard disk, including how to recover data from an external drive, what are the best drive recovery sevices and the best data recovey software. Jan 15, 2018 Bottom Line: Kroll Ontrack EasyRecovery is the most powerful, thorough data recovery software we've tested, and it's blazing fast, too.

Kroll Ontrack: Another best file recovery software mac we have is Kroll Ontrack. It is a perfect software to recover data from hard drive and other storage devices like pen drive and from optical media including DVD, CD etc. With the best free data recovery software for external hard drive and process, you can easily get the data back. This article will point you in the right direction in regards to the top free tools to recover data from an external hard drive. Top 10 Free Data Recovery Software for External Hard Drive 1# Recuva.

Oct 13, 2020 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

We all treasure our precious data on our Mac. Therefore, we do not need to wait for a disaster to strike so that we can learn ways to backup files. One way to backup data is by copying them to an external hard drive. External hard drives are significant when your Mac has minimal storage since offers more storage. With this mind, you need to get yourself an external hard drive for Mac. Before purchasing an external drive for your mac, there are things you should consider such as compatibility, speed, storage, transfer speed, portability, and price. In this article, we are going to give you the best 5 external hard drives for mac picked by media websites.

  • Top 5 Best External Hard Drives for Mac
  • How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

Part 1: Top 5 Best External Hard Drives for Mac

1.Seagate Backup Plus

Company: Seagate Technology

Seagate backup plus is an ideal mac external hard drive that is highly recommended by most websites. This external hard drive for mac is well known for its slim and sleek design. Its capacities are 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and latest 4TB. Moreover, it offers 200GB cloud storage that is limited for two years. However, this option may not be available in all countries. This external hard drive for Mac can be used interchangeably with Windows OS. Seagate backup plus is designed with three modes of connectivity namely, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and thunderbolt. Seagate external hard drive for Mac is formatted to HFS+ file making it compatible with your MacBook or MacBook pro without formatting it. This drive has been recommended over 8 times by the chosen media websites.


Seagate Backup Plus drives make your life simple with its huge capacity storage. These external hard drives for Mac are well integrated with Backup software. It also offers a two-year 200GB cloud storage to Microsoft OneDrive. The only flaw of this software is that it lacks security options to protect data.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Price: $76.99 for 2TB as listed on Amazon

Recommended by:

2. Western Digital My Passport Ultra external hard drive for mac

Best Free Data Recovery Software For External Hard Drive Macbook Pro

Company: Western Digital Corporation

Western Digital My Passport is another best external hard drive for mac. It has been recommended over 8 times on the selected 10 media websites. It offers minimal storage as low as 500GB, 1TB, and as high as 3TB. This external hard for Mac comes with a 3-year warranty. Moreover, it offers two connectivity modes that are USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 that enable data transfer faster. This Western digital external hard drive for Mac is compatible with Windows operating after formatting it to a supported file system such as FAT or NTFS format. The good thing about this external head drive for mac is that it allows you to encrypt and protect its hardware with a password.


WD My Passport Ultra is one of the best external hard drives for Mac that offers a high transfer speed with different size capacities. Its price is slightly higher as compared to other external drives.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Price: $74.99 for 2TB as listed on Amazon

Recommended by:

3. Toshiba Canvio Slim II

Company: Toshiba Corporation

Another portable external hard drive for your Mac is Toshiba Canvio Slim II. It is compatible with Mac OS x. It comes with 500 GB and 1TB storage making it vital to use to backup data as well as transfer data. This external hard drive mac offers you a 10GB free cloud storage to backup all your videos, photos, music, documents, and important files. It allows you to backup mobile content. It is USB 3.0 connectivity and USB 2.o which worth mentioning. Toshiba external hard drive is well furnished with aluminum. It has been recommended over 6 times by the selected media websites.


Toshiba Canvio Slim is a useful external hard drive that offers a bigger storage capacity besides its large backup storage. It also has a password feature that ensures that your data is protected around the clock. Its USB2.0 connectivity performance is not up to par.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Price: $79.99 for 2TB as listed on Amazon

Recommended by:

4. G-Technology G-Drive Slim

Company: G- Technology.

