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Apr 05, 2015 33. Apparently you can, but I'm skeptic doing a fresh install today, and since I use an SSD, I thought the name 'Macintosh HD' would not be very fitting. Maybe 'Macintosh SSD' would be better. I also have a normal hard drive in my Mac Pro bay, so that will be renamed in 'Macintosh HDD' so I don't confuse them. To rename a hard drive in Mac OS, complete the following: Click Finder. Under Devices, click on the hard drive. Below the icon of the hard drive, click and hold on the name of the hard drive, until a field opens. Enter the new name for the hard drive. The device name is probably hard coded into the PCB or soft coded into the Service Area of the platter (aka hard drive firmware) and might be changed by the manufacturer but not by the customer. The partition name (green) might be changed easily, the device name (red) not. Show activity on this post. Try diskutil cs rename lvgUUID 'newName'. Note: If you want to get your Mac ready to trade in, sell, or give away, and your computer is a Mac with Apple silicon or an Intel-based Mac with an Apple T2 Security Chip, use Erase Assistant. If you want to erase any other type of storage device: Double-click Disk Utility in the /Applications/Utilities folder.

I tried to rename the hard drive of my Macbook from 'Macintosh HD' to something else without the freaking space. However, after renaming it, many of my applications showed errors immediately and I stupidly restarted my computer.

Right now, I cannot log in to my user account because of an error. Everything is blocked.

If someone can tell me how to change the harddrive name back without logging into my previous account?

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Apple Mac Rename Hard Drive Program

Zero LiuZero Liu
  1. It seems you have another system - in that you are able to post the question. If it is a mac, you can start the problem system in Target Disk Mode (if it has FireWire), connect it to the working system with a firewire cable and you should be able to change the name remotely.

  2. If you can start in single-user mode (s) that may allow you to bypass the problem.

  3. If you start in verbose-mode, (same link as above), you may be able to see the problem.

  4. If you can start from the Lion recovery disk, or a DVD, that will also allow you to change the drive name.

  5. Finally, if you do get the system restarted, I urge you to check it through Disk Utility (applications > utilities).

I hope this helps.


How To Format Hard Drive For Mac

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New hard drive os install5

In my experience, you should only rename your hard drive when your computer is fresh out of the box (or after you've wiped the hard drive to start fresh). The problem seems to be that there is software that will hard-code the full path to certain support files, and that includes the hard drive's name.

New Hard Drive Os Install

If you change the name before you've done anything else, this isn't a problem. As soon as you start running apps, it's a problem.

There's probably a clever way to get around this problem, but I haven't discovered it.

Adam Rice

How To Rename Hard Drive

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Apple Mac Rename Hard Drive Cost

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Rename Hard Drive Mac

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