Adb Driver Android On Mac

ADB and Fastboot drivers both have their different functions but you can install both using one tool. Here you get to download ADB & Fastboot drivers along with the Install guide.

Jul 13, 2016 Install adb. Brew install android-platform-tools Start using adb. Adb devices Option 2 - Manually (just the platform tools) This is the easiest way to get a manual installation of ADB and Fastboot. Delete your old installation (optional) rm -rf /.android-sdk-macosx/. XDA member DieHappy has created an excellcent toolkit which will automatically install adb (Android Debug Bridge) as well as the appropriate device drivers for your Android phone on your computer, so that adb is able to recognize and interact with your phone. Its called Knives-and-Forks, and is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.

If you want to flash or install any file on an Android phone using a PC then you definitely need both drivers. These driver helps to connect Phone with PC. If you haven’t installed any of the drivers then the Computer will not detect the phone. ADB & Fastboot drivers are used in case of:

  • Unlocking Bootloader
  • Installing TWRP Recovery
  • Rooting an Android phone
  • Flashing any zip file
  • Installing custom ROMs
  • Fixing Bootloop issues
  • Flashing Fastboot ROM
  • ADB & Fastboot Commands

So if you are looking forward to modifying your Android phone then you should install ADB & Fastboot drivers first. You can install these drivers on your Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11 very easily. Just follow the guide and you will get to know how to install ADB & Fastboot driver and how to use both drivers. But first, let’s check the download links.

Download ADB and Fastboot Driver

Both drivers are required in Android development such as testing ROMs, testing apps, rooting an Android phone, etc. And if you want to enter in development or testing then you need these drivers very often. The download file of ADB and Fastboot driver is about 9MB. And the installation procedure will just take around 1-2 minutes. Thanks to the XDA member Snoop05 who made it so easy to install adb fastboot drivers. Below you will find the download link of ADB & Fastboot Drivers.

Install ADB and Fastboot Driver on Windows PC

Now that you have downloaded the ADB and Fastboot Drivers on your PC, it’s time for the installation process. It’s a 15-second process so you don’t have to give much of your time. Follow the steps carefully for a successful installation.

  1. Run the ADB & Fastboot setup as an administrator.
  2. A command prompt window will open with pre-written tasks.
  3. Write the following:
    • Do you want to install ADB and Fastboot? – Y and press enter.
    • Install ADB system-wide? – Y and press enter.
    • Do you want to install device drivers? – Y and press enter.
  4. When you press Y on the last command a pop up will appear.
  5. Click Next and after the process click on Finish.

That’s it! you have now successfully installed the ADB and Fastboot drivers on PC. After installing the drivers if your PC is not recognizing your device then read the fix below.

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Fix ADB & Fastboot Drivers not Installed Properly

If you have installed the driver successfully on your Windows PC, but your device is still not showing in the connected list then you can fix it by updating the driver.

Open Device Manager and then it will show the yellow icon on the connected device. Right-click on it and then click update driver. Then click on Browse from the desktop then click on Let me pick. Then select the Android option.

Now select bootloader if you are using fastboot mode and then Install. Or select ADB Interface options for the adb connectivity. This will fix the ADB & Fastboot problem.

Use of ADB Driver

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge where the bridge term specifies most of its meaning. ADB driver contains Android SDK files so you don’t need to install drivers for different devices, the one-time installation will work with all the phones.

Simply we can say, it helps USB cable to connect phone and PC. ADB helps to complete tasks like copying files between computer and phone, install and uninstall apps using pc, control phones from shell commands, etc. These are some basic tasks that can be accomplished by the ADB driver.

Use of Fastboot Driver

The Fastboot driver does a similar work which is connecting the phone with the PC. But it works in the case when the phone is in Fastboot mode. Fastboot helps to flash files into the system. Flashing into the system like installing recovery, bootloader, and kernels.

So this was the post on ADB & Fastboot drivers. We have covered download and install ADB and Fastboot drivers with some data about these drivers. And in case of any queries, leave them in the comment section.

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Adb Driver Android On Mac Laptop

How to Download USB Drivers for Any Android Device

Adb Driver Android On Mac

For downloading Android USB drivers, here we list the ways for different Android brands, such as Samsung, Google, HUAWEI, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, ZTE, Motorola, SONY, and Lenovo. If your manufacturer is not listed below, you can download the universal ADB driver by visiting, and then click on the Download button to download it on your computer. When you finish downloading, follow the setup instructions to install it on your computer.

Samsung. Visit Samsung official website and search the name of your device from the search box and then click on its landing page. When you’re on the page related to your device, click on the Support tab at the top of the webpage and then click on the Get Downloads link. You’ll then be navigated to the Samsung Download Center. Click on the “Software” link from that page and then you’ll see the link for the USB Drivers available for you to download.

Adb Driver Android On Mac

Google. Visit the Google developers webpage and follow the instructions to download the Google USB Driver zip file.

HUAWEI. Head to Huawei webpage and click on the Download button to get the USB drivers for all HUAWEI devices.

HTC. Go to HTC webpage, and download HTC Sync. After installing the HTC Sync package on your computer, you will find the USB Drivers for all HTC devices.

LG. Head to LG webpage and use the search box to search for your smartphone or tablet. When your devices webpage has loaded, click on the Resources tab from the top of the webpage and then the links to the drivers will be available on the next page.

Xiaomi. You can download the Xiaomi USB drivers from the official Xiaomi website.

ZTE. You can find the ZTE USB drivers from the official website. The support section of the ZTE website has a ZTE Android USB Driver for Microsoft PC link set up that you can download.

Motorola. Go to Motorola webpage and download the Motorola Device manage for your Windows or Mac.

Adb Driver Android On Mac Computer

SONY. Visit Sony webpage and then find the links available to download the drivers.

Windows Adb Tools

Lenovo. Go to the Lenovo global support webpage, and it will open up a webpage for your region. Scroll down the page until you see the Resources heading and then click on the Get Downloads button where it says the Drovers and Software. You can then use the search box to browse for the drivers that’ll work for your device.