Arduino Mega Usb Driver Mac

The MegaPi is not recognized in the USB connection options of Arduino 1.6.13.
The Arduino Mega is recognized.
The Arduino Uno is recognized.
Selected Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560, also tried Arduino Mega ADK, as the board in the tools menu of Arduino IDE.

Process for connecting includes: power on the MegaPi with the onboard slide switch, paused for boot up, plugged in to USB port, paused for USB recognition. Attempted to load Blink code.

Arduino Mega Usb Driver Mac

Here is a little tutorial to remove the Arduino Serial Port Driver (CH340) from your Mac before installing the new CH34X (link bellow) To find the precedent. Use an Arduino Mega 2560 board to interface between an MCS2100-LTS-50W treadmill control board and a PC using the USB-serial link.

Plugged in the MegaPi via USB, paused for boot up, applied power to board via the slide switch. Attempted to upload Blink code.

Arduino Usb Driver Windows 7

Both attempts failed.

Regression testing for cable - separately connected known good Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega with same USB cable, to same USB port. Uploaded Blink, modified and reloaded Blink to verify process completion. No issues.

Arduino Mega Usb Driver Mac

Hardware: Macbook Pro running Sierra OS 10.12.2.
Software: Arduino IDE 1.6.13

Arduino Mega Usb