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Uninstall Products Interactively

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To move a current copy of MATLAB® to another computer, you must uninstall it from the computer it is currently installed on. In this case, do not deactivate the software. You can then install MATLAB on another computer.

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If you no longer have a valid license and just want to remove the software from your computer, it is best to deactivate before removing your installation. For more information about deactivating software, see Deactivate Your Installation.

If you need assistance for any part of this process, Contact Support.

The method you use to uninstall MathWorks® software from your computer varies, depending on your platform.

Uninstall Products from Windows Systems

To uninstall MathWorks products from your computer:

  1. Exit MATLAB.

  2. Start the uninstaller, using any of the following methods.

    • On computers running Windows® 10, go to MATLAB R2021b and open the folder. Right-click MATLAB inside the folder, and select Uninstall.

    • On computers running Windows 7, click the Start menu, and select Control Panel. In the Control Panel, select Uninstall a Program in the Programs category. From the list of products displayed, click .

    • Assuming you selected the default folder when you installed MATLAB, navigate to C:Program FilesMATLABR2021buninstallbinwin64. If you installed in a different folder, navigate there instead. Double-click the uninstaller executable, uninstall.exe.

    To use the uninstaller properties file (uninstaller_input.txt) to run the uninstaller noninteractively, see Uninstall Products Noninteractively.

  3. In the Uninstall Products dialog box, select the products you want to remove and click Uninstall.

    If you select MATLAB, you automatically remove all other MathWorks products.

    You might receive a message telling you that the product you want to uninstall has other products that depend on it. For example, most MathWorks products require the MATLAB product. To close the message and continue removing products, click OK. To change the products you had selected for deletion, click Cancel.

    If you also want to remove your MATLAB user preferences, click the Uninstall MATLAB preference files (including Command History) check box. By default, the uninstaller does not delete these preference files. MATLAB preference files contain your environment settings, such as command history and Help favorites. To find where MATLAB stores your preferences, use the prefdir command at the MATLAB prompt, as in the following example:

    username is the user name (login name) of the person who runs MATLAB on this computer.

  4. (Optional) Choose whether to delete download archive files. If your MATLAB installation folder contains the archive files for downloaded products, the uninstaller displays a message asking if you want to delete these archive files. The installer stores these archive files in the matlabrootarchives folder of your installation. To remove these files, click Yes.

  5. To proceed with the removal, click the Uninstall button. The uninstaller displays the status of the operation as it progresses and displays a dialog box when the operation is complete. Click Finish to exit the uninstaller. When you uninstall a MATLAB installation, the uninstaller displays a dialog box suggesting that you deactivate the installation. For more information about deactivation, see Deactivate Your Installation.

Best External Dvd Drive For Mac 2018 Silent Mode Download

Uninstall Products from Linux Systems

  1. Exit the MATLAB program.

  2. Enter this command at the Linux prompt, where matlabroot represents the name of your top-level MATLAB installation folder:

Uninstall Products from macOS Systems

To uninstall MATLAB:

Best External Dvd Drive For Mac 2018 Silent Mode

  1. Get the user name and password of an administrator account on the macOS computer. Depending on where you installed MATLAB software, you might need administrator privileges to remove it.

  2. Exit MATLAB.

  3. Navigate to your MATLAB installation folder. For example, the installation folder might be named in your Applications folder.

  4. Drag your MATLAB installation folder to the trash, and then select Empty Trash from the Finder menu.

If you need to deactivate the software, see Deactivate Your Installation.

Best External Dvd Drive For Mac 2018 Silent Mode Iphone

We all love saving tons of photos, videos, and even movies on our laptops. So the default in-built storage on a MacBook can quickly run out, especially if you’ve been using it for a while. That’s why it’s handy to get an external drive too on which you can easily transfer all your big files. This will ensure your computer always has sufficient space. So without further delay, let’s go ahead and find out the best external SSD for Mac.

#1. SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable External SSD

Enjoy seamless transfers with this USB C SSD that gives up to 550MB/s read speeds. This external SSD for Mac is rugged and resistant to both water and dust with an IP55 rating.

Along with being compact and pocket-sized, it’s also durable and shock-proof. So your data can stay safe during minor falls or drops. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty. You can choose from varied capacities from 250 GB to 1 TB, according to your needs.


  • Water and dust resistant
  • Shock-proof
  • 4 storage capacities available
  • Good price


  • Slower read/write speeds

Price: $329.99 for 2TB capacity
Check out on Amazon

#2. Samsung X5 Portable SSD 2TB – Thunderbolt 3

Take your storage to the next level with this SSD. Designed with Thunderbolt 3 ports, the X5 is made for busy professionals who want to render high-resolution content quickly. Its thermal management and password protection features ensure safety and security.

Further, it offers impressive read/write speeds of 2,800/2,300 MB/s. So you can transfer a 20GB 4K UHD video from your computer to the SSD in as little as 12 seconds, depending on your system configurations. The innovative design is inspired by supercars!