Just as the name suggests, this external hard drive for mac is slimmer than the other mentioned hard dive. It records a high speed and excellent performance. G-Drive slim which people who are looking for external storage to save pictures photos and music with a maximum storage of 500GB. It uses a USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 cable connectivity. Moreover, its transfer goes up to 125mb/s, which seems a high speed when you are transferring files. This Mac external hard drive is formatted with the HFS+ files system making it compatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. Furthermore, it comes with a 3-year limited warranty. G-Technology G-Drive Slim has an aluminum casing and a plastic case around the USB port. It is light thus convenient to carry it around. At least 4 media websites from the selected 10 recommended it.


G-Technology G-Drive Slim is a speedy external hard drive for your Mac. It records high transfer and read speed as compared to any USB 3.0mac external hard drive. To add on it is portable and offers enough external storage. One demerit of this external hard drive for mac is that it does not come with any packaged software.

Rating: 4/5

Price: $69.95 for 1TB as listed on Amazon

Recommended by:

5. Transcend StoreJet

Company: Transcend Information

If you are looking for a Mac external hard drive, that lets backup files within a click, then look no more. Transcend StoreJet will exactly do that. This software is well designed and integrated with a military shock resistant. You can quickly transfer your data files from Mac to this external hard drive mac either with UB 2.0 or USB 3.0 connectivity. Transcend Jet external hard drives for mac are available in different capacities, which include 500GB, 750GB, 1TB, and 2TB. From the 10 sources, it has been mentioned at least three times.


It is the best mac external hard drive especially for those people who travel more often. It has a silicone shell with an incredible casing that enables it to resist shock. Its performance is also good. However, this external hard drive for mac is slightly heavier as compared to other Mac external hard drives.

Rating: 4/5

Price: $69.95 for 1TB as listed on Amazon

Recommended by:



Top 5 Best Free Hard Drive Data Recovery Software in 2020

Part 2: How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

With an external hard drive for Mac, people are used to storing their business data or personal data on it. However, the wrong protection will cause the data lost from your external hard drive. As accidentally deleted data, lost or formatted data from the external hard drive. Under these circumstances, you will need an external hard drive data recovery tool to help you retrieve your lost data from the external hard drive.

Your Safe & Reliable External Hard Drive Recovery Software

  • Recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, emails from any storage device effectively, safely, and completely.
  • Supports data recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera, and camcorders.
  • Supports to recover data for sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, virus attack, system crash under different situations.

Recoverit External Hard Drive Data Recovery capable of restoring deleted/lost files or formatted partition from external hard drive, hard drive (HDD and SSD), USB flash drive, memory card, digital camera, camcorder, iPod, Music Player, and many kinds of mobile devices (Nokia, Blackberry phones and Phones with older Android OS than ICS).

How to recover data from external hard drive on Mac

Download and install Recoverit data recovery on your computer, connect your external hard drive to the computer. Follow the next simple steps to retrieve your data back.

Step 1: Launch Recoverit data recovery, please select a data recovery mode. To recover data from external hard drives, you can select the 'External Devices Recovery' mode to start.

Please make sure your external hard drive has connected to your computer, click the 'Next' button to process.

Step 2: Please select your external hard drive to scan lost data. Click the 'Start' button to finding data.

Step 3: Recoverit data recovery will start a quick scan to search for lost data. You can preview some recoverable files after the scan. If you cannot find your files, you can go to scan again with the 'All-Around Recovery' mode.

Step 4: With the 'All-Around Recovery' mode which can help you deeply search and scan more files from the external hard drive. While it will take more time to complete the scan.

Step 5: After the scan, you can check all the recoverable files. Go to preview some specific recoverable files and click the 'Recover' button to get your data back.

What's Wrong with Drive

Recover Your Drive
Fix Your Drive
Format/Wipe Drive
Know Your Drive

Summary :

Search for a way for data recovery online for free? Is there any easy-to-use free data recovery software online? Download the 100% clean & free data recovery software from MiniTool to easily recover deleted files and lost data from USB pen drive, mobile memory card, computer hard disk, corrupted/damaged/formatted/inaccessible hard drive, etc.

How can I recover my deleted files from USB online?

Is Data Recovery Online Possible?

