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Jan 15, 2018 If you have Mac with a traditional hard drive, Disk Drill Pro offers one of the most advanced data recovery utilities available. Pros Excellent file recovery with best-in-class file signature. Here's our guide recovering data from a damaged hard disk, including how to recover data from an external drive, what are the best drive recovery sevices and the best data recovey software,. Jan 15, 2018 Bottom Line: Kroll Ontrack EasyRecovery is the most powerful, thorough data recovery software we've tested, and it's blazing fast, too. Its only real drawback is a sometimes-daunting interface.

The best external hard drive needs to support time machine. This is the default backup software that runs on Macs. A hard drive that supports this software makes it easy for you to backup all your files in it. Best external hard drive for Macs 2018: 6 we recommend for extra storage Expand your Mac the easy way, and give yourself the perfect. This is a portable Mac external hard drive that has a capacity of 4TB and fast data speeds of up to 220MB/s. Backup anything you want and manage it with the Seagate dashboard software. The best external hard drive for Mac 2018 has lots of storage capacity among other qualities. Whether you will choose a portable one or prefer a NAS, it is up to. Fantom Drives Gforce3 Pro 3TB 7200 RPM USB 3.0 Aluminum External Hard Drive - Great for Mac, Windows, PS4, and Xbox (GF3B3000UP) 4.4 out of 5 stars. This high-quality external hard drive has a large storage capacity. It boasts a sleek design and durable construction. The Seagate Expansion portable hard drive is as affordable as it is good-looking. Available storage options for this USB 3.0 device range between 1 and 4 TB. Made with Windows users in mind, the hard drive can be reformatted to work with Mac computers as well. Nov 25, 2021 The Best External Hard Drives for 2022. How an external drive connects to your PC or Mac is second only to the type of storage mechanism it uses in determining how fast you'll be able to.

Summary: A best external hard drive recovery software is the one that can deal with all type of data loss situations with its easy recovery process. This blog tells you about the Best data recovery software from Stellar and how the software can help you to recover data from external hard drives.

External hard drives are prone to corruption and data loss due to improper usage as compared to internal hard drives. In this post, we’ll discuss the best external hard drive recovery software along with a few quick tips to prevent data loss from an external hard drive.

Mostly used for backup purposes and transferring data between devices, external hard drives are frequently connected and disconnected to various systems. If you don’t follow the best practices while using an external storage media, you may end up losing your important files—sometimes permanently.

An external hard drive is more susceptible to failure and data corruption than internal drives. Following are some common reasons for data loss from an external drive:

  1. An accidental drop or shock to the drive due to improper care and handling
  2. Unsafe drive removal/disconnection leads to hard drive corruption and data loss
  3. Malware or virus from an infected PC corrupts files and damages the external hard drive file system
  4. Bad sectors that accumulate over a period can cause file system errors, data corruption, and data loss
  5. Disk fragmentation cause overheating and hard drive crash, and lead to development of bad sectors

Fortunately, today we have access to a host of external hard drive recovery software that can help you get back lost files in just a few clicks.

But which is the best external hard drive recovery software? And why?

Well, that’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this post.

Best External Hard Drive Recovery Software

Before we head to detail the best external hard drive recovery software, always remember to stop using the affected external hard drive or system immediately after data loss or drive corruption.

This step is critical as any continued usage can cause overwriting which results in data corruption and destroys the recoverable files beyond the scope of recovery.

The next step is to find out the cause(s) of data loss. We’ve already mentioned above a few possible and common reasons of data loss from an external hard drive. If the reason is one of them, go ahead, and install Stellar Data Recoverysoftware on your Mac or Windows system.

The DIY data recovery software comes from Stellar®—a renowned data care brand with over 25 years of proven track record of services and innovation in the domain.

Following are a few key features that make Stellar Data Recovery one of the best external hard drive recovery software:

  • Recover Any File Type: You can recover several hundred photo, video, document, audio, compressed folder, and application file formats with an options to choose what to recover—everything or specific file types only—before running the scan

External Hard Drive Data Recovery

  • RAW Drive Support: Natively supports data recovery from a RAW (corrupt) external hard drive
  • Multiple Scan Modes: Offers a ‘Quick Scan’ mode for accidentally deleted file recovery and an advanced ‘Deep Scan’ mode to get back files from a formatted or severely corrupt external hard drive
  • Extensive File System Support: It is available for both macOS and Windows. Hence, it supports a wide range of external hard drives with NTFS, APFS, FAT (FAT16/FAT32), exFAT, HFS, and HFS+ file systems
  • File Signature Based Recovery: To get back maximum recoverable data even from a multiple times formatted drive
  • Restores files from lost hard drive partitions and malware or virus infected media
  • Extensive Internal/External Storage Media Support: Recover files from various internal and external storage drives including pen drives, SD cards, hard drives, SSDs (NVMe/SATA/mSATA/M.2), and eMMC storages
  • View Files During or After the Scan: You can see recovered file preview during or after the scan. Check recovered files for integrity and corruption before you save them
  • Overwrite Protection: The software lets you save your recovered files at your desired location and prevents you from saving files on the same drive/volume/partition.

You can free download Stellar Data Recovery software on your Windows or macOS machine for evaluation. The free download lets you scan an external hard drive for the lost data. You can also explore all the data recovery options available in the software. To save the recovered files, you will need a license key.


Be careful while using an external hard drive—both physically and while accessing it on a PC. Improper usage and mishandling of drive can cause irreversible damage to the data stored in it. You may even lose the data permanently—beyond recovery.

Best External Hard Drive Data Recovery Software Mac Computer

However, with external hard drive recovery software such as Stellar Data Recovery, one can easily get back files without much effort. But to perform successful recovery, you must stop using the hard drive or the affected system in the first place after data loss to prevent overwriting.

Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery

Also, follow our quick tips on safe use of external hard drive to avoid data loss. Most importantly, always backup while you can.

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