  • Thermal management
  • Impressive read/write speeds
  • 3 storage capacities available
  • Sleek look


  • Expensive

Price: $699.99 for 2TB capacity
Check out on Amazon

#3. Seagate STJD1000400 1Tb Solid State Drive

This high-speed, portable solid-state drive is perfect for streaming stored videos directly to your Macbook. It’s an excellent choice for backing up your data on the go.

Moreover, its a mini USB 3.0 SSD with a lightweight, minimalist design that’s convenient to carry every day Finally, you can enjoy long-term peace of mind with the included three-year limited warranty.


  • Lightweight
  • Multiple storage capacities available
  • Good price


  • No USB C – you’ll need a separate adaptor

Price: $144.99 for 1TB capacity
Check out on Amazon

#4. LaCie Water Resistant Rugged 2TB SSD

For those who want ultimate protection on their external SSD for Mac, this rugged one can withstand the pressures of life! It can survive a 3-meter drop and a two-ton car crash. Moreover, it is IP67-rated dust water-resistant.

You can take advantage of a one-month complimentary membership to Adobe creative cloud apps when you get this drive. Further, it comes with a 5-year limited protection plan so you can have long-term peace of mind about it’s functionality.


  • Drop protection
  • Multiple storage capacities available
  • 5-year protection plan for data recovery


  • Slightly pricey

Price: $451.99 for 2TB capacity
Check out on Amazon

#5. Crucial 1TB X8 Portable SSD

Incredible performance with read speeds of up to 1050 MB/s makes this one of the best SSDs for Mac. It has a durable design featuring an aluminum core. It offers drop protection for up to 7. 5 feet, and can also withstand extreme temperature. It’s shock and vibration proof so you can carry it around in your bag with ease.

Best External Dvd Drive For Mac 2018 Silent Mode

Finally, you can rest assured about quality because this SSD is backed by Micron, one of the well-known storage tech manufacturers in the world. It also includes a 3-year limited warranty.


  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • High-speed
  • Sleek design


Best external dvd drive for mac 2018 silent mode
  • Only available in 2 capacities

Price: $164.95 for 1TB capacity
Check out on Amazon

#6. WD 2TB My Passport Go SSD Cobalt

Check out this pocket-sized SSD for Mac and Windows computers. It’s convenient to carry and is also capable of surviving drops up to 2 meters. The protective bumper acts as a cushion and absorbs shocks and bumps.

It offers a transfer rate of 400MB/s which is pretty decent. Further, it comes with a 3-year warranty and you can get it in 2 cool color options namely cobalt blue and amber. All in all, it’s an excellent everyday choice for your storage needs.


  • Protective bumper
  • Good price
  • Color options


  • Transfer rate on slower side

Price: $329.99 for 2TB capacity
Check out on Amazon

#7. Samsung T5 2TB Portable SSD

For the stylish and modern professional, this is one of the best SSDs for your Mac! With a USB 3.1 interface, the T5 provides transfer speeds of up to 540 MB/s depending on your system. So transfers and backups of large-sized data including 4K videos and high-resolution photos will be much quicker and faster.

Furthermore, the impressive performance comes in a compact package that’s easy to carry with you. Perhaps the best part is the classy color options such as blue, gold, and red.


  • Good speed
  • Value for money
  • Color options


  • Looks a bit delicate and may not have drop protection

Price: $319.85 for 2TB capacity
Check out on Amazon

#8. Sabrent Rocket Nano 512GB USB 3.2 SSD

For ultimate portability, check out this ultra-slim SSD. It’s sleek and durable – an ideal travel companion whether for work or leisure. Easily transfer your media with the smooth plug-and-play technology.

It provides speeds of up to 1000MB/s, depending on your system configurations. Further, you can get it in 3 convenient storage capacities of 512 GB, 1 TB, and 2TB. You can also choose either black or silver color options.


  • Slim and compact
  • Good price
  • Color options


  • No drop protection

Price: $299.99 for 2TB capacity
Check out on Amazon

#9. G-Technology 2TB G-DRIVE mobile SSD

Carry your data worry-free on this shock and vibration resistant SSD for Mac. The durable design comes with iP67 dust and water resistance.

The USB C connectivity offers transfer rates of up to 560MB/s. Further, you can buy with confidence given the industry-leading 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Shock-proof
  • 5-year warranty


External Dvd Drive For Mac

  • Bulky

Price: $329.95 for 2TB capacity
Check out on Amazon

#10. Seagate Barracuda Fast 500GB SSD

With reliable performance and a speed of up to 540MB/s, you can enjoy smooth data transfer on this external SSD for Mac. It features a minimalist design and green LED accent light.

It’s a perfect solution for carrying media on the go or even for external Xbox or PlayStation storage. It offers seamless installation and loading. Moreover, you get a limited product protection plan too.


  • Minimalist design
  • LED light indicator
  • Reliable performance


  • No drop protection

Price: $109.99 for 500 GB capacity
Check out on Amazon

Summing Up!

Best External Dvd Drive For Mac 2018 Silent Mode Pc

Well, as you can see, there’s a wide variety of external SSDs for Mac. Most come with warranties so are a valuable accessory to get. Let us know in the comments below which one you prefer and why.