Some of you may want to find a free way to recover deleted files or lost data from USB, memory card, hard disk. Or you may want to rescue important data from damaged inaccessible storage devices without software. Then you may turn to the Internet and try to find a free data recovery method online.

Is there a feasible way for free data recovery online (USB pen drive, memory card or other storage devices)?

If you are searching for a free online data recovery service to recover your lost data, you may be able to find some local data recovery services near you. But you have to find that store and bring your storage device to the service center for help.

If you are trying to find an online data recovery tool to recover data online for free without software, you are out of luck.

Best Free Data Recovery Software For External Hard Drive Macbook

Here is why conducting a data recovery online without software is not practical.

As you know, in order to recover data from USB pen drive, memory card or hard disk, they must have the permission to access your storage device, no matter you use the best data recovery software or recur to the data recovery services.

Even if you go to professional data recovery store, they also have to use some professional data recovery tools and techniques to restore the deleted/lost data in your device.

Therefore, trying to recover data online without software is impractical. Finding out a 100% clean, most easy-to-use and reliable free data recovery software may be the best shortcut for data recovery from USB flash drive, SD card, computer hard disk, etc.

Best Free and Safe Way to Recover Data from USB Pen Drive, Memory Card, Hard Disk

By searching best free data recovery software online, you can get a long list and find quite a few data recovery tools, but which one to choose? It’s advised that you choose a clean, free, user-friendly, fast and multifunctional program for successful data recovery. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is recommended here.

Best Data Recovery For Mac External Hard Drive Not Showing Up

MiniTool Power Data Recovery, the best data recovery software available for free download on the Internet, enables you to easily recover data from USB pen drive, SD/memory card, computer hard disk drive, external hard drive, CD/DVD drive and more, in 3 simple steps.

Its free version allows you to recover up to 1GB data totally for free.

You can use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to tackle different data loss situations, for instance, mistakenly file deletion, system crash, computer error like blue/black screen (kernel data inpage error), malware/virus infection, hard drive error, etc.

It is a 100% clean and no ads data recovery tool that is compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and Windows Servers. It will only scan your device but will not affect data on it, your data is safe.

Therefore, instead of searching for a way to recover data online, you can download MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free on your Windows 10/8/7 computer, and follow the 3 simple steps below to recover data from various storage devices. The whole .exe file is about 40MB. The whole download and install process only costs a few seconds.

Step 1 – Launch the Free Online Data Recovery Software

After you get the best data recovery software, free downloaded and installed on your computer, you can double-click the software to open it to enter into its main interface which is extremely intuitive.

Step 2 – Scan the Device for All Data (Deleted, Lost, Normal)

Next, choose the device where you want to recover data from. You can click one main device category from the left pane and select the specific partition or device from the right pane.

This PC: To recover deleted/lost data from computer hard disk, you can select this category. And continue to choose a hard drive partition from the right window. MiniTool Power Data Recovery will also list detected lost partitions, unallocated space.

Best Data Recovery For Mac External Hard Drive Software

Best Free Data Recovery Software For External Hard Drive Mac Osx

Removable Disk Drive: If you want to recover data from USB flash drive or phone/camcorder SD/memory card (which has been inserted into a USB reader), you can click this option. Then select the USB drive from the right window.

Hard Disk Drive: After you’ve connected your external hard drive to computer, you can click this category, and select your external hard drive in the right window.

CD/DVD Drive: You can insert your CD/DVD into computer DVD-ROM or connected external DVD drive, and click this option to recover data from DVD/CD.

After you choose the device, you can click Scan button right now to start scanning data from the selected device automatically.

Tip: If you only want to recover a type of file, you can click Settings icon next to Scan button to firstly choose file types you want to scan. For example, if you want to recover Photoshop file, you can only select Photoshop PSD file type.

Step 3 – Find Needed Files and Save Them to a New Location

After the scan process is finished, MiniTool Power Data Recovery will display all data and files in the partition or drive you scanned, incl. all normal data and recoverable deleted and lost files.

Check all the files in the scan result window to find needed files, check them and click Save button.

This software will ask you to select a destination path to store the recovered files. Please be noted that the destination path should be different from the original path, and should not be the drive which contains lost data. This is because it will cause data overwriting and make the lost data unrecoverable.

