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Apple File System (APFS) is a proprietary file system introduced by Apple during the runtime of macOS Sierra. While APFS is generally better designed to protect against corruption and data loss, you still need to be careful of the usual culprits, like software issues, virus attacks, faulty hardware, and accidental erasure or formatting.

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APFS is one of the mostly used file system on Mac now. Especially for the new Mac machines, APFS disk volume is used by default. So if you want to keep your data on APFS disk volume, it’s necessary to clone APFS disk volume on Mac with a reliable Mac disk cloning software.

There are many Mac disk cloning software available in the market, but to clone APFS disk volume on Mac effectively, you need to check and choose a reliable software to help you. To save your time and efforts, we will introduce and recommend the best clone software - DMclone for Mac - for you. You can download it to have a trial first.

Powerful Mac disk cloning software for APFS.

Clone APFS disk volume on Mac in 2 modes

There are 2 modes available in the software. With simple interface, Mac users can easily operate and use the software to clone your APFS disk volume. To ensure the APFS disk volume will be cloned successfully, please first check and prepare a drive that has enough free space. Please follow the guide below to clone the APFS drive step by step.

Mode 1. Copy APFS disk volume

If you just want to move the data from your source APFS disk volume, you can just use Disk Copy to achieve the goal. It will quickly copy the data to the destination disk and you can access the data directly. Here are just a few clicks needed to copy the APFS disk volume.

Step 1. Select APFS disk volume and a destination drive.

Apfs Drive Mac Torrent

Running the disk clone software, choose the APFS disk volume as source and also select another disk as destination for the disk copy task.

Step 2. Copy data from APFS disk volume to the destination drive.

After choosing the source and destination disk in the software, please click the Copy Now button to start. It will copy the data from the APFS disk volume and create an exact copy on the destination drive.

Step 3. Check the cloned data on destination drive.

If the disk copy process is finished, you need to first check the cloned data on the destination drive. Only after you ensure the data was cloned successfully, you can make sure the copy is usable.

Mode 2. Create disk image for APFS

You can also create a disk image for your APFS disk volume as a backup. You can then mount or open the disk image files to view and use the cloned data in the disk image file. You can do as follows to create the disk image.

Apfs drive mac torrent

Step 1. Select both the source and destination drive.

Choose the APFS disk volume as source for the disk image. Also, please select another drive as destination to store the disk image of the APFS disk volume.

Step 2. Create disk image for APFS disk volume.

The software will start to create disk image for your APFS disk volume after you click the Create Image button. You can choose to create DMG or ZIP format disk image.

Step 3. Finish the image creating for APFS disk volume.

After the image is created, you can see it on the destination drive. Please mount or open the disk image on the destination drive to check if the disk image of APFS disk volume is successful or not.

DMclone for Mac is commonly used to clone your data on APFS if you need to updated your disk or back up your APFS disk volume. Also, the software can also clone HFS/HFS+ hard drive, FAT/exFAT/EXT Hard Drive, or other type of drive on Mac. If you want to clone drive on your Mac, you can download this software to help you.

Powerful Mac disk cloning software for APFS.

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