Still bother to find a way to recover data online from USB pen drive, memory card but find no satisfying result? MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the ideal choice to help you recover data for free from various devices.

Other Useful Functions:

Preview: This best free data recovery software allows you to preview up to 70 types of files. You can choose a file in scan result to preview it before you save it.

Show Lost Files: If you want to quickly find your lost files, you can click Show Lost Files icon at the toolbar and this smart software will only display lost files in the scan result window.

Find: If you still remember the name of the file you need, you can click Find button at the toolbar, and type a part of the file name or the whole file name to quickly find the target file.

Filter: You can also click Filter button, and filter the scan result by file extension, file size, file creation and modification date, etc.

If you are searching for data recovery online, free, this is the top-recommended way to help you recover lost data or deleted files for free from USB pen drive, computer hard drive, SD card, external hard drive, etc.

Things to Pay Attention for Data Recovery with Online Tool

External hard drive and USB data recovery:

If you mistakenly deleted some files from USB pen drive or external hard drive, you should stop using that drive right now and not store new data into it.

Two facts are here.

The files you deleted from USB flash drive or external hard drive on Windows computer, they won’t pass the Recycle Bin. If you want to get them back, you have to turn to a professional file undelete software.

If you store new data into the drive, then it will cause data overwriting. Overwriting occurs when unused file system clusters are occupied by new data. Overwriting uses a set of algorithms to remove any part of original data from the memory by writing new raw data on the memory. Old data that has been overwritten for once is unrecoverable, even if you use a professional data recovery tool downloaded online.

Computer data recovery:

If you mistakenly deleted some files, generally you can find them in Recycle Bin on condition that you don’t empty the Recycle Bin. If you emptied the Recycle Bin, you should also turn to a data recovery software to recover deleted files.

For those who have problems with computer like suffering system crash, bad pool caller blue screen error, MiniTool Power Data Recovery helps easily recover lost data. If your Windows 10 PC can’t boot, MiniTool Power Data Recovery also enables you to create a bootable media to successfully boot computer and recover data.

Related tutorial: How to Recover Data When PC Won't Boot

For Mac users, a data recovery program compatible with Mac computer like MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is a good choice.

Mobile data recovery:

For Android data recovery, you can unplug the SD card in your Android device and use a USB card reader to read it, and then use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover data from SD card. Corrupted SD card is supported. Alternatively, you can directly use MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android Free to directly recognize and recover data from Android mobiles.

For iPhone users, since its memory card can’t be taken out, you should turn to MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS Free to directly recover data from iPhone/iPad.

How to fix my phone SD free? This post offers 5 ways for repairing corrupted SD card on (Android) phones, and help you easily restore SD card data and files in 3 simple steps.

Note: If the hard drive or memory card is physically broken, then online data recovery tool is also helpless. You should bring it to professional repair store for help.

Always Have a Backup of Important Data

By browsing from above, you know data recovery online, free without downloading any software is not practical, and know how to recover data for free by using the best data recovery software for Windows 10/8/7.

As for data security, data recovery is the second step. The first step should be always making a backup of important data.

MiniTool ShadowMaker is a professional backup software for Windows 10/8/7 which can protect your data from all aspects.

It allows you to back up individual files and folders, partitions and disks to external hard drive, USB drive, network drive, etc. You can also use its File Sync feature to synchronizing files to other locations to keep your data safe. It supports automatic schedule backup and incremental backup.

Best Free Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software

You can also use this tool to backup and restore Windows 7/8/10 OS. You can use it to create a system backup image for Windows 10/8/7 computer and restore OS to previous point when needed.

Bootable Media Builder function is also embedded into this backup software. You can use MiniTool ShadowMaker to create a bootable USB drive, USB hard drive, DVD disc to boot and restore your computer to previous healthy state.

Best Data Recovery For Mac External Hard Drive For Mac

Final Words

Best Free Mac Hard Drive Recovery Tool

If you want to search for a way for free data recovery online from USB pen drive, memory card, hard disk, don’t waste your time. Instead, you can find a reliable data recovery software, free download from online sites to your computer, and use it to recover data. Besides, it’s highly suggested that you form a habit to back up important data.

Best Free Mac Hard Drive Recovery Freeware

If you still have issue about how to recover data online for free or how to recover data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery, please contact [email